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Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Review

Sven Solo Ad VIP Coaching

Learn How to Make Money with Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching

I’ve never been a fan of paid traffic because I am great at seo and I hate spending money. Sven was nice enough to allow me to do a complete walk through of his VIP Solo Ad Coaching course. So being a critic has some perks as most people beg that I don’t trash the garbage products. After going through Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching I was shocked to see so much content. Now keep in mind that this is a coaching product not just some crappy e-book with a copy and paste members area. If I have enough time I’ll do a complete walk through of Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching members area and keep you in the loop. My goal as always if to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your online success. Sven’s Solo Ads VIP Coaching is currently in pre-launch mode. Go HERE to check out Sven’coaching course.

Sven's Solo Ad Vip Coaching
Get Sven’s Solo Coaching Here NOW

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Walk-through

So just like every course out there, knowing what you get as a member is not included in the sales video. So I decided to make certain that all the guesswork was left to me. In this section, I’ll include a video of what the Solo Ad coaching members area look like. No need to celebrate just yet. Please my review video to the fullest.

Just to break down the coaching course in simplicity continue reading here. Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching is a combination of skill, knowledge, will power, and rinsing and repeating. Nobody has quite mastered solo ads like Sven. If they did, they’re willing to share as much juicy details as Sven did. I find it extremely hard to spend any money, especially on traffic. Without further ado I gave you Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching course.

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Members Area

This is a video review of a Sven”s Solo Ad Coaching course that I reviewed. Once my review of Sven’s Solo Ad Coaching VIP Mastermind is complete, I’ll upload it and give you guys an opportunity to see the members area. All of my reviews are experience and usability base. If I don’t have access to the product or members area, I don’t pretend to do a review. I don’t bad talk anyone’s product or claim to be anything other than me. See for yourself. Google Stanford Pelage. You’ll find my ugly mug 10 out of 10 times. Internet marketing is my job and keeping you away from scams is my duty. Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind course coming soon. After I complete my review you can make an educated decision if solo ads are for you. I personally prefer seo which take time. Solo ads usually have a quick turnaround and is great for affiliate marketing. If you truly want to build a thriving business in 2015 then Sven can help you. Coaching at this price is completely unheard of and the value is unreal. I’ve been going through this course and it’s filled with golden nuggets. Pure content and you still get coached on top of that.

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Review
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Review
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Reviews
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Reviews

Google Sniper 3 Review – Used to Rank This Page!

Google Sniper 3 Review Cashing In With Google

Get Google Sniper 3 Bonus Package

Google Sniper 3Welcome to my long awaited Google Sniper 3 Review! Google Sniper was used to rank this page. I first joined Google Sniper 2.0 membership back in 2012. I was also a member of the first Google Sniper which was also created by no other than George Brown. Now I’ve joined to delayed and perfected Google Sniper 3. George is known for making $1,000,000 his first year marketing with niche sites, better known as sniper sites, hence the name Google Sniper. George still to this day continue to build sniper sites and rank them in Google. I’ll explain below what Google Sniper 3.0 course is exactly about. First, let’s get a little background about who I am. My name is Stanford Pelage, I am known for dominating Google search results, mainly why you’re here. I’ve used a ton of different systems over the years, some worthless and others had a few golden nuggets worth retaining. Before I started having success online, I bought every product that promised a fortune online, in reality those are the products that you should avoid at any means. If you want to be successful online, you have to have the mentality of ONE AND DONE! You buy 1 product and you go through it 10 times and then implement it for 60 days. That’s the only way to be successful online. If you have 5 products that you’ve bought and you still haven’t implemented them, you’re on the path to failure. Trust me, I’ve been there. The good news is, Google Sniper 3 is one of those products that work, as long as you keep working the system. No matter what system you buy, most consumers search for stuff like Google Sniper scam or what is Google Sniper 3, but for the record, it’s the furthest thing from a scam. Don’t be fool by other Google Sniper reviews, affiliates tend to say anything for a commission. My goal is a little bit different, as I try to give you reasons not to buy whatever course I’m reviewing. Keep reading or watch the must see video below to find out if Google sniper 2.0 is worth your time and investment.

What Exactly is Google Sniper 3.0 About?

Google Sniper 3 TeamDown to the meat and potatoes of my Google Sniper 3.0 Review. George Brown Google Sniper 3 is a course that teaches you how to create niche websites and rank them on Google search engine. Let’s dig a little deeper. Google Sniper 3.0 teaches you from the first step to the last step, then teaches you how to scale your business. So one of the first steps is keyword research, now don’t take this lightly as I’ve always hated keyword research. Most people have no clue how to do keyword research, they think they do but they really have no clue. Seriously. Google Sniper 3.0 teaches simple keyword research, and eventually you will need to learn advance keyword research. The whole purpose of keyword research is to find low competition keywords with high search volume. Most people use the free Google keyword planner which I highly recommend when you first start out. If you want to be highly successful at niche marketing you will want to do the first step right, or your whole campaign will be a lost. This is the step that causes so many internet marketers to fail or even worse, give up. Internet marketing isn’t as simple as it used to be, but so many people have no idea what they’re doing. Google Sniper 3 teaches advance keyword research and that’s my biggest golden nugget with Google Sniper 3.0. Being a member of Google Sniper and also being an advance internet marketer I know what I’m talking about and I’ve obviously proved that to you since you’ve used Google to find my site. Here’s how I do keyword research the right way. After keyword research is done properly, then we’re onto domain acquisition. Now the same software that I use to do keyword research, I use to do domain research, competition analysis, backlink analysis, and so much more. Then from domain analysis we’re on to product research and writing a review related to the product that you did your keyword research about. Then we go onto seo and ranking your WordPress blog. Google Sniper helps you rank low to medium competition keywords. If you’re targeting high competition keywords, I would suggest Bring the Fresh. It’s similar to G-Sniper 2.0 but it is more targeted to high competition keywords. Google Sniper system simply works because it’s about long term rankings rather than launch jacking sites.

Google Sniper 3 Review Conclusion

google sniper 3 reviewSo pass or buy Google Sniper 3.0? Well I would say buy. Why? Well George Brown way of seo might be a short term fix, but it gets you the fastest results possible. Most of the time, your rankings stick, as the system doesn’t focus on building private blog networks like Bring the Fresh does. But if you do keyword research the way I do it, you’ll have nothing to worry about and Google Sniper 3.0 would be perfect for you. Thank you for your time, and I wish you success in any of your endeavors. Thank you for reading my Google Sniper 3.0 Review. Be sure to collect my awesome Google Shooter 3 bonuses. When you get your Google Sniper 2.0 login, go to the members area, watch all the videos and visit the Google Sniper 2.0 download page. Go through your Google Sniper members area, make sure you have Adobe Reader installed, then download Google Sniper manual pdf. Go through the course thoroughly! Google Sniper 3.0 review is the real deal and contains a wealth of knowledge for newbies and intermediate marketers alike. Some people are concerned about using Google Sniper 2.0 blackhat ranking tactics, if you’re building links in anyway, then so are you. You want to be the best or at least one of the best Google snipers out there. It’s always better to treat affiliate marketing like war, be the best Google Sniper and spotter you can possible to keep your business alive. Ranking Sniper sites on Google is easy, you just have to possess the right artillery use the right backlink source as your sniper riffle. Aim and shoot your site to the top of Google and be the best sharpshooter possible.

How to Make Money Using Google Sniper Reviewed

Google Sniper 3.0I decided to add a little more solidity to my Google Sniper review. I looked at some of the other reviews out there and nobody seems to answer the most important question. How do I make money with George Brown’s G Sniper?

Me personally; I build sites or add blog posts on my already authority site(refer to my btf review) and promote products that interests me. One of the fastest ways to get a fast ROI or to actually profit from your GSniper course is to do CPA marketing. Cpa stands for cost per action/acquisition. What that means is you get a commission once someone takes a specified action on your cpa offer. So let’s say you’re a big iPhone fan and you want the new iPhone 6, but you don’t want to spend the ridiculous amount of money Apple is asking. So you go to Google and search “get a free iPhone 6″. Go to the first site and entered your email in the form. You’ve just made someone a $1.50 that easy. So with Google Sniping and Traffic Travis I recommended earlier for keyword research and competition analysis you should be able to find a simple offer to promote and make some quality commissions. Now once you get a hang of cpa marketing and ranking low competition keywords, then it’s time to rank for more competitive cpa offers like dating offers and weight loss. I don’t usually do any make money opportunity offers. There was this one offer on Max Bounty that converted really high for me. It was called Success System. I earned $6 a click made about $600 a week with it consistently. I stopped running the offer as I have no clue why I did that? Crazy I am. Anyway, you have an opportunity to be successful here and actually make some real money, don’t blow it because you feel it won’t work, never the mentality of successful internet marketer. Your only mentality should be it will work because it has to work! Apply Google Snipe and keep in touch, I’m just an email away, check out the video below about cpa marketing and it’s potential, what a slow month.

Google Sniper Exclusive Offer

In addition to marksmanship, Google Snipers are trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition.

Google Sniper 3.0 ReviewIn other words, protect your websites and whois data, know your niche, infiltrate the search results, pay attention to your competitors and their backlink sources, and don’t stop perfecting your website. Being number one Google with a Sniper site is a small achievement, maximizing profits by being number 1,2,3,4 and 5 is dominating Google and shooting down the competition like a group of marksmen and sharpshooters.

The choice yours, you can choose to be successful or you could just be a sad little man and watch everyone else find success! Get Google Sniper 3 right now.


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Google Sniper 3 Review Exclusive $2,466 Bonus and iPad Air 2 Giveaway

Google Sniper 3 Review – Members Area of Google Sniper 3 Bonus


Google Sniper 3 Review – Members Area of Google Sniper 3 is designed in a simple fashion and Ge…

Wealthy Affiliate Review and Bonus

Why I Decided to Try Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewI am the biggest skeptic when it comes to affiliate marketing. All of the positive reviews just weren’t good enough, so I had to see for myself. I purchased Wealthy Affiliates 4 weeks ago and decided to put everything aside to completely devote my time to Affluent Affiliate. I’ve tried practically every course like Wealthy Affiliate that is worth mentioning. Affiliate marketing is not easy by any means and so many get discouraged as they buy these mystery method courses. The only way to be successful with internet marketing in 2015 is ongoing training. Stop spending money on every new course that comes out and find a stable affiliate marketing course with ongoing training.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is it About?

 Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course designed to take you from beginner to money earning affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate has 4 simple steps that even you can follow. Choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue. Simple enough. Right? Choosing a product is usually the most difficult step. This is where Wealthy Affiliate excels. My biggest suggestion would be for you to pick a product that you are interested in. Now if you’ve never built a website before I can understand why you would feel that you can’t do this. But keep this in mind, every affiliate marketer started not knowing how to create a website. Don’t worry, you don’t need any knowledge of code or html training. This is 2015 and WordPress has made strides. As you may know, WordPress is a content management system which allows you to build websites like this one and all the other websites I’ve built. Majority of my websites take me less than an hour to setup. Your first site with Wealthy Affiliate will take you between 2-3 hours. The only reason for that is getting familiar with the WordPress functionality.

After your first site is set up, then you move on to attracting visitors. This is a difficult task outside of Rich Affiliate. Sorry I can’t share exactly what traffic generation tactics they use. Just to give you a clue, there are several free traffic sources like search engine optimization. There are also quite a few paid traffic sources inside Wealthy Affiliate. Once your website is generating consistent traffic, then you start to see monetary results. Step 4 complete! What’s next? Rinse and repeat, tweak and scale. The most important key to your success is you. I hate to see where people blame a course or say stuff like Wealthy Affiliate scam. If you don’t apply the system and call it a scam, that really affects someone else’s success. Let me explain. Let’s say I told you Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. How would you feel about it? Would you still continue to read my review? Of course not. What if the information inside Wealthy Affiliate was what you needed? So I would hope when I tell you it’s one of the smartest decisions you could make for the rest of your life, you take action. That’s a sensible decision, Isn’t it?

The Best Thing About Wealthy Affiliate Review

2015 Wealthy Affiliate EarningsI never tell people how much money I make. I feel it’s best to show them. Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult. Stop over-thinking it. If you put in the work, you will make money with Wealthy Affiliate. It might take you 30 days or more, or it might take you couple days. It all depends on you and your work ethic. It took me about 1 week to make money, but I am an advanced affiliate marketer and seo expert. It really depends on you, what do you bring to the table?

How to Be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate Marketing

My opening statement, you can’t be successful in affiliate marketing without ongoing training still stands. You have to apply what you learn. Like seo, affiliate marketing is always evolving. Don’t be afraid to fail. Most importantly, you can’t fail if you don’t try. Failure isn’t defeat. It’s confirmation that you did something wrong. Just regroup and try again. I’ve wrote tons of reviews and have made my fare share of duds. Meaning I’ve written reviews, got it on Google’s front page and didn’t make any sales. But here I am writing another review. Why? The products that I promoted weren’t any good, the sales letter was a disaster and my review was not as genuine as this one. If you don’t use the product, don’t promote it. Affiliate marketing is a science that can be mastered. Before mastery comes honesty.

Be honest with your readers and be transparent. Keep in mind that most of the people that come to your review site are looking for a real way to make money online. Majority of them are down to their last. This is their final option. If you review a bad product and tell them it’s perfect for them, they’ll believe you. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Don’t be deceptive be honest and you’ll make 5 times as much money. Don’t try to make money by being an affiliate marketer. You read that correctly. Review products to help people narrow down what’s best for them and solve their problem. If you are honest and give your readers exactly what they need to know you will make a ton of money in the process. If you help enough people get what they want you get what you want. Sales 101. I use to be in sales and overcoming objections is one of my specialties. What are you good at? Include that skill in your reviews and be genuine.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Community and Final Thoughts

&nsp;The community inside of Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. Some of the highlights of Wealthy Affiliate are the members forum, 2 free websites, easy to follow step by step videos, and access to higher learning. The golden nugget in Wealthy Affiliate is the the forum. There are over 15,000 people inside the forum willing to offer their success stories and personal experiences. There is help, support and willing members to assist you through your first and every other website you build.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for? Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone that wants to make a vast change in their life. This isn’t a one click software. Wealthy Affiliate is the most used affiliate marketing training course. If you have a computer and could put in 2-4 hours a day to learn and build your business, you will find success with Wealth Affiliate. If you find this information too hard to follow and difficult to succeed, get a refund. If you don’t join Wealth Affiliate today, you’ll be regretting it when you go to work tomorrow. Do what matters for your family. 
Go get Wealthy Affiliate right NOW!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Marketing Bonuses

I will assist you in building your first website, absolutely free!
I will help you rank your YouTube videos on Google.
I will help you dominate the competition in your niche.
I will help you make your first dollar online.
Let me help you succeed with Wealth Affiliate.
Everyone wants to be a rich affiliate, don’t you?

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CPA University Review

CPA University Review Members Area Demo

I’ve arrange for you to pay $50 less front end and $100 less with the oto of CPA University through my link. How do you like them apples? Save $150 for the entire funnel. CPA University Main Offer Discount
CPA University Coaching Discount

CPA University Review – Who am I?

CPA as you may know stands for Cost Per Action/Acquisition. What that means is instead of affiliate marketing where you get a commission for every person that buys through your link, with cpa you get paid per action. Example of a cpa offer would be as simple as getting someone to fill in their name and email address or zip code. Simple… right? I’m sure by now you’ve came across one of my reviews and case studies. If not my name is Stanford Pelage, I’m an seo, affiliate marketer, cpa marketer, video marketer and website designer. Just not in that order. I’ve gotten access to CPA University and reviewed the entire sales funnel including the oto, one time offer. My method is different and if I don’t have access to the full product I don’t do a review. Let’s get into what CPA University is actually about.

What Exactly is CPA University?

Cost Per Action University 
CPA University is a cpa mastery course that eliminates the need for you to further your education elsewhere. When you become a student of CPA University, you learn the basics, intermediate, and advance techniques of cpa marketing. The most important part of cpa marketing is making money. So it all comes down to one question, doesn’t it? Can you really make money with CPA University? But before I answer that, you’ve already decided this is for you or you wouldn’t be here reading my review.

Most importantly, after you get CPA University, more important than anything else, you must take action. If you want to be successful with cpa marketing, you must take action! Now, can you really make money with CPA University? The answer isn’t so simple. If you can follow simple directions, have at least $50-$100 to invest, know how to apply what you’ve learned, and can rinse and repeat over and over again, you will succeed. Making money with cpa has been so over complicated by so many students, teachers, and professionals. Inside of CPA University, it’s like any other online university, but your professor makes more money that any college professor and practices what he teach. I’ve bought several other CPA courses including CPA Evolution which had some real nuggets in the members area videos. But aside from that I’ve never found a course quite like CPA University.

CPA University ReviewThe way Cpa University members area is laid out is not like any course I’ve ever reviewed, not affiliate marketing or anything alike. CPA University shows you the best cpa marketing networks to choose, cpa marketing plan that’s right for your business. When I first tried cost per action marketing, I struggled with cpa marketing ideas and also tried cpc marketing which just means cost per click.

CPA University Bonuses – Plus Discount

As with every review, I offer exclusive bonuses and a point of sale discount only available through my link. Take a look at my CPA University Bonuses below and how to claim your bonuses.

Cost Per Action – Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; also Cost Per Conversion) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale.

University Definition – A university (Latin: universitas, “a whole”) is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects and provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The word “university” is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means “community of teachers and scholars.

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Link Indexr Review and Case Study

Link Indexr ReviewInternet Marketer Joshua Zamora introduces Link Indexr. After my review and case study, this will be a service you will want to avoid. Joshua always produce high quality products, but Link Indexr is nothing special.

If you still want Link Indexr, here is my Link Indexr Bonus Package!

Get Link Indexr for a ONE TIME payment Through this special link http://linkindexr.com/promo235

Things You Will Learn in this Review

Why Link Indexr isn’t ideal in 2014-2015
Why Link Indexr is just a clone membership
Link Indexr Official Website http://linkindexr.com
The Only PRO about Link Indexr is my One Time Payment Discount Above.
The best Link Indexing Service with Proof!
How I get 70-90% of my backlinks indexed in RECORD TIME!

Why I Feel Link Indexr is a Waste of Time

I’m sure you’ve found my review on the top of Google, I am an seo expert after all. I’m sure you own a website and want better rankings. Now everyone knows that building b@cklinks is a process and Google won’t find over 90% of your backlinks EVER. But backlink indexing is the most important thing you can do. Now I’ll dig in to why Link Indexr isn’t a good fit for you. But here is a link to the official site because 50% of you will ignore my review and still buy it anyway. http://linkindexr.com It’s not that bad, it’s just not the best, but it is a very cost effective service. I prefer faster indexing vs saving a ton of money. Crazy huh? The faster my backlinks get indexed, the more money I make faster!

Link Indexr

Joshua Zamora Link Indexer made it on our naughty list for several reasons. First the strategies that they use are beyond outdated. Link Indexr only guarantees that Google will crawl your urls, which isn’t the same as indexing. Crawling and pinging are 2 of the most outdated strategies hands down. This would be a great buy back in 2007 but not late 2014 early 2015. We don’t need this junk. I promote all of Joshua Zamora products because my partner and I make lots of money promoting his quality products. This isn’t the case. I would hate for my subscribers to send me emails telling us this is junk, that’s why I like to do real product reviews after buying the product. I will share with you my case study below and the current link indexing service I use. If you haven’t used this service it’s no wonder you’re struggling with Google rankings.

Link Indexr Claims

Most indexing services build b@cklinks to your links to help them get indexed faster. Does this really work? Of course not! If your indexing service can’t get the links you gave them indexed naturally how are they going to get the b@cklinks to your backlinks indexed? Never ending cycle. What these so called link indexing services never tell you is, if you’re building high quality links then you have a better chance of indexing your links. Google don’t want to index your crappy backlinks! Low quality back-links are like the fat snotty nose kid that eats his boogers, nobody wants to come play with you. If you don’t have quality content and quality b-links, don’t use any indexing service, you’re wasting your money.
Get Your Links Indexed in Minutes

Link Indexr versus Instant Link Indexer Case Study

Here is an actual case study I did for my subscribers to show actual back-links that I submitted to both services and recorded my findings. Being that I use Instant Link Indexer on a daily basis to index my blog post I’ll show you guys how fast it takes to index my content. Quick video below…

Get Your Links Indexed in Minutes

Don’t waste your time with any other link indexing service as it’s point less.

Bonuses For My Affiliate Insider Review

My Affiliate Insider Reviews


Just another empty content page I wanted to rank with 0 backlinks and prove I am the best seo hands down.

Check out my actual review of My affiliate insider at my blog post linked below.

Read My Full My Affiliate Insider Review Here

Avoid My Affiliate Insider

No More Bogus My Affiliate Insider Reviews

Hey guys, I have an awesome My Affiliate Insider Review and also provide an extensive must have bonus package. But I highly ask you to consider your purchase of My Affiliate Insider and review your other options. I predict that a lot of people will be out of nonrefundable money as you’re dealing with a hosting company and paying for a service.

Full Detailed My Affiliate Insider Review

I bought the actual product and did an extensive review in another blog post. This post was just done to see if I could rank this page with 0 backlinks in a few hours.

Visit My Full My Affiliate Insider Review

My Affiliate Insider Review

My Affiliate Insider Review and Bonus

Don’t ever waste your time with these greedy money hungry affiliates and their bogus reviews. Product Reviews you can trust from people that care about your success.

What is My Affiliate Insider really about?
Why would I need My Affiliate Insider system?
How much is My Affiliate Insider going to cost?

OFFICIAL WEBSITEhttp://my-affiliate-insider.com

Breakdown of My Affiliate Insider System

Affiliate Disclaimer: My name is Stanford Pelage and I am an affiliate of My Affiliate Insider. I will give an honest review of the said internet marketing course and if you like what you hear and decide to purchase through this site, I will receive a commission. This is a win for you. When you purchase My Affiliate Insider through my affiliate link, you will receive my exclusive never before seen bonus package catered to you success. I make it my personal duty to offer a bonus package that is more valuable than the offer I am promoting and make certain that the information in My Affiliate Insider bonus package is 2015 relevant.

Full Detail Review of My Affiliate Insider

What is My Insider Affiliate and how can it help you succeed online? You’ve guessed it, it’s another course about making money online. Apparently this course gives you an insider look at affiliate marketing and claims to be different from every other affiliate marketing course ever. My Affiliate Insider claims to be free, but that’s a lie. Nothing in the internet marketing niche is free. They collect your email and get you to upgrade for $29.95. Now let’s talk about this course. At first glance I associated My Affiliate Insider as a scam. I’ll tell you why. In the meat and potatoes of this system it seems just like all those other scams, like Partner with Luke, John, Larry and systems like that.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I would suggest that you steer clear of any system that claims to be FREE, because in the IM world the word FREE is nonexistent. Now for the facts. My Affiliate Insider is another one of those hosting scams where the affiliate which is the creator of My Affiliate Insider gets a commission on the $29.95 that you pay for the hosting of the automated website they created. Now think about this for a second… if these automated websites were your creation and making you a ton of money, wouldn’t you create thousands of automated websites and make millions of dollars? Of course you would? Why would anyone give you a money making website unless there’s a catch or an opportunity for them to make money. Product launches cost money, ain’t nothing FREE. Now if you’re looking for a real opportunity check out my Bring the Fresh Review.


My Affiliate Insider Actual Case Study

So as you can see I’m a skeptic. I don’t bash anyone’s product without actually becoming a member and at nyyankeeclipper we buy every product that we review, so My Affiliate Insiders was no different. So after the bogus sales video, you enter your name and email into the form and get redirected to yet another sales video. Telling you how the system is completely FREE and you need website hosting to run this free business model. Now the $29.95 is supposedly going to the hosting company Coolhandle.com. Now this is $29.95 per month per site, you get a domain name and a month’s hosting inside Coolhandle.com. The product creator gets a whopping commission for everyone he refers to Coolhandle.com, most people will host their site for 6 months to a year before they give up. I am an seo expert and he is saying this is based on free traffic? Not a chance, there is no seo training, inside the members area, just places to buy traffic. If you have to buy traffic, it’s not free traffic, is it?

My Affiliate Insider Scam Exposed

So they give you a custom built website for $29.95 per month and guarantee you make money in your first 60 minutes, how is that possible? Let me explain the hold scam process. It’s not a custom built website. You get a generic one size fits all website, with an affiliate sub id promoting the same products as everyone else. You can’t do seo on a site that has 1000,s of duplicates, it won’t rank in the search engines. You are a sub affiliate of My Affiliate Insider and he gets paid every time you make a sale. That’s why he’s pushing you to take action now! The $150 in 1 hour guarantee is simple. You have to buy one of the trial offers you’re promoting for $9.95 using your own link and you get $150 in your affiliate account. You have to make at least $250 to withdraw, and if you forget to cancel the trial, you’ll be making payments forever! The only way this system works is with paid traffic like Facebook ads and Adwords, some cpv networks work great with this system, but you have to buy traffic, hands down. I was able to convert some of the offers but I’ve been doing doing this pretty close to a decade. I wouldn’t recommend this course to anyone who values their money.

My Affiliate Insider Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Now from the outside looking in My Affiliate Insider has scam written all over it. But for some reason this is completely ethical. I would say if you are a newbie and really want to make money online try a course like Bring the Fresh. Now if you’re a seasoned marketer like myself and can buy traffic without a loss, then this might work for you. The only good thing about this system is they already picked out high converting products and set up a cheesy website for you with the products and optimized it for conversions. At the end of the day Bobby or Michael wants to make as much money as possible, so if you actually convert these offers, he makes money. You just have to spend about an additional $250 for the traffic. It’s not a bad system but it’s definitely misleading and definitely not remotely free. I would recommend that you steer clear unless you want to use the free vouchers My Affiliate Insider give you for Facebook and Google Adwords to make money and try your luck. But people always want to see the eclipse for themselves. So good luck with My Affiliate Insider.

Avoid My Advice and See For Yourself

Source Phoenix Review – Why This Works

Alex Becker Source Phoenix SEO Course


Source Phoenix Official Website

My Personal Thoughts on Source Phoenix

Source Phoenix reviewed by Stanford Pelage, the CEO of SEO Fully Loaded. So just to be cleared, I have taken several money making courses all promising the same thing, Freedom! People don’t choose to work online to make money, but rather for FREEDOM! You want more time to spend with your family and do the things that your current job doesn’t allow you to do. SEO is an ever dying profession. Don’t get me wrong, seo is thriving and every good seo I know, myself included, we never have to cold call or go client hunting. The troubling fact that most seo’s are just middle men that outsource to beginner seo’s make it the perfect to start or grow your seo company. Source Phoenix is a phenomenal seo course and the fact that Alex Becker, Alex Cass and seo genius Kotton Grammer is part of it makes Source Phoenix the best investment you can make hands down. I’ve been a part of several courses as I thrive to grow my seo business and my website design and video marketing business. When I first got started with Source Phoenix I was certain I wouldn’t be disappointed. I started from the floor Source Phoenix got me to the roof.

Alex BeckerI’ve took a few courses from Alex Becker and Source Wave which includes Source Infinitum, Source Omega, AB Level Black, and ROI Optimization. Do you see a pattern here? I always get my seo training and information from Source Wave. No matter what go throws at me, it doesn’t matter because Source Wave has my back. I was able to build my seo business from between $3000-$5000 to over $60,000 a month with just seo. That is not a mistype, and I’m not saying you’re going to make the same amount of money I do. Keep in mind that I took several of Alex Becker’s seo courses. But from what I’ve seen in the Source Phoenix members area, it covers everything I’ve learned plus so much more and that makes Source Phoenix a must have seo course. So if you use Source Phoenix, it’s quite frankly impossible for you to fail if you follow the steps in the members area.

Source Wave Introduces Source Phoenix SEO

The reason I like Source Wave so much is really simple. Alex Becker gives away so much value for free. So what is put into Source Phoenix will blow you away! The course is designed to take complete seo or internet marketing newbie from newbie to seo expert in 6 months. This isn’t a pipe dream, this is a real opportunity to learn seo at it’s highest level from the best people doing it. I’ve struggled with seo and didn’t know where to turn, once I found Source Wave, it was a wrap! It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 70. Source Phoenix can still change your life. You have a simple choice to make, you can either take the red pill or the blue pill. The red pill is going to help you sleep on this decision, but be forewarn this opportunity is limited. The blue pill will help you take swift action and all that’s left is for you to be successful.

Red Pill or The Blue Pill

Source Phoenix Bonuses

Well I have a bribe for you. I’m always know to have the best bonuses and today I’ve outdone myself. If you purchase Source Phoenix through my link I’ll give $150 cash back on your purchase and I’ll also give you my YouTube Client Master Course absolutely FREE. Here’s the catch, we’re still tweaking the course and it will be released in December for a price point of $997-$1497 for launch week then $2497 there after. This course will complement Source Phoenix perfectly, let me explain. My YouTube Client Master Course will teach you how to create and rank your clients videos, how to get new clients without cold calling how much to charge your clients and how to make a minimum of $250-$500 per month per client. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Get Source Phoenix through my link plus this outstanding bonus!

Source Phoenix Official Website

How to Fix Your Credit Score

how to fix your credit the right way

How to Fix Your Credit

Learn how to fix your credit – Are you suffering from bad credit karma? Does your credit report look like a book report? Can’t even get a bad credit high interest loan, and you’re completely clueless on how to repair your credit history. Please. Don’t feel too bad, my name is Stanford Pelage, I am a Jacksonville SEO and I too once had horrible credit not to long ago. But today I will show you how to fix your credit. You see, I’m currently 29 years old and my bad credit history started back when I was 18. Got my first credit card and just went crazy with charging everything! I promise after you finish reading this blog post you will know exactly what steps to take to start repairing your credit fast, and that there’s no way your credit is as bad as mine was! Visit How to Fix Your Credit the Right Way

How Bad is your Credit? And how do you Fix Your Credit

Before you learn how to fix your credit, you shoud first know if your credit is in need of repair. Most people assume that they have bad credit without ever looking at their credit score, they just assume they know their credit history, but that’s far from the truth. I always thought my credit was fine until I applied for my first auto loan, not good. I applied to Publix Credit Union for a $10,000 loan and I got approved! Not for $10,000 but for $1,000… So the vehicle I was planning to get, became a little too expensive, so I instead bought a 98 Ford Ranger for $4,000. $3,000 down and $1,000 financed from the credit union. Unfortunately for me, that was not the end of my credit problems, I made a few late payments and continued to be irresponsible. Teenagers. By the age of 21 my credit score was a 580, by 23 it dropped to a 520. Yes. Indeed, the irresponsible teenager grew into an irresponsible adult. Now, I continued to make bad decisions and irresponsible purchases with my Capitol One credit card, had several insufficient funds in a few bank accounts that that went into collections, had a Sprint and At&t account that also went into collections. I tell you that to tell you this, there is no way that you were as delinquent as me with your bills, so there is hope yet. I also had collections from Pizza Hut and I still managed to get approved for a $13,000 bad credit auto loan. Very high interest loan! 25% of the $13,000 was interest, I also put $3,500 down, so do the math. At the time I was 25 years old and my credit score was a 510. Yeah pretty sad. Now my income is really what allowed me to get approved, at the time I made between $65,000-$75,000 annually. So even with decent income I still had no clue how to fix my credit.

What Do I need to Know Before Fixing my Credit

Now by the age of 27 I was turned down for a mortgage due to the several accounts I had in collections, even with the perfect car loan payment credit history even though I payed it off in time. Just for the record, negative credit history is far more potent than positive credit history. And it’s almost impossible to raise your credit score when you have horrible credit, as not many creditors want to take a risk giving you a line of credit knowing there’s a low chance of repayment. Once you destroy your credit, there’s not much options for rebuilding it. Don’t give me that look, you have few options, but you still have options, and I’m willing to bet your credit is better than mine was. The lowest my credit score ever was, was a 480. My suggestion would be to stop searching for bad credit loans, credit cards for bad credit or bad credit auto loans as that’s not really going to help you as the accounts that are currently on your credit report will continue to bring your score down the longer they go delinquent. To see your credit report for free no credit card needed and the website is completely secure, visit Credit Karma and sign up for free. Visit How to Fix Your Credit the Right Way

Now for the Good Stuff – How to Fix your Credit Score

Now for the good stuff the ins and outs about how to fix your credit score! I’m assuming if you’re still here, you either have bad credit or you are trying to find a way to improve your credit score to get that perfect interest rate. Rather than spending a decade paying interest before you ever put a dent in your mortgage principal, a better credit score will help you get a better everything. A better car, a better house/home, a better job and then some. Could you imagine spending 4-6 years in school for you dream job in a finance related field and then get a call back from the interview to be told that you are perfect for the job, but your credit history and score isn’t up to company standards! Surprisingly enough, this happens more times than you would believe. You couldn’t get a job as a art-time bank teller with bad credit, it’s that serious. Not here to judge you as my credit history is embarrassing as you can tell from above. Now I’ll explain how I fixed my credit within a couple of months. You see I’m currently 29 years old and by now you’ve realized that I had some serious credit problems. I visited this site for to help me with my credit repair, it help me understand a little how credit repair works, but didn’t actually help me repair my credit, nonetheless it’s still a great resource. Now after signing up to Credit Karma and looking at what my credit score and history looked like, I had a clear idea of how deep the hole I was in really was, and realized that I still had a shovel in my hand. Best advice I can give to you is, don’t go getting any inquiries on your credit score as that will lower your score instantly! There are hard inquiries and soft inquiries. Hard inquiries are auto loans, mortgages, and credit checks. Soft inquiries are apartment credit checks and payday loans credit inquiries. Credit checks are not the same as credit scores, and as you know there are 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Most lenders use your Fair Isaac Corporation credit score, better known as your FICO score. Fair Isaac calculates the FICO Score based solely on information in consumer credit reports maintained at the credit reporting agencies. FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850. That FICO Score is calculated by a mathematical equation that evaluates many types of information from your credit report, at that agency. By comparing this information to the patterns in hundreds of thousands of past credit reports, the FICO Score estimates your level of future credit risk.

How to Improve Your Credit

FICO Score Breakdown

Visit How to Fix Your Credit the Right Way

Best Online Credit Repair Service for Bad Credit

Understanding what’s wrong with your credit is the first step. Having bad credit isn’t the end of the world once you discover how to fix your credit! Credit repair can be very difficult especially if you have no clue how to fix your credit. Well lucky for you I have helped more than 2,345 people fix their credit as of June 30th. So please put your trust in me and we’ll repair and fix your credit and your credit score together. Look at it this way, searched Google to learn how to fix your credit and you came across my website. From the sidebar you can see than I am a seo which specialize in Google rankings and I’m also an individual who suffered from bad credit. I am a genuine person and majority of everything I do, it is to benefit others, yes I am honestly self-less, when it comes to food, that’s a different story, I don’t share! I hate to see people suffer based on the fact that once upon a time they made a bad decision, I hate it. Goes for people who made bad decisions and affected their credit and criminal records, it’s so hard to come back from that type of situation. Getting a job with bad credit is bad enough, if you criminal is bad as well, your family will suffer. I can’t really help you fix your criminal history, word of advice contact an attorney. But I can help you fix your credit. So that’s a step in the right direction. There really isn’t any major training other than what your parents teach you to manage your credit. I don’t recommend using any of those Free Credit Report sites as they do charge you a monthly fee. Instead I personally use and recommend Credit Karma to everyone! Credit Karma is 100% FREE! No credit card needed ever! How cool is that. I came across a Credit Karma infomercial about 3 years ago laying in a hospital bed, I was experiencing some chest pains, apparently I have major gas issues, probably from being self-fish with food! But anyway I decided to look into it and I’m so glad I did! It gives you your credit score completely free, and tells you what accounts have gone into collection, and who you and also gives free tips about increasing your credit score. I love that site. As great as Credit Karma is, that is only half of the picture, once your learn just how bad your credit is, then you need to know how to fix your credit.

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Legal Insider Bot Review and Bonus

Wow! You’ve got to love a sure thing! Binary options trading has just been simplified, introducing Legal Insider Bot. What? You haven’t heard of the only binary options bot that GUARANTEES that you win all off your trades or 100% of your money back?

Why Binary Options?

Legal Insider Bot ReviewFor starters, Binary Options is one of the fastest growing trading platforms in the world. Trading in general is very risky and there is a thin line between trading and gambling. Binary Option bots have been popping up left and right claiming to guarantee profits with binary options. The thing about trading in general, there is no sure thing. This is where Legal Insider Bot comes in. This bot is designed to win every binary options trade that you participate in. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But what if I can prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that Legal Insider bot really works, you would definitely get it, right? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? A crazy person, that’s who! And you’re no crazy, are you? Greg Marks, the creator of Legal Insider Bot has made a LEGALLY BINDING contract with his brokerage firm. Greg insures your money for up to $500,000 for anyone that uses his Legal Insider Bot! If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is. I know, you’re scared. You’ve made some questionable decisions and lost faith in yourself. I know I exactly how you feel. I’ve been there and got burnt by software creators and make money online schemes. I felt the same you feel not too long ago. But what I’ve found was if you don’t take action now, you’ll continue to feel the way you’re feeling and this once in a lifetime opportunity with Legal Insider Bot will no longer be on the table. You snooze you lose.

The Reason I Use Legal Insider Bot

Is this legal? Yes, this is why I had to review the Legal Insider Bot to ensure it was 100% legal. All bs aside, does Legal Insider Bot actually work? Absolutely! But no matter what I say, nothing sells an idea like cold hard proof. Before I show you proof of Legal Insider Bot lets go over the facts.

Legal Insider Bot;
Offers a guarantee that you win. True
Is the first bot that actually work on autopilot. True
Is the first bot that insures your money. True
Insures your loss up to $500,000. True
Is completely FREE! True
Is the only binary options bot that works 100% of the time. True

With Legal Insider Bot you get the inside scoop on binary options trading.

Now PROOF! Click through the pages to exam, no flukes and I got my money back for every loss!

It’s not rocket science, and you shouldn’t have to pull your hair out. Call or Put. Simple

Get Instant Access To Legal Insider Bot Free Software

It’s a NO BRAINER! Take action before Greg Marks realizes he is on the losing end of the deal.

Thank you for reading my detail Legal Insider Review.

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500K Project Review $50-$100 Cash Bonus!

500K Project Review and Bonus Package

Welcome to my $500,000 Project Review. Get $50-$100 cash back when you buy Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Project through my link plus exclusive bonus materials. 500K Project is a software developed by no other than super marketer Brad Callen. Hi, my name is Stan, I make it my priority to buy every internet marketing product that create a buzz online. I then completely implement the product and track my results. I’ll post my earnings below. Nothing spectacular just real case study from some you know you can trust. 500K Project is a internet marketing product that comes with a state of the art software. I saw the power of 500K Project almost instantly, but I’m a seasoned marketer. The $500,000 question, can a complete newbie make money with 500K Project? Well, it depends. Let me explain. 500K Project has 1 thing in common with every other internet marketing course and system out there, it’s only as good as the drive behind the person using it? Asking me if you’ll make money with 500K Project is like asking me if I can guess what kinda shoes you’re wearing. I’m not saying 500K Project is a scam, I’m simply asking you, do you have what it takes to make money online with 500K Project? Because at the end of the day 500K Project is just a system and a software, but if you don’t use it and apply what you’ve learned, it will never be anything more. Now let’s get into what 500,000 Dollar Project really is. Check out my Legal Insider Bot Review

500K Project Review and Breakdown

500k Project Review500K Project is a binary options software that eliminates the need to trade blindly. This software was developed by big this me software coder Brad Callen. Brad and his brother Matt Callen have been responsible for producing some of the most revolutionary internet marketing softwares of all time. Seo Linkvine, Seo Elite, Press Play, and so many softwares that has changed my business by at least 5 figures. If Brad created this software it is worth having. I can’t stress what the Callen brothers have done for internet marketing enough. You take a look at all the tiresome processes and tasks that we endure as an internet marketer and using the automated softwares save me over 6 hours a day. Time with my family is important. I will forever endorse anything Brad Callen produces, if he released it be rest assured it works! Binary Options is the way to go, especially with Brad Callen’s 500K Project. His guarantee is like icing on the cake. If you don’t make money in 2 weeks he’ll pay you $750 cash and that’s as bold as a guarantee that you’ll ever get. Brad Callen has always been a man of his word, if he wrote the check you can guarantee that you can take that to the bank.

Get 500K Project $50-$100 Cash Deposit

500K Project Guaranteed Profits with Binary Options

Hate beating a dead horse with a stick, but 500K Project has the best guarantee hands down. There are so many fly by night binary options options bots, 500K Project is personally used by Brad Callen and myself. The support team is second to none. 500K Project is designed for you to make money online in the shortest time possible. If you don’t, cash in on Brad’s $750 guarantee, he will honor it. But just that he was so confident in his 500K Project software made me sign up right away. I would hate for you to miss out on the single life changing moment in front of you, so please take action now! Get Brad Callen’s 500K Project Binary Options Bot now.

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Auto Options Bot Review $50-$75 Cash Discount

Looking For The Best Auto Options Bot Review?

Auto Options Bot ReviewYou’ve came to the right place. Also get $50-$75 cash back just for trying Auto Options Bot through my site. Hopefully you’ve already watch the Auto Options Bot video, if not please do so here. Now what exactly is Auto Options Bot? (source)It’s an automated software that is used during binary options. What is binary options? In finance, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount of some asset or nothing at all (in contrast to ordinary financial options that typically have a continuous spectrum of payoff). The two main types of binary options are the cash-or-nothing binary option and the asset-or-nothing binary option. The cash-or-nothing binary option pays some fixed amount of cash if the option expires in-the-money while the asset-or-nothing pays the value of the underlying security. Check out my Legal Insider Bot Review

Auto Options $50 Cash Back and Discount

How Does Auto Options Bot Benefit Me?

Well, if you had to buy binary Call and Put binary options without Auto Options Bot, your life would be extremely difficult and complicated. So many people lost everything doing binary options without Auto Options Bot, don’t be one of those people. As much as I want to tell you that Auto Options Bot is the best binary options software, it isn’t, I personally prefer Insured Profits. To see my complete review and demo of Insured Profits Click Here. But Auto Options Bit has a few features that the everyday binary options bots don’t have. It’s not one of a kind but it is pretty darn close. I personally use Insured Profits as I mentioned early, the support team is better and the software interface is much more user friendly. I prefer using a software that gives me guaranteed profits with binary options.

Why Auto Options Bot? Why Binary Options?

Auto Options Bot DiscountWell let me answer those questions with another question. Why not Auto Options and why not binary options? Binary options has been one of the fastest growing online trading platforms in the world. So many people do it the wrong way. I would hate knowing you came to my page for advice and I left you wanting more answers with unanswered questions. So if there are any questions you have about binary options or Auto Options Bot, please leave a comment below and I’ll answer accordingly.

Thank you for reading my Auto Options Bot Review. Click the link below for your $50 cash back and some pretty cool Auto Options Bot bonuses.

Auto Options $50 Cash Back and Discount

Guaranteed Profits Review $50 Cash Back

Guaranteed Profits Review

Guaranteed ProfitsWant Guaranteed Profits with binary options? Get it through my link and get ridiculous bonuses plus $50 cash back! Not sure what it is? Read my detailed review to find out exactly what binary options Guaranteed Profits is. Guaranteed Profits is not an internet marketing product. Guaranteed Profits is a binary options based software with outstanding results. I’m not a big fan as you can see, I’m more of an affiliate marketer. But to be honest with you, I love to find scams and expose them. So I go around the internet and search for the next big thing, like in this case Guaranteed Profits Binary Options. I’m a big believer of “if you want something you have to work hard for it” so is there such a thing as Guaranteed Profit with Binary Options? In my personal experience Guaranteed profits doesn’t exist, nothing is guaranteed online or in the business world for that matter. But what if I’m wrong? What if with this software, you can make an outstanding amount of profit just by applying what you’ve learnt. Guaranteed Profits in binary options is a software designed to win at binary options. Simply winning means you win money and losing is the opposite of winning. Guaranteed Profits is designed to eliminate the loss of your money, well minimize it. The Guaranteed Profits software is designed to help you make the right decisions and at moments notice so that you Call or Put at the right time and maximize your profits and make every campaign a profitable and successful campaign. Check out my Legal Insider Bot Review

Guaranteed Profits Discount $50 Cash Back

Is Guaranteed Profits Newbie Friendly?

Guaranteed Profits ReviewIf you aren’t familiar with the term newbie, then you’re most likely a newbie yourself. A newbie is just a person new to a specific field of interest, in this case trading and binary options. The ability to trade takes several years of learning and experience. But with Guaranteed Profits Software you skip the learning curve and go straight to the trading. Binary options can be difficult without the right information and training, luckily you’ve found Guaranteed Profits. As much as I would like to make a quick commission promoting Guaranteed Profits, I’ll be completely honest with you. The is no such thing as certainty wealth online or offline for that matter. Nothing you do online will assure profits or underwrite wealth even if you found a system that works, such as Guaranteed Profits. You have to be willing to make that system work no matter what, that’s what it takes to be successful online. Get Guaranteed Profits and save $50.

Guaranteed Profits Discount $50 Cash Back

Why Guaranteed Profits With Binary Options?

Well think of it this way, binary options is one of the fastest ways to make money online and most importantly the single fastest way to lose money. If this scares you, it should as it scared the shit out of me. I hate blind investments and most importantly losing money. As you can see from just looking at my sidebar that I have been reviewing every single binary options software that recently came out. I’m not going to say I’m a millionaire by any means, but I’ve managed to quietly make a sizable fortune from binary options trading. But as many products as I’ve reviewed, I felt it wouldn’t be in my readers best interest to not state one of the biggest contributions in my online success besides seo and website design. Guaranteed Profits is a software similar to others but have the highest success rate of wins I’ve seen in any of the 23 binary bots I’ve purchased and use while trying to find my way. In 2010 alone, I invest over $3,000 in binary option softwares that claimed to guarantee profits and riches. On top of that I lost an additional $20,000+ (ashamed to say the actual number) using the bots I’ve purchased. As soon as I heard about Guaranteed Profits I was extremely excited to discover this Guaranteed Profits Scam. It took me years to develop a system using a software that gave me incredible binary options odds. So I had to buy Guaranteed Profits and figure out what’s guaranteed about it. I used the software intensely for 2 weeks and I have to say, stunningly that I did 31 trades and loss $726 and won $16,342.58 not bad at all. Now am I saying you’ll make $16,000? Absolutely not! It doesn’t work like that. I started off with $2,100. You might not have that much money to start with, it all depends. But I can guarantee 1 thing. If you use Guaranteed Profits, you’ll win way more times than you lose, bringing to a positive outcome every time you trade in multiple slots.

Guaranteed Profits Discount $50 Cash Back

Insured Profits Review and Overview

When you purchase Insured Profits through my link, I will give you $50 Cash Back and the most incredible bonuses or your money back!

Insured ProfitsTired of getting the same plr crap recycled bonuses over and over? Well welcome to NY Yankee Clipper Reviews, where every product review saves you money and gives you the best and freshest bonuses to go with it. Why would you ever settle for anything else? With that being said, let’s jump into this Insured Profit Review. Also check out my Guaranteed Profits Binary Options software review. How can you really indemnify earnings with Insured Profits? Check out my Legal Insider Bot Review

Insured Profits Discount $50 Cash Back

What Exactly is Insured Profits?

In short, Insured Profits is a system for binary options that insures that you make more money than you lose. Most people get terrified about forex or any kind of trading whatsoever. There is no reason to be scared of forex or binary options, as Insured Profits review exactly how to do it the right way, and take all the guess work out of binary options. Trading has always been a sensitive subject as so many claim to know the unknown. How do you know when to trade? Well, that’s the real beauty of Insured Profits. Everyone into binary options are searching for a way to make guaranteed yield.

Insured Profits Official WebsiteSo let’s break down Insured Profits and review exactly what it is this system actually does. But first, let me explain to you how binary options work. You have 2 choices, Call/Up or Put/Down. So majority of binary options cause you to loss more money than you or break even if you’re lucky. Here’s the beauty of Insured Profits, your profits are insured. You know what insurance is for right? To protect you from loss, pretty much right? So when you use Insured Profits, not only is your trading success insured, but you also collect profits, vs not using Insured Profits.

Why Does Insured Profits Work so Well?

Insured Profits is built on the simple principles, you win $20 and you lose $2. Would it be hard to make a profit if all you lost were $2? So how this system is built, is you use the software to manipulate the system and make $20 profit over and over. Then in the rare circumstance that you do lose, you only lose $2.

Insured Profits Discount $50 Cash Back

Click Clone Cash Review $50 Cash Back!

Click Clone Cash Review

Click Clone Cash has taken the internet by storm. Get $50 Cash back when you buy Click Clone Cash through me. Thanks for reading my review.

What Exactly is Click Clone Cash?

Many people consider Click Clone Cash to be a scam. Why is that? Any system that claims to deliver a large sum of money in a short amount of time is considered to be a scam. And things that are usually too good to be true, usually are. Here is a link to my top recommendation review. In my opinion there isn’t no such thing as a one click system, every system takes time to set up. The sales video is designed to get you to believe without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to make money and the system works.

Click Clone Cash uses a cloud hosting to run the software. The ability for you to make $19,000 in 1 day is highly unlikely, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Click Clone Cash is a software that helps you make money with affiliate marketing with networks like Clickbank and Clicksure. Before I agree to write a review about any affiliate marketing product, I always buy the product first to test the results for myself. So I decided to buy Click Clone Cash.

Click Clone Cash Review

Click to Verify Image

What Makes Click Clone Cash a Must Have?

Click Clone Cash is an automated software that dominates affiliate marketing with cloud hosting technology. Automation is probably th best feature of Click Clone Cash, as it eliminates the need more all the long manual tasks. Just to be clear, making money online takes skill and time. With this software, skill isn’t needed and time is only needed to let the software run. If you implement the software correctly, you shouldn’t have a prolem making money with Click Clone Cash. It finds successful businesses and clones them to duplicate their success. I made $240 in my first seven days using Click Clone Cash. I don’t think making money online could possibly get any easier! Get Click Clone Cash today!

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Click Clone Cash Bonuses For Extra Value

Over $1000 in Click Clone Cash Review bonuses
How I generate $2500+ a month with Press Releases $497 Value
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How I make $250 a day with Fiverr $47 value
How I make $300 or more a day $297 value

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Stop wasting time. If you want a fast solution to make money online with huge bonuses and a real support team that is willing to help around the clock, then Click Clone Cash is perfect for you, take action now! Thank you for reading my Click Clone Cash Review. Cheers to your success with this system.

Remember, no system works unless you follow the directions closely and apply what you’ve learned. Buying the next shiny thing or course isn’t the way to make money online but it is a Guaranteed way to fail. Why would you do that to yourself. Here you have a system that actually works, simply apply and repeat. Find a proven system that works and continue to use that system until you see success. Simple right? By now you’ve got all your questions about Click Clone Cash answered. Go get Click Clone Cash now before it’s too late!

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Websiphon Review $20 Cash Web Siphon Discount

Websiphon Review and Bonus Package

Get $20-$30 cash back when you buy Websiphon through my link. Jamie Lewis Web Siphon is finally available to the public for a limited time. Jamie is known for releasing high quality and relevant products and software. Websiphon is a long awaited software that has way too many features to list. This system is designed to help you funnel money from the web. Creating an instant money funnel to siphon the web. During the course of this review, I’ll completely breakdown Websiphon and offer the most amazing bonuses to compliment Websiphon. Websiphon was created as of Jamie’s personal softwares, now he’s so graciously sharing it with a lucky few. Will you be one of them?

Websiphon Discount Link

What Exactly is Websiphon?

websiphon reviewWebsiphon is a Windows platform software that helps you build your business from the ground up. Let me explain. Websiphon is a complete affiliate marketing solution that will find your “niche profits” as packages that are ready to “plug & play.” It utilizes niche research as well as the direct traffic sources that make the most money on the Internet. Build an affiliate marketing business the easy way with Websiphon. Before Jamie gave me access to Websiphon the entire process was tedious and time consuming. After using the software, what a difference. I’all add an awesome list of some Websiphon bonuses below. This by far the easier way I siphoned money with affiliate marketing. Set up and create multiple website siphons and take affiliate marketing and web siphoning to a whole new level.

Why Web Siphon Works so Well

I’ve known Jamie Lewis for several years, I personally look forward to all his product launches. Jamie has never let me down yet. His softwares are second to none and deliver more than what they promise. Understanding the quality of person Jamie Lewis is, makes this a no brainer! Get WebSiphon now before Jamie raise the price!

Websiphon Discount Link

Websiphon Bonuses For Extra Value

Over $1000 in Websiphon bonuses
How I generate $2500+ a month with Press Releases $497 Value
How I rank YouTube videos on Google $197 value
How I make $250 a day with Fiverr $47 value
How I make $300 or more a day $297 value

Afterthoughts of This Websiphon Review

By now, you know this software is amazing and I recommend it to my email list which I usually only market my own products and services to. I know this sounds like a pitch, but in all honesty this is the best affiliate marketing software that I have ever purchased and no bs either. Get the software and use it. I’ve know Jamie for several years and if he don’t use it in his business he wouldn’t want you to use it in yours. Do business with someone you can trust that actually care about your success.

Thank you for reading my review, remember bonuses and cash back offer for Web Siphon only available through me.

Websiphon Discount Link

Still searching Websiphon scam? If you’re not convinced by now that Websiphon is the real deal, this affiliate marketing software isn’t for you. Sorry.

Inbox Blueprint Review – Can You Succeed Without It?

Inbox Blueprint Review

Anik Singal releases Inbox Blueprint V2.0 after 6 months of shutting down Inbox Blueprint. Anik assures us that the content in the re-launch has been upgraded from back in January. So what exactly is Inbox Blueprint and is it going to break the bank? Inbox Blueprint is a complete email marketing course that is produced in a video format. The videos in the Inbox Blueprint members area are clear, precise and straight to the point. In another review, I stated that Inbox Blueprint wasn’t newbie friendly, well that’s not the case in V2.0. Anik always produce high quality products and they create such a buzz that every affiliate and his mother are out to make a quick buck. Those of you that know me, know that I don’t promote anything unless I completely went through the entire course twice. And that’s the case with Inbox Blueprint V2.0, I’ve email Anik Singal and contacted his Inbox Blueprint JV team to purchase an early copy and deliver a full detailed review and give a rundown of the course. Every product I review isn’t recommended as a lot of internet marketers put out a lot of junk, releasing new products every week. I advise anyone who has the new shiny product syndrome to get cured immediately. Inbox Blueprint is a business model for online and offline marketers. There is no guarantee that you will succeed with Inbox Blueprint or internet marketing period! Making it online is about 2 things and 2 things only.

  • 1.Finding a system that works
  • 2.Taking action and working that system until you succeed

  • That’s it, that’s the secret to making money online with Inbox Blueprint or any other piece of trash you picked up along the way. Let me educate you real quick about product creation and product launches. These products are designed to generate a huge buzz and a lot of money. Where do you fit in, in this equation? The money! Back in the days internet marketers use to launch $1997 products. Now they still do, they just break it down. For example, the front end sale is high enough for you to find value and low enough for you to be like, it’s only $47. Then the first upsell is $97, then $297, then $497. That’s call a funnel. The reason the price goes up is because you already have a high perceived value for the product and your credit card is already in hand, those buyer endorphin’s are out of control and you max out your credit card. Classic newbie, chasing a quick buck. Working online is harder than working offline. You read that correctly, offline you get all the information you need to properly do your job. Online you get information in bite sizes or too much at once. Then on top of that you get a lot of old and out of date misinformation. It’s hard, but if you treat your online business like a brick and mortar business you CANNOT fail online, no matter what system you use.

    Inbox Blueprint is a Real Business

    Are you willing to work as hard online as you currently do offline? Big question. I don’t benefit from telling you that this course is the greatest thing since mp3 players, and neither do you. Mp3 players? Look at it from this prospective, I’m an affiliate, and it’s in my best interest for now if I convince you to buy Inbox Blueprint. Now what if 2 weeks later down the line you decide it’s not for you and want a refund? That would be my fault as an affiliate not making it clear what Inbox Blueprint is and what it isn’t. A lot of affiliates hype up products, especially Inbox Blueprint! But that’s so stupid, because in the end, they end up hurting you and themselves.

    Inbox Blueprint – The Pork Sandwich Salesperson

    Here’s a clearer picture. You’re a salesperson, and you sell pork sandwiches, the pork sandwiches represent Inbox Blueprint. You went to work on Friday, and sold 100 pork sandwiches! Your biggest day ever! How did you sell so many pork sandwiches? Well, you sold it to everyone disguised as something it was not. At the end of business Friday, 75 customers came to return their sandwiches as they thought it was something else. 25 People wanted a veggie sandwich, 25 people wanted a chicken sandwich, 25 people ordered the pork sandwich, didn’t have time to eat it, but still want their money back(scammers). You see my point? If I tell you, you’ll make a fortune with Inbox Blueprint, am I any better than the pork sandwich salesperson?

    What You Will Learn in Inbox Blueprint

    If you haven’t figured out that Inbox Blueprint is about email marketing, I highly doubt this course is for you! Inbox Blueprint digs deep in a territory where the Guru’s dare not trespass. Anik really put his heart and soul into this course and gave up a lot of gems that even found to be worth the cost of Inbox Blueprint itself. I’m a big skeptic about internet marketing and spent $15,000+ on info products and software I don’t use, and about another $18,000 on softwares and courses I do use, like Frank Kern’s Mass Control, Kelly Felix’s Bring the Fresh and Mike and Greg’s OMG Machines. Those are systems that I’ve seen success with. By the way I’m a professional seo, website designer, affiliate marketer, and comedian(not really). I’ve tried every aspect on online marketing and hate seeing people caught up in the light. If you tae a course like any of the ones I’ve just mentioned, including Inbox Blueprint and invest every dime you think about spending on the newest course, you’d be one of the most successful people I know. Everything you need is right in front of you! Thank you for reading my Inbox Blueprint Review.

    Yeast Infection No More Review

    Is Yeast Infection No More For Me?

    Yeast Infection No More

    Rated 4.1/5 based on 121 reviews

    Suffering from yeast infection, I was until I tried yeast infection no more. Hi, my name is Paula and I once had was of the most embarrassing moments of my life, ever!that make it your priority to be fresh down there, you now that moment you sit on toilet to pee and smell that off smell. yeast infection no more There’s no need to be embarrass ladies, the fact that you are trying to fix the problem, kudos to you. Now being a woman, I try to tell my husband everything, but this was one of the hardest things to tell him. By the way, my husband, Stan(you’re on his blog reading my yeast infection no more review). He was so cool about the whole situation. As a woman, we are so self absorb and so self-conscious, we tend to over think the situation. To be honest, you should tell your spouse or partner, why, if you’re still sexually active, then he might have a yeast infection as well. Sorry ladies, my husband is the professional blogger, when I told him I might have a yeast infection he was so cool about. His response went something like this, are you okay baby? I said yeah I’m fine, he said GREAT! Blog about it. I was like, what? Why? He replied; yeast infections are pretty common, why not share your experience with the world about your yeast infection. I told my husband that I just found out what it was and I’m not sure how to get rid of yeast infections. He looked at me all puzzled and said, baby; you’re the smartest person I know. If you can’t find an effective cure for yeast infection, then nobody can. Talk about swift kick in the butt, I love him! First things first, you should know if what you are experiencing is a yeast infection, and I’ll help you determine what’s going on down there. Yeast infection no more review continues…

    How Do You Know if You Have a Yeast Infection?

    yeast infection symptomsFor those of you who don’t know, Yeast infection symptoms are more common than you think. And once you have a yeast infection, you’ll know. After just 1 you’ll want to make sure you don’t have no more yeast infections. Before using yeast infection no more, let’s see if you have any yeast infection symptoms. So here are the symptoms of yeast infections:

  • Itching or Burning Sensation In Your Intimate Parts
  • Vaginal Odor Or Vaginal Discharge
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Painful Urination or Other Urinary Disorders
  • Painful Sex
  • Sexual Dysfunction or Impotence
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Chronic Rashes
  • Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Joint Pain or Swelling
  • PMS
  • Digestive Pain
  • Muscle Aches
  • Short Attention Span
  • Hand Pain
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Headaches or Constant Migraines
  • Constipation
  • Un-explainable Lack of Energy
  • Acne or Rosacea
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Bloating or IBS
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Skin Lesions
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Food Allergies
  • Learning and Memory Problems
  • Increased Craving For Simple Carbohydrates
  • Eczema
  • Jumpy Legs
  • Blurred Vision Or Brain Fog
  • Oral Yeast Infection (Oral Thrush)
  • Male Yeast Infection
  • Yeast Infections in Your Toe or Fingernails
  • Un-explainable Feeling of “Not being yourself

  • yeast infection no more button

    What is Yeast Infection No More?

    Yeast infection no more is the 5th product I tried and was so relieve once I realized it was working. I saw the website and i was skeptical as any woman suffering from a yeast infection and decided to give yeast infection no more a try. It’s safe to say I would recommend yeast infection no more to any women I can help with this horrific problem. I wouldn’t wish yeast infections on anyone, especially candida yeast infections, no way. Anyway, Yeast Infection No More is an online course that teaches you how to properly get rid of your yeast infection, hence the name yeast infection no more. Well ladies, it’s been my pleasure voicing my opinion, I’m not a doctor and if before trying any solution including yeast infection no more, you should see your doctor. Thank you for reading my Yeast Infection No More Review.

    By the way, my husband Stan is an internet marketer, so if you decide to purchase Yeast Infection No More and you’re interested in making money online, he’ll include some internet marketing material worth $1,000 for buying Yeast Infection No More through this site.

    Unique Article Wizard Review – Do I Need It?

    Unique Article Wizard $15 Discount

    Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of Unique Article Wizard by the slightest sense. Matter of fact, I hate UAW. But I’ll do everything I can to express just how much I hate Unique Article Wizard. I know you came here expecting a very detailed UAW Review, but compared to all my other product reviews, this is more like an angry rant. So what exactly is UAW? unique article wizard UAW as you know, is short for Unique Article Wizard. Unique Article Wird is a article marketing software with an online platform that gives you the ability to submit your article to Unique Article Wizard’s private blog network. I have no fuss with the platform, or the user interface itself. My biggest problem with UAW is the index rate of the articles you submit. Unique Article Wizard doesn’t give you a report with the links that were published. That really bothered me! I was a member for 6 months and made 1 submission daily as that’s the limit with UAW, 1 submission per day. I created 3 unique articles every day, and manually spun each article to create unique content. For 6 months 7 days a week, 3 hand written articles everyday, over and over again and again. At the end of 6 months, my website had 37 published backlinks! 37 Backlinks after all that work? That’s ridiculous! Yeah, not even a little pleased. You can order a gig on Fiverr and get higher quality links in less time, don’t build backlinks on Fiverr by the way. UAW backlinks from my experience aren’t effective by the slightest.

    Unique Article Wizard Review – Why I Cancelled my Membership

    Okay so anyway, I cancelled my membership after 6 months of no progress. Two weeks after I cancelled my Unique Article Wizard membership, one of my colleagues called me about this great software he was seeing amazing results. His websites were getting over 300 quality backlinks on a weekly basis. So I tend use my private blogs to rank my websites as it seems to be the most effective solution in 2014. Now, would you believe that he was calling me to recommend Unique Article Wizard! Ha ha ha. I hung up on him! He called right back swearing it was the greatest thing since a refrigerator! so I heard him out, then I began to tell him about my horrible experience with Unique Article Wiard. He started laughing so hard i was about to hang up again. Then he began to enlighten me. He said Stanford, UAW updated their private blog network and their is a pro version for power users like you and I. So what’s the difference? Apparently Unique Article Wizard Pro is $199 a month compared to the $67 for the regular UAW. There’s also Expert $499 a month and Enterprise for $999 a month. So that wasn’t enough to convince me, why would I pay UAW more for medium quality backlinks off my colleague’s word? Then he said that UAW Pro gives you a report of all the sites they post to, so I said well I’ll take your word for it and if I don’t get the results you claim, I’ll whoop your ass! I’m 6’5′ 300 lbs, he was silent for like 10 seconds. So I went ahead, as his credibility is high.

    UAW Pro – Doe it Really Make a Difference?

    Absolutely! Unique Article Wizard Pro Advanced is a huge difference compare to the standard UAW! I was shock as I am not fond of the experience I had. Nonetheless, I gave UAW Pro a go and I was pleased, believe it or not. So my Unique Article Wizard Review took a turn for the positive. Here is my only stipulations, if you’re going to try Unique Article Wizard, review my experience and use that to decide if UAW is right for your online or offline business. My biggest suggestion, if you can afford it, GO UNIQUE ARTICLE WIZARD PRO!Professional Content Marketing Tools - UAWPro If not, it’s not worth it, UAW is $67 a month for poor results, and Unique Article Wizard Pro is $199 a month for OUTSTANDING RESULTS! If it’ in you budget, Unique Article Wizard Pro is the only way to go, try it, you might like it. If you want a desktop software that does the same thing basically, try Magic Submitter. Thank you for reading my Unique Article Wizard review.

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    Unique Article Wizard Review

    3/5 stars

    Unique Article Wizard is a blog network article marketing service.

    Traffic Travis Review $20 Instant Cash Rebate!

    Traffic Travis Review What you Need to Know

    Traffic Travis

    Rated 4.7/5 based on 649 reviews

    First, what is Traffic Travis?traffic travis guy laying down Traffic Travis is an seo marketing software created by Mark Link from Affilorama that fits a lot of neat features into a beautiful interface. Traffic Travis comes in 2 different versions, the free version and Traffic Travis Pro. I am a big fan of Traffic Travis as I recently bought Traffic Travis V4.

    Here’s a list of Traffic Travis Pro main features, then we’ll compare the FREE version to the PRO version.

    traffic travis v4

    • Keyword Research
    • SEO Health Check
    • Search Engine Rank Checker
    • Find Technical Mistakes
    • Track Your Competitors
    • Competition Analysis
    • Discover New Link Partners
    • YouTube and Google Video Rankings
    • Anchor Text Breadown

    Traffic Travis FREE vs Traffic Travis PRO

    traffic travis pro Traffic Travis Pro has unlimited everything when compared to the free version. The Traffic Travis FREE version is designed to give you the usability with limited customization. Here’s the breakdown of the both versions so you can decide which one is best for your needs and most importantly your business.

    Traffic Travis Max Projects Competition Analysis Research Keywords Domain Research Keyword Suggestion Branded
    FREE 5 none 5 5 100 none too many free
    PRO unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 2,000 unlimited 0 $97

    Traffiic travis download button

    A Few Tips on Generating Income with Traffic Travis V4

    As you know, I run an seo company and I use Traffic Travis PRO as one of my many seo softwares. So if you’re still on the fence about upgrading, let me help you climb over. SEO is an ever growing field, with more people leaving their day jobs to work online than any other business. I am not just a successful seo consultant, but I’m also very successful affiliate marketer as well. The most important aspect of internet marketing that so many people miss and usually cause failure, is proper keyword research. So many individuals do keyword research the wrong way! I personally use Traffic Travis Pro V4 to help my clients target low competition keywords and dominate Google and other search engines. If you don’t know how to do proper keyword research, you will fail online, no doubt.traffic travis It doesn’t matter if you’re doing seo, ppc, ppv or banner marketing. If you aren’t targeting the right keywords, then you’ll waste a lot of time and money. Keyword research is the hardest step of internet marketing, finding a product and getting traffic is easy! Go to Fiverr.com, signup if you haven’t already, create a gig for Proper Keyword Research. I guarantee you will sell at least 15 gigs a day. Once you’ve sold 10 gigs, then you can add gig extras which allow you to make more per every gig. Add competition analysis as a gig extra and charge $10-$25. Add another gig for domain research, also add that to the first gig as a gig extra for $5. Add backlink analysis for $10 as a gig extra to both. This is just Fiverr. There are so many sites out there that you can use to rake in some serious money with Traffic Travis Pro. My suggestion to you would be to take action and make money! Thank you for reading my Traffic Travis Review. But Traffic Travis Pro with my link and receive a Traffic Travis DISCOUNT!

    Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review How I Outrank Everyone!

    Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review

    Zamurai PBN Blueprint teaches you how to create a Private Blog Network from step 1. Click my link to get my exclusive PBN blog and must have software.

    What Exactly is Zamurai PBN Blueprint?

    zamurai pbn blueprint reviewZamurai PBN Blueprint is pretty much a self explanatory title. The course is about PBN’s or Private Blog Networks. Private Blog Networks are a group of high page rank expired domains that you have purchased and re-purpose around the themes of your money sites. There is a certain criteria that you should use when buying expired domains to start your own PBN, Zamurai PBN Blueprint teaches you that criteria. The way I build my PBN’s are slightly different from what Joshua Zamora teaches, as I’ve been using my PBN’s for a long long time. Zamurai PBN Blueprint corrects the misconceptions about Private Blog Networks.

    Click Here 50% Cashback Zamurai PBN Blueprint Offer

    Zamurai PBN Bleuprint Breakdown

  • Where to buy expired domains
  • How to do expired domains research
  • What types of domains you need for your PBN
  • How to check fake Page rank
  • How to use Godaddy Auctions
  • Where to find the biggest selection of expired domains
  • Why we use expired domains
  • How to build you PBN on a budget
  • Why Zamurai PBN Blueprint will change your business
  • How to make your PBN stronger
  • Understanding why you need a blueprint
  • How to make money with Zamurai PBN Blueprint
  • Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review And Exclusive Bonuses

    So if you’re looking into build a PBN, I’ll provide the best Zamurai PBN Blueprint bonuses.

    Live PR Submitter Review

    Live Pr Submitter Closing soon!

    Join Live Pr Submitter Button

    Live PR Submitter. A Press Release Submission Service by Daniel Lew. Why should you buy Live Pr Submitter from my link? Well if you scroll down I’ll show you how to make at least $1,000 a month with Live Pr Submitter Platinum! Watch my video for a very brief but thorough review of Live PR Submitter plus over $1,500 in HUGE bonuses that compliments Live PR Submitter perfectly!

    Live PR Submitter Official Website

    Live PR Submitter – Why PRWeb Hates this Service

    Live PR Submitter Review

    Why Live Press Release Submitter? So if you’re use to using PRweb then you’ve been hit with that $100 per press release price tag. I’ve sent over 100 press releases with Press Release Web which cost me $10,000! Now with Live PR Submitter, I get to send 300 press releases per month for less than the cost of 1 PRESS RELEASE!!! How awesome is that? From $10,000 for 100 to less than $100 to send 300 Press Releases using Live PR Submitter! No brainer!

    Conclusion for Live PR Submitter Review

    Jump in head first! Save money, build high pr backlinks, and rank on Google front page. I’ve used several Press Release services but I’ve never seen a service so easy to uses, so effective in ranking my websites, and so darn affordable! HURRY BEFORE DANIEL LEW DECIDES TO DOUBLE LIVE PR SUBMITTER MONTHLY PRICE!

    Live PR Submitter Official Website

    Why Live Pr Submitter is the Best Press Release Service

    Daniel Lew’s Live Pr submitter is an outstanding service that allows you to dominate the search engines with an affordable monthly subscription. Press Releases are usually very cost, especially if you’ve Prweb which cost a crisp $100 bill. Picture this, Live Pr Submitter allows you to send 1 Press Release daily, so 30 Press Releases a month. If you were to send 30 Press Releases a month with Prweb that would cost you an outstanding $3,000 a month to publish 30 Press Release when Live Pr Submitter only cost $47 a month? What! What! Yeah, crazy! Isn’t it? Live Pr Submitter not only sh@t on the competition but it is so darn easy to use! I also make a lot of money using Live Pr Submitter Platinum, you can too!

    Live Pr Submitter Review Conclusion

    So I personally love Live Pr Submitter for couple of reasons. First I can’t live without it, second high pr press releases, and third it’s an easy to use submitter giving the power to submit your Press Releases with the click of a button!

    How I Bank $1,000s a Month with Live Pr Submitter

    I use Live Pr Submitter to make a ton of money! I’ll explain as an added bonus for joining Live Pr Submitter through me. I am a very successful seo provider, you don’t have to know anything about seo to do what I do. I find clients that have new products or that are in need of more exposure and I charge them anywhere from $25-$100 per month for a quality well design Press Release submission. Here’s the kicker, I pay $197 a month for the Live Pr Submitter Platinum edition which allows 15 submissions daily, and every client wants at least 1-2 press releases a week! Do the math, minimum of $125-$500 a client. This is literally a Gold mine! Even if you charge just $5 a press release submission, you still bank! So in this low-ball scenario we would be using Fiverr and making $4 per sale. I usually set my gig for 3 days delivery, as with Live Pr Submitter Platinum you have 15 submissions a day. Picture this, you can sell 30 gigs a day and deliver 15 per day as you have 3 days to deliver. As long as you don’t overlap your deliveries, you’ll be fine. If you get more than 30 sales a day, get another Live Pr Submitter Platinum account. After selling 10 gigs, then you can add gig extras. Gig extras allow you to make more money and charge for express delivery. Instead of $4 for 3 day delivery, you get $8 for 1 press release. I recommend using the platinum live pr submitter as you have a better opportunity to make back your monthly subscription and some extra cash. Selling 30 a day which is easy as nobody offers a press release for $5! I usually make $8-$12 a gig, here’s how. I make $4 for the initial sale, then $4 for 24 hour express, then $4 to index the backlinks with a report. BOOM! Just like that. The average person that bought my gig payed $100 to PRweb and they found great value in what i offered. I could make this a wso and sell it but I would appreciate it if you bought through my link for sharing this genius strategy with you. Even if you failed at Fiverr and only sold 5 gigs a day, or 150 gigs a month, you would still bank $600-$97=$503 a month, as you would only need the Gold plan, but I highly suggest the Platinum Live Pr Submitter membership. Go big or go home! Welcome to the big boys club, when we make 5 figures a month and a load of referrals! Best software I’ve came across in a long time, you have to try Live Pr Submitter!

    Using Live Pr Submitter as a Local Seo

    Charge a local car dealership $200 a month for 2 submissions a week, 1 on Sunday and 1 on Thursday. Don’t ask why, just roll with it. There are so many businesses that you can walk into and walk out with a monthly agreement, don’t ever use the word contract! A local Dentist 3 press releases a week for $300 a month, that’s easy money! So once you get rolling you need to have your clients press release outsourced as they will run out of ideas. Fiverr! Find a high quality gig for a press release writer and then you make the big bucks. Charge the dentist $500 a month to write and submit a press release on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t ask why, just do it. 15 submissions a day with Live Pr Submitter platinum, the business opportunities are endless. Thank you for reading my Live PR Submitter Review.

    Join Live Pr Submitter Button

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    Seamless Secure Review – How Safe is Your Blog?

    Seamless Secure Review – Save Your Site

    Joshua Zamora releases another winner! Seamless Secure, check out my review and learn to rank on Google like me as a added bonus! How cool is that?

    Seamless Secure Review Discount

    What is Seamless Secure?

    Seamless Secure is a way to secure your WordPress blog and keep your website and business away from malware and hackers on autopilot. If you plan to make any money online, you definitely need this plugin. This plugin also removes any malware that already exist on your website. When I first used Seamless Secure, my website went up 16 positions in the serps. Couldn’t figure out why I lost my rankings. If Google detects malware your site will be demoted at the very least or banned! It’s no joke. The best part about Seamless Secure is that it also has a necessary blog backup feature that is just worth the cost of the plugin in itself. How safe is your blog?

    The cost of Seamless Secure?

    $27 annually

    Who is Seamless Secure for?

    Anyone that has ever been hacked before, or anyone that wants to avoid being hacked, or malware removal and WordPress backup.

    Who is the creator of Seamless Secure?

    Joshua Zamora and Radu Hahaianu

    Is Seamless Secure worth the investment?

    Absolutely. Any course or software Joshua Zamora produce is worth having.

    Are there any upsells for Seamless Secure?

    There 2 upsells

    What’s the difference of not having Seamless Secure?

    Site full of malware and your website constantly be hacked can be completely avoided with the Seamless Secure plugin. How to keep your website seamless and secure.

    Why should you even read my Seamless Secure review?

    What makes Seamless Secure any different from any other product?

    Seamless Secure

    Seamless Secure

    Seamless Secure Bonuses

    I’ll teach you how to dominate the search engines, especially Google.

    Show you how to properly use Seamless Secure to make at least $150 a day by charging clients to fix their hacked websites and remove malware from their websites.

    How to dominate Google with YouTube videos!

    How to convert your reviews at 25% That’s correct 25% conversions!

    How to be as cool as me, this alone increases conversions, People like to buy from people like them.

    Seamless Secure Pro’s and Con’s

    When buying any product online you should always be aware of the Pro’s and Con’s. Most importantly don’t ever get in the business of buying the bright and shiny products, that is not the mindset of a successful internet marketer. Seamless Secure is a product produced by Joshua Zamora, Josh always produce high caliber high quality products. Just the fact that Joshua produced it, makes it a product worth having. But no product is perfect, Let’s look at Coca Cola, billion dollar industry, almost everybody loves coke, but it’s obviously not good for you. I said that to say this, Seamless Secure isn’t perfect by any means. The way that the course is set up is pretty amazing and that’s why I always buy whatever Joshua Zamora produces. But now for the con’s of Seamless Secure. The only cons I see with the plugin is the amount of space it takes up, if you have a huge site like I do, that might cause a lag on your server. Just use one of the cache plugins and that should take care of that. The only other con is the backup doesn’t allow direct access to your database files and doesn’t allow you to optimize your WordPress database from the comfort of your wp dashboard. Other than that, I have no major issues with Seamless Secure, as it doe what it’s designed to do, secure your WordPress sight, seamlessly!

    Seamless Secure Discount

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    Cpa Evolution Review

    Cpa Evolution Review – What You Need to Know

    cpa evolution

    Cpa Evolution

    Check Out My CPA Evolution Coaching From William Souza Results

    CPA Evolution $50 Discount Come Join Us!


    Email me at mrstanp@gmail.com with any questions about Cpa Evolution and to receive your $50 CASH BACK!

    What is CPA Evolution?

    Cpa Evolution is a complete cpa marketing course that consist of an exclusive members are. The members area has 4 modules to help you dominate cpa marketing. Review the information on this page after watching the video review above, and you’ll know if cpa evolution is for you after reading my review. CPA Evolution Review CPA University Review.

    The cost of Cpa Evolution?

    The cost is presented at the end of the sales video. But if you’re too eager to wait it is $297 and well worth the price as I continue to grow my business week by week. I joined William Souza cpa evolution a while back as he offered coaching before launching this course. What’s better about this course as I have access to the members area, is William laid out everything in a more detail format. If I could make 5 figures a month with half of the information you were given, what’s stopping you from succeeding online? Also check out my Traffic Travis Review. CPA Evolution Review

    Who is Cpa Evolution for?

    CPA marketing is for anyone that struggle to make money online or anyone that want to evolve and would like to create an online business without the guess work. Elite coaching is always better than doing it by yourself.

    Who is the creator of Cpa Evolution?

    William Souza who is a advance cpa marketer that dominates cpa marketing and coached several people to do the same. Cpa Evolution is one of those courses that you find and after you go through it, that’s it! You set for life. Did you watch the video above on case study?

    CPA Evolution $50 Discount Come Join Us!


    Is Cpa Evolution worth the investment?

    Can’t say if it is for you, but Cpa Evolution did wonders for me and we are 2 completely different people. But Cpa Evolution is definitely worth the price!

    What is Cpa Evolution about?

    In simple terms cpa marketing, picking a winning campaign and bringing in consistent revenue to your cpa business.

    Are there any upsells?

    There is 1 upsell of $997.

    What’s the difference of not having this course?

    Being a member of CPA Evolution I can honestly say you are better having it because I made on average of $100 a week before William Souza coached me, now I average $300 a day. Big difference! My evolution as an internet marketer was everything to me. Your evolution as a cpa marketer should be your main concern. CPA Evolution Review

    Why should you even read my Cpa Evolution review?

    Because I am an actual member, I struggled to make money with cpa marketing as I didn’t know what I was doing and it costed me a lot of money. Cpa Evolution taught me how to choose the right campaigns, no hype just the real deal.

    Join CPA Evolution with a $50 Discount

    cpa evolution review

    CPA Evolution Review

    Thank you for reading my Cpa Evolution Review. Take action and get Cpa Evolutiion now!

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    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review

    Joshua Zamora Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review – YouTube SEO Done Right!

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Official Website

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp

    Big product on YouTube alert as we bring you Joshua Zamora Zamurai Video Bootcamp! Who’s excited? I am I am! Okay just a little background on Joshua before we get into Zamurai Video Bootcamp, his last product Zamurai Video Editor review here, was a major success and I’m still making affiliate commissions on it because I’m so awesome, nah it’s a major success as I personally still use it. Zamurai Video Editor allows you to editor your YouTube videos in a way that Google or any other software doesn’t allow. I was able to land about 12 new offline clients after I started using the video editor so it has paid for itself times 100!By now you know exactly who I am, if not please just read the sidebar as it is very detailed. But in short I’m a local seo specialist and YouTube expert as I can literally rank for any keyword. Seriously I’m awesome! I’m also a affiliate marketer so when you buy from this website and you will or you won’t receive my high caliber must-have awesome bonuses I receive a well deserved commission. Okay back to my very detailed Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review. Zamurai Video Bootcamp is a very detailed boot camp form of training that Joshua delivers in a way designed to demolish failure. Hate to be blunt (not really) but if you fail to succeed, internet marketing is not for you sorry, it’s true. This concept is something I’ve personally made tens of thousands of dollars this year alone leveraging my YouTube knowledge to charge clients anywhere from $500 a month to $3,500 a month for ranking a single video for multiple terms abd Zamurai Video Bootcamp can do the same for you. The way YouTube video ranking is outlaid in Zamurai Video Bootcamp is a completely different system than what I use to rank my local client videos, my system is better and more effective but I ain’t selling you my system for under $2,500! Zamurai Video Bootcamp is a steal as the results are very similar to my $2,500 YouTube Domination course. Would you believe I only sold 27 copies? Do the math! All 27 students make an average of $2,500 a week with simple seo and I am certain you can do the same if you apply what you learn in Zamurai Video Bootcamp and combine enhance the videos you create for you clients or your clients videos with Zamurai Video Editor, it’s common sense really.

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Official Website

    The Zamurai Video Bootcamp Cream Filling

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Download

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Download

    So Zamurai Video Bootcamp has a pretty straight forward sales video as most product don’t ever quite tell you what the hell you’re buying, but Zamurai Video Boot Camp does. Zamurai Video Bootcamp style. If you have seen any movie about the military then you have this awful image in your mind about boot camp, that’s not the case. Here is the Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review breakdown. Be a Samurai ranking videos, and Joshua Zamora mainly why samurai is spelled Zamurai, will drill the Zamurai Video Bootcamp in your mind until you can’t not rank a video. YouTube is owned by Google as you obviously know, and Google is your friend, utilize YouTube to rank in Google over and over again. It’s so simple to find clients, just Google search your local city mine is Jacksonvile. Here is a vivid Zamurai Video Bootcamp… So I would Google Jacksonville Chiropractor go up to 10 pages deep until I found a video and then contact that business and offer a free 14 day trial to rank their video. No video on Google? Wow! Go to YouTube silly and repeat your search. Not just chiropractors but any local business that needs business(all businesses)! After 14 days I usually charge $500 and up but you would probably be better off charging $250 if you have no proof of your work as clients tend to want proof! The earning potential with Zamurai Video Bootcamp are endless. Zamurai Video Bootcamp will change your life. Get the best Zamurai Video Bootcamp bonuses! Zamurai Video Bootcamp is not just an affiliate marketers gold mine but is perfect for an offline seo consultant like myself can make tons of money ranking videos for clients, why aren’t you? Get Zamurai Video Bootcamp noW!

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Official Website

    The Zamurai Video Bootcamp Way

    What is the Zamurai Video Bootcamp way? Well with Zamurai Video Bootcamp it’s pretty simple! Find a low to medium competition keyword, and rank it on Google! What else is there to know about Zamurai Video Bootcamp? Thank you for reading my Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review. Everyone always make YouTube marketing and Google ranings so damn difficult. Why? Just follow too easy to follow steps that Joshua Zamora lays out and rinse and repeat. It just that darn simple, why overcomplicate it?

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Official Website

    Zamurai Video Bootcamp Bonuses

    Below are some awesome Zamurai Video Bootcamp bonuses plus several other hidden bonuses for buying Zamurai Video ootcamp through me! Click the big image below to claim your Bonuses and get access to the Zamurai Video Bootcamp members area instantly!

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    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review – How to Dominate Google

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review by Stan – Have you been struggling to make money online? Do you feel that 2014 is your year or you’ll be giving up? The good news is 2014 is your year! No need to fantasize any longer, but you have to be willing to do what it takes to succeed online. Once you learn to rank on the front page of Google you’ll have an instant cash explosion and will be forced to review your bank account on a daily basis! I was skeptical as I’ve had my struggles in the past with earning a living online, but 100% of my income is made from affiliate marketing, and local seo clients. Affiliate marketing is pretty much what I’m doing here, you go to Google and search for a product in this case Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review, you select the best website or most trusted site and read my honest review of Google Cash Explosion 2.0 and choose if this product is right for you. Most affiliates try to hype up products and add 100% useless bonuses to the product. If Google Cash Explosion 2.0 is really as good as they say, (the sales page) http://gocashexplosion.com/ why do you need $5,000 worth of bonuses that’ll take you a year to go through. Well since affiliate marketing is about 54% of my income I made it my duty to deliver a proper review of Google Cash Explosion 2.0 and only offer bonuses that will properly compliment Google Cash Explosion 2.0 and not a bunch of reharshed trash. also check out my review of Zamurai Video Bootcamp At nyyankeeclipper we deliver value every time, and always use the system before we try to promote it. So we purchased Google Explosion 2.0 and used the system to rank this very webpage you’re reading and you did find us on Google front page, right?

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Official Website

    Why Trust our Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review?

    What kind of question is that? Well first off we’re not just interested in making a quick commission off of you, let’s face it Google Cash Explosion 2.0 sells itself. We purchase, and implement each and every system or software that we use to make sure that it’s good enough to put our company name on the line and that it’s possible to get the results the author claims, in this case Mark Wightley delivers on what he claims this system can do. What I personally like about this system is the fool-proof easy to follow steps and that he provides pdfs and video format. So if you are 1 of our loyal followers or came across any of our product reviews then you already know we do real case studies of the product and provide real value. Google Cash Explosion 2.0 is the real deal. You will be able to dominate Google and make some easy cash. Unlike the other courses you bought, this won’t blow up in your face, no facial explosions and shame here. This is 2.0 version so it’s twice as good as the first and hopefully my review got you excited to succeed. If you are an affiliate like myself and want to give your affiliate websites the edge and literally dominate Google and crap all over your competition. Please get this course now! The on page seo and lsi keywords training alone is worth what Mark Wightley wants for this simple but yet valuable information. I also used Traffic Travis to rank my website higher on Google. I was blown away right when I got access. Everyone on my time was what! This is like a coaching course on how to quit your job and dominate Google! Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review, I should buy it again.

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Official Website

    Why is Google Cash Explosion 2.0 worth Every Dime?

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 is the predecessor of the obvious Google Cash Explosion. Mark Wightley has produced an oustanding course. Mark has pulled out all the stops with Google Cash Explosion 2.0, it’s funny because everything Mark has upgraded in Google Cash Explosion 2.0 from the first course, I didn’t realize needed ti be fixed! How crazy is that? I emailed Mark because I honestly like helping people make money online, what other job allows you to stay home and spend time with your family and change someone’s life. Most people don’t even forward their receipt over to claim their bonuses, instead they just thank me for recommending great products and helping them change their lives. The ability to change your life for less than a cheap family dinner is an amazing thing, this is why I promote Google Cash Explosion 2.0 and think this could be the launching pad of something truly incredible, Google Cash Explosion 2.0.

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Bonuses

    So my Google Cash Explosion 2.0 bonus structure is completely different compared to all the other affiliates. First off I take seo very seriously and it is extremely important that I stay up to date with Google search engine changes. As a company we do seo and we do it right! So my bonuses are based on helping you dominate Google with Google Cash Explosion 2.0

  • 1. I will personally give you a 15 minute coaching call about Google domination!(First 20 People)
  • 2. I will give you my Top Fiverr SEO Gigs.
  • 3. I will help you rank any YouTube video for low to medium competition.
  • 4. I will show you where to outsource SEO and Website design(no upfront fee)
  • 5. I will show how to rank websites with $50-$100!
  • 6. I will show you how to make $100 a client without ever lifting a finger!
  • 7. I will answer any 3 questions you have about internet marketing(must buy Google Cash Explosion 2.0 and the one time offers)

    Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Official Website

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  • List Leverage Review – Does It Work?

    List Leverage Review – What Does Your List Look Like

    List Leverage Review Bonuses – The Best List Leverage Review

    List Leverage Review

    List Leverage Review

    List Leverage Review – Matthew Neer has produced yet another sensational product called List Leverage. I listed a video review of List Leverage, but if you feel inclined you can always read the my entire review written here. So those of you who aren’t familiar with Matthew Neer, he is an affiliate and email marketer that usually teams up with Jamie Lewis to produce some high caliber products such as Fanpage Cashflow. The target audience of this course is usually internet marketers who are already familiar with internet marketing, and have little to no success making money online. List Leverage was produced to teach internet marketers who are struggling to make a passive income online with email marketing. Also check out my Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review here. List Leverage teaches you the fundamentals and advance techniques to build a list of prospects in your niche and properly market to them and increase your, opt in rates, open rates, and most importantly your conversion rates.

    List Leverage Official Website

    Why List Building? Why List Leverage?

    List Leverage Official Website

    List Leverage Review

    Conclusion – Pass or Buy List Leverage

    I would say pass as I’ve seen couple better course but they are no longer available, such as Inbox Blueprint. Also check out my review of Traffic Travis to dominate the search engines.

    List Leverage Official Website

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    What’s New With Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization – What You Need To Know

    Welcome to Internet Marketing News Search Engine Optimization, we cover a vast amount of topics that has to do with internet marketing and seo. We also have several different sections of this blog that covers completely different topics, such as precious metals investments, my St Thomas Taxi experience, and pretty much any topic we care to discuss. Internet Marketing News is set up in a way that all topics are posted under their related categories to keep this blog nice and neat. If you haven’t noticed already, my name is Stanford Pelage I’m an internet marketer. I run a small but very successful seo firm called SEO Fully Loaded, I reside in Jacksonville Florida but I have clients all over the world! So just to be clear I build websites, rank them on Google front page, dominate Google front page, rank videos on Google front page, rank web properties and social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin on Google front page. Simply put, if it has a url I can rank it on Google front page. So just to be clear, Internet Marketing News isn’t just any ordinary blog, but one of the best seo’s blogs on the internet.

    What Value does Internet Marketing News Offer with SEO?

    I’m not sure if you just missed all of what was just said, but just for clarification purposes. I’m a full-time seo with several clients that all have front page real estate on Google, Yahoo and Bing for their given keywords. Low, Medium, and High Competition, it doesn’t matter not the slightest! If your website is properly optimized, then that’s actually 75% of the battle won! Majority of seo’s feel it necessary to immediately start building exact match anchor text to take their client’s websites to Google front page. That’s not how you do seo. How can you even call yourself an seo if you don’t even focus on the content and structure of the website. Don’t get me wrong, I know all search engine optimizers aren’t website developers, but when taking on a new client, before ever looking at their backlink profiles, you should be able to tell if their website is properly or poorly optimized. If you can’t tell from first glance, then seo might not be for you my friend. I’m so sick of all these people claiming to be seo’s because they know how to buy some links and spam a few blogs and article directories. Being an seo is not just about building links and optimizing websites, but also about know what you’re before you do it. The biggest challenge in 2014 for search engine optimizers should be making sure that their client’s websites aren’t OVER-OPTIMIZED! Like Matt Cutts said; Google see’s a phrase like pineapple body wash once, then they see it twice, okay this page is about pineapple body wash. See it a third time, okay this is really about pineapple body wash, see it a sixth time and the relevance starts to become spam. Onpage over optimization, in Google’s eyes that’s considered spam and the harder your content is to understand for your readers. For best practices, I would say have a keyword density no greater than 2%. So if you have 100 words in your blog post, then your keyword phrase should only be on page twice. 400 Word article then no more than 8 times. If you have an exact match domain, for example www.pineapplebodywash.com then keep your keyword density to .5%-1% max!

    What is Off Page Over-Optimization? Is There a Penalty?

    Off page optimization occurs when you build backlinks with your main keyword as anchor text to your website. Anchor text is the blue clickable text on a website. Allow me to elaborate on this for a moment. Let’s say that you are promoting your website about pineapple body wash, and say you have 100 backlinks and more than 10% in this example 10 say “pineapple body wash” as anchor text, that is considered over optimization. The idea is to have less than 10% of the webpages linking back to you, have your main keyword as anchor text. So to control your anchor text always build branding links, and url links back to your site 10 folds. So this is what my campaign would look like for www.pineapplebodywash.com

    Anchor text (assuming this is the backlink profile of your home page)

    http://www.pineapplebodywash.com/ 20%
    http://www.pineapplebodywash.com 6%
    http://pineapplebodywash.com 6%
    www.pineapplebodywash.com 9%
    pineapplebodywash.com 8%
    pineapple bath wash 1%
    pineapple bodywash 1%
    best smelling pineapple body wash 1%
    best pineapple body wash 2%
    scented body wash 12%
    pineapple scented body wash 3%
    pineapple flavor body wash 3%
    body wash 14%
    citrus body wash 7%
    pineapple body wash 7%

    Understanding the Logic Behind Anchor Text

    Most people use generics like click here, home, here, visit site, and so on I DO NOT! For simplicity let’s say the above is 100 links and all the percentages add up to 100%(I double checked). Notice my different url makes up 49% or 49 links. Then you just have to be logical, I usually do 20% branding, so if my Business was called Stanford and Son Pineapple Body Wash, that would account for 20% or 20 backlinks. All the lsi keywords or synonyms are practical. Look at it this way, the odds of 20 out 100 people linking to your site for the term “pineapple bath wash” is highly unlikely! 12 People linking with the anchor text “scented body wash” and 14 people linking with “body wash” is more likely to happen than 50 people out of 100 linking to your site with “pineapple body wash” as the anchor text. So when it comes to anchor text, use logic, if it’s suspicious to you then it’s extremely suspicious to Google. My suggestion to you would be to build your links according to the layout above, build your url anchors, then your lsi keywords(synonyms), then related keywords, then general keywords(bath wash), then your main keywords. That way you never run into an over-optimization penalty. Always build main keyword anchor text after you established branding and have at least 20% of your anchor text your main url. Once you suffer an over-optimization penalty, it’s almost impossible to recover from it. We’ll talk about recovery later.


    Partner With Anthony – Why Even Bother?

    Partner with Anthony plus exclusive bonuses.
    Partner with Anthony Full Review
    Partner with Anthony Review video coming soon. Thank you for visiting my site and reading my Partner with Anthony Review.


    Partner with Anthony Discount


    How could Partner with Anthony Possibly Help You Make Money?

    Anthony MorrisonWelcome to nyyankeeclipper.com where we bring you the latest internet marketing product reviews such as Partner with Anthony. Today we’re giving you a source for the Partner with Anthony Review as our website is still in the process of being designed. Just a quick overview of who Anthony Morrison is. Anthony has been building successful businesses online and offline for a number of years. He started teaching students his methods in 2005. Anthony has been so successful with selling his courses and most importantly helping entrepreneurs make a living from home. For the full Partner with Anthony review please watch the video above. Going to recap some of Anthony’s previous products to give you an idea of what his teaching style is like and how he makes money online. Anthony makes money in a variety of ways, focusing mainly on pay per click advertising, pay per view advertising, solo ads based on the material that was in the Success with Anthony 2.0 members area. I’ve personally bought majority of the course Mr. Morrison offers including, Traffic with Anthony, Success with Anthony 1 and 2 and his current product launch, Partner with Anthony. I believe he genuinely want to help you make money online, but the budget needed to get started is a little excessive in my opinion. The upsells offered in Partner with Anthony are very pricey and may be out of reach and the budgets of many of his target audience. None the less this system still has a high perceived value.

    Partner With Anthony – Should I Pass or Buy?

    After watching and reading any reviews, it comes down to 2 choices. 1. This program is perfect for me, I’m getting it! or 2. This is not the right system for me and I’ll pass. So what exactly is Partner with Anthony? The course is set up in a way that Anthony Morrison gets paid when you make money. The money you make the he makes as well. Anthony is genuine and really do like teaching students to make money online. After watching the video I was convinced that Partner with Anthony was a scam and I was ready to tell the world to stay away. But being the investigative marketer that I am, I decided to buy Partner with Anthony to give you an honest in depth review of every the course teaches. Meat and potatoes! So the course focuses on email marketing as a way to generate quick income in as little as 48 hours. After I went through all of the course, I decided to put the information inside the members area to work. After 48 hours I made $76 from an affiliate product I was promoting that both Anthony and I get commission for. It’s like a sub-affiliate of his. In total after 2 weeks of using Partner with Anthony I’ve made $563 in profit. Not life changing income but definitely doable. So do you pass or buy? I would say buy it and if you don’t make any money in a year Anthony guarantees you a full no questions ask money back guarantee. Check out Partner with Anthony to see if it’s right for you.

    partner with anthony reviewSo if you are still on the fence about collaborating with Anthony, you just really think about what a Partnership with Anthony really for you. Weigh in the pro’s and con’s and if being partners with Anthony is a good fit for you, why even hesitate. But on the other hand, being Anthony’s partner or colleague might not be in your best interest, especially if your financial situation is in disarray. Thank you for reading my review.

    My Afterthoughts of Partner with Anthony and IM

    Partner with Anthony is set to be released on Monday the 24th and the buzz is as big as you would expect for an Anthony Morrison product launch, but wow! I thought it would of been a walk in the park to rank my review website like it usually is, but wow! Everybody and their mother is promoting this launch, all the big guns are bringing their A-Game so time to buckle down. Even as great as I am ranking websites and videos on Google front page, my competitors tend to give quite a bit of competition. But either way my review is accurate and straight to the point as with all my other reviews and my future reviews to come. Everyone usually get onboard huge launches because they generate a lot of revenue. Steve and I promote products to bring honest reviews and help new internet marketers succeed online and continue to see success with there online or offline business. My advice with any other products that you decide to invest in, invest not just your money but your time as well. Frank Kern biggest concern whenever he presents information in a product is that 75% of the people that bought the course didn’t even take action. I stress this in every product review I do, no matter if it’s an internet marketing course or a software. TAKE ACTION! Invest in your future with your time. Thank you for viewing our Partner with Anthony Review. Also check out my List Leverage Review.

    Partner with Anthony Discount

    Instant $25 Cash-Back for Partner with Anthony!

    Shocking Partner with Antony News! We’ve decided to give an instant $25 cash back for everyone who decides to buy Partner with Anthony from our review site. Just want to make it very clear that if you decide to get the cash back you are NOT eligible for the bonus package! So the choice is yours! Thanks again for reading our Partner with Anthony Review.

    Best Hip Hop Instrumentals

    Future of Wealth 2.0 Review Just the Facts


    Video Review of Future of Wealth 2.0

    Future of Wealth 2.0 Official Website

    Here yet again with another Anik Singal product, this one is called Future of Wealth 2.0, the predecessor of Future of Wealth. The Future of Wealth course isn’t the Holy Grail of internet marketing, so what exactly is it? I’ve skim through a ton of Future of Wealth 2.0 Reviews, and I came to the conclusion, everybody really wants to know if their Future of Wealth login is worth the price tag, right? From the video above, you get to see the exact Future of Wealth 2.0 training inside the members area, how cool is that? Majority of Anik’s products are 2.0’s as the audience seems to love them, but is this the same for Future of Wealth 2.0? We’ll see… Also check out my Zamurai Video Bootcamp Review Inbox Blueprint is another great Anik Singal course.

    The course consist of several modules and detail training that teaches you how to get the right mindset to be successful online or in business rather. There are several courses that you can buy that will teach you the basics of making money online, but if you are not prepared, or you don’t have the right mindset, then you’re wasting your money!

    Full Indepth Review of Future of Wealth 2.0

    Let’s cut straight to the chase, what is Future of Wealth 2.0 about?

    Anik Singal’s Future of Wealth 2.0 is a system that he developed to teach his audience how to use Inbox Blueprint Review the right way. Also to dominate the search engines like I do read my review of Traffic Travis.

    Who is Future of Wealth 2.0 for?

    Future of Wealth 2.0 is for anyone who is interested in generating a passive income online. Just like with every internet marketing product review, Future of Wealth 2.0 only works if you apply it.

    Why should you listen to anything Anik Singal has to say?

    Anik Singal has been making money online since early 2000’s where he has certainly made a name for himself in the internet marketing community.

    What kind of budget is needed to be successful with Future of Wealth 2.0?

    As with all of Anik’s products a budget is usually necessary, but is that the case with Future of Wealth 2.0?

    Future of Wealth 2.0

    Watch this Shocking Video!

    Thank you guys for reading my review of Future of Wealth 2 and I hope this help clear up any questions that you had about Future of Wealth 2.0. I frequently review internet marketing products and softwares, so if there is a software or course that you have produced and would like me to review please use the contact page and send me a brief message. Thank you. Future of Wealth 2.0 Review. Also check out my List Leverage Review.

    God Speed.

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    Presidential Limousine Best St Thomas Taxi and Transportation Company!

    St Thomas TaxiSt Thomas Taxi and LimousineIt’s no secret who I am and what I do, this blog entry is about St Thomas Taxi and transportation. This is my actual blog and this is where I feel the most comfortable online. Well when I’m offline, St Thomas is where I feel most comfortable. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Stanford Pelage, I’m 29 years and I was born and raised on St Thomas US Virgin Islands. I’m a full-time dad, internet marketer, seo, website designer, and YouTube marketer. I recently took a trip to St. Thomas just to clear my mind and take a break from my busy everyday life. Keep in mind that I’ve never left the island until I was 18, 11 years ago, I am very familiar with the roads and the direction of traffic. Most people have trouble driving in the left lane, but that’s the way I learned to drive! So I booked my flight online and decided to venture to St. Thomas. Completely forgot to book a rental car! That became a huge problem as soon as I landed! Then after couple hours of every car rental lot telling me that their expecting a car back any minute, I decided to book a St Thomas Taxi. Now completely oblivious to exactly just how many taxi companies are on St Thomas I wasn’t sure which company to go with, and I am a local! So I could imagine how tourists feel!

    Success! I’ve Found the Perfect St Thomas Taxi Company!

    After scrolling all the way through, I remembered that one of my friends, whom I grew up with has a St Thomas taxi and limousine company! Scrolled through my contacts, BOOM! Perry Trotman of Presidentiial Taxi and Presidential Limousine! 340-473-6550 Is his personal cell number, when you book a St Thomas taxi tell him Stan sent you! Anyway, I called Perry, he answered after 2 rings was very professional and came and got me personally within 8 minutes. The entire ride I sat in the back seat of the Cadillac Escalade feeling like royalty, while we talked about our families and what’s changed with us since we we’re teens. So Perry dropped me off at my hotel and we went our separate ways. It was around 2am and I was bored and decided I wanted to got for a night on the town. I text Perry to see if he was still operating late hours, he chuckled and replied, transportation is a 24 hour service. Again he came and got me personally! Took about 20 minutes this time, but he was very professional, even though we’re friends I felt like a rich client. Completely different St Thomas Taxi experience.

    Planning Ahead and Booking A Tour of St Thomas

    Not to stress that I’m originally from St Thomas, but I’m originally from St Thomas! Nonetheless, I called Perry 3 days later which was a Sunday, Perry answered just as professionally as he had did the 2 prior times. Came personally and pick me up in 15 minutes! Perry has over 24 drivers and vehicles, but the personal feel was amazing! I went on a 2 hour tour with Perry, grabbed lunch and went back to my hotel to pack. Perry waited downstairs as I gathered my belongings and checked out. Got to the airport with 2 hours to spare, and one of the best vacations I’ve every had! Transportation is key in the Virgin Islands! Call Perry Trotman 340-473-6550 and save time and money on a St Thomas Taxi and Limousine.

    Presidential Taxi Service Everytime!

    The name of the most infamous St Thomas Taxi service is Presidential Taxi Service. Why would that be? Everyone I know that have traveled to St Thomas has used Presidential Taxi Service due to my recommendation, and they’re glad they did. Booking a St Thomas Taxi or tour could be your wort experience in the Virgin Islands, that’s why I’m trying to save you time and money so you can enjoy everything St Thomas has to offer. Having Presidential Taxi Service chauffeur you around in style is the relaxation and comfort you need while vacationing in St Thomas. Don’t just book any St Thomas Taxi, book Presidential Taxi St Thomas Taxi Service.

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    Partner With Anthony Launch Re-Scheduled to March 24th


    Won’t go too deep in details about why the Partner with Anthony launch was postponed until the 24th of March, but I figured it gave me couple weeks to write a more detail Partner with Anthony Review! So I’m just going to add some points here, but you could read my full review and watch Steve’s video review below. So okay, it doesn’t really matter what level marketer you are, we can all learn something new from an entrepreneur like Anthony. I new I wanted to learn what Anthony really had to offer after I saw Mike Long interviewing him for Success with Anthony and watching him tell Mike how he first got started and what made drop out of medical school to become the multi-millionaire we are so lucky to be able to follow and copy his success. There are things that happen in all of our lives that cause us to change the way we think, work, or trust the people around us. For Anthony it was his dad losing all of his retirement in the stock market. For e it was my mom passing away in 2009, just talking about it puts me in a mental position that puts tears in my eyes. You see my mom was my best friend and she loved me more than I deserved. For you it might be a similar story or it might just be something as simple as your lights going out that gave you that wake up call. Earlier today I was talking to Mike Long about some of my successes and to me, I consider them little hurdles, but Mike really puffed my chest up and made me feel like I leaped over Mount Everest! Now that’s the way anybody that you’ve learned anything from should make you feel no matter the level of success. If you don’t know who Mike Long is, please Google him, but in short he’s a multi-millionaire, coach, marketer, who started Bring the Fresh with Kelly Felix and went on to start Omg Machines with Greg Morrison. Greg is Bring the Fresh most successful student. There you go. Empowerment and Belief + Perseverance and Action = Success

    Empowerment and Belief + Perseverance and Action = Success

    Keep in mind that life is what you make it and only you can push yourself to be a better you. There is no system out there that works by itself, that goes for Partner with Anthony as well. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort or it’s really pointless to buy any internet marketing product. I see so many people bad mouthing different courses I’ve put my seal of approval on and I’m thinking to myself, what are they talking about? Then I reply to their thread and ask them how many times have they implemented the system and why do they feel it’s a waste of time. 9 out of 10 times they don’t even implement the system. Now what really upsets me is the amount of action takers that would of actually put the system to use and decided not to because of the negative thread, what if that was that person’s final stray and you persuaded them that making money online is a complete scam. If a product is trash then great job! But if you’re going to trash a marketers reputation please provide proof. Personally I’ve never tried Facebook marketing and prefer not to. So if a product about Facebook launches, there is no way I’ll be doing a review because that’s not my cup of tea, I prefer seo, local marketing, YouTube, email marketing, and any related types of software. So it would be unfair to me to trash a Facebook related product because I already lack interest and I won’t even waste my time going through the material. I prefer to rank videos and direct that traffic back to my website, it’s just easier and I love ranking YouTube videos. I’m also really good with ranking websites but it’s time consuming as I prefer to build actual websites rather than wordpress blogs so it’s very time consuming. My full-time occupation is a website designer and seo in Jacksonville Florida, so my time is usually slim to none. Alright guys, thank you for listening to me rant and rave but please use the information I gave you.