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Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Does Alex Jeffery’s Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded really work? As you may know, Alex has been known to create high caliber high quality products time and time again. Is his new product in this category, or is it just rehashed crap? Watch my video review to find out more below. Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review Does it Really Work?

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Conclusion

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded is a must have course. Alex will not disappoint you with this product. The video above tells you everything you needed to know about this course. Buy through my link below to get the awesome exclusive bonuses I mentioned in the video above. Isn’t it time you started actually making money online and started enjoying the life you only dreamed of? Of course it is.

Click Here To Get Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Plus All The Awesome Bonuses

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How to Repair Your Credit the Right Way | Credit repair 101

How to Fix Your Credit Score

how to fix your credit the right way

How to Fix Your Credit

Learn how to fix your credit – Are you suffering from bad credit karma? Does your credit report look like a book report? Can’t even get a bad credit high interest loan, and you’re completely clueless on how to repair your credit history. Please. Don’t feel too bad, my name is Stanford Pelage, I am a Jacksonville SEO and I too once had horrible credit not to long ago. But today I will show you how to fix your credit. You see, I’m currently 29 years old and my bad credit history started back when I was 18. Got my first credit card and just went crazy with charging everything! I promise after you finish reading this blog post you will know exactly what steps to take to start repairing your credit fast, and that there’s no way your credit is as bad as mine was! Visit Credit Repair Done Right Way

How Bad is your Credit? And how do you Fix Your Credit

Before you learn how to fix your credit, you should first know if your credit is in need of repair. Most people assume that they have bad credit without ever looking at their credit score, they just assume they know their credit history, but that’s far from the truth. I always thought my credit was fine until I applied for my first auto loan, not good. I applied to Publix Credit Union for a $10,000 loan and I got approved! Not for $10,000 but for $1,000… So the vehicle I was planning to get, became a little too expensive, so I instead bought a 98 Ford Ranger for $4,000. $3,000 down and $1,000 financed from the credit union. Unfortunately for me, that was not the end of my credit problems, I made a few late payments and continued to be irresponsible. Teenagers. By the age of 21 my credit score was a 580, by 23 it dropped to a 520. Yes. Indeed, the irresponsible teenager grew into an irresponsible adult. Now, I continued to make bad decisions and irresponsible purchases with my Capitol One credit card, had several insufficient funds in a few bank accounts that that went into collections, had a Sprint and At&t account that also went into collections. I tell you that to tell you this, there is no way that you were as delinquent as me with your bills, so there is hope yet. I also had collections from Pizza Hut and I still managed to get approved for a $13,000 bad credit auto loan. Very high interest loan! 25% of the $13,000 was interest, I also put $3,500 down, so do the math. At the time I was 25 years old and my credit score was a 510. Yeah pretty sad. Now my income is really what allowed me to get approved, at the time I made between $65,000-$75,000 annually. So even with decent income I still had no clue how to fix my credit.

What Do I need to Know Before Fixing my Credit

Now by the age of 27 I was turned down for a mortgage due to the several accounts I had in collections, even with the perfect car loan payment credit history even though I payed it off in time. Just for the record, negative credit history is far more potent than positive credit history. And it’s almost impossible to raise your credit score when you have horrible credit, as not many creditors want to take a risk giving you a line of credit knowing there’s a low chance of repayment. Once you destroy your credit, there’s not much options for rebuilding it. Don’t give me that look, you have few options, but you still have options, and I’m willing to bet your credit is better than mine was. The lowest my credit score ever was, was a 480. My suggestion would be to stop searching for bad credit loans, credit cards for bad credit or bad credit auto loans as that’s not really going to help you as the accounts that are currently on your credit report will continue to bring your score down the longer they go delinquent. To see your credit report for free no credit card needed and the website is completely secure, visit Credit Karma and sign up for free. Visit Credit Repair 101

Now for the Good Stuff – How to Repair Credit Score

Now for the good stuff the ins and outs about fixing your credit score! I’m assuming if you’re still here, you either have bad credit or you are trying to find a way to improve your credit score to get that perfect interest rate. Rather than spending a decade paying interest before you ever put a dent in your mortgage principal, a better credit score will help you get a better everything. A better car, a better house/home, a better job and then some. Could you imagine spending 4-6 years in school for you dream job in a finance related field and then get a call back from the interview to be told that you are perfect for the job, but your credit history and score isn’t up to company standards! Surprisingly enough, this happens more times than you would believe. You couldn’t get a job as a art-time bank teller with bad credit, it’s that serious. Not here to judge you as my credit history is embarrassing as you can tell from above. Now I’ll explain how I fixed my credit within a couple of months. You see I’m currently 29 years old and by now you’ve realized that I had some serious credit problems. I visited this site for to help me with my credit repair, it help me understand a little how credit repair works, but didn’t actually help me repair my credit, nonetheless it’s still a great resource. Now after signing up to Credit Karma and looking at what my credit score and history looked like, I had a clear idea of how deep the hole I was in really was, and realized that I still had a shovel in my hand. Best advice I can give to you is, don’t go getting any inquiries on your credit score as that will lower your score instantly! There are hard inquiries and soft inquiries. Hard inquiries are auto loans, mortgages, and credit checks. Soft inquiries are apartment credit checks and payday loans credit inquiries. Credit checks are not the same as credit scores, and as you know there are 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Most lenders use your Fair Isaac Corporation credit score, better known as your FICO score. Fair Isaac calculates the FICO Score based solely on information in consumer credit reports maintained at the credit reporting agencies. FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850. That FICO Score is calculated by a mathematical equation that evaluates many types of information from your credit report, at that agency. By comparing this information to the patterns in hundreds of thousands of past credit reports, the FICO Score estimates your level of future credit risk.

How to Improve Your Credit

FICO Score Breakdown

Visit How to Fix Your Credit the Right Way

Best Online Credit Repair Service for Bad Credit

Understanding what’s wrong with your credit is the first step. Having bad credit isn’t the end of the world once you discover how to repair your credit! Credit repair can be very difficult especially if you have no clue credit repair. Well lucky for you I have helped more than 2,345 people fix their credit as of June 30th. So please put your trust in me and we’ll repair and fix your credit and your credit score together. From the sidebar you can see than I am a seo which specialize in Google rankings and I’m also an individual who suffered from bad credit. I am a genuine person and majority of everything I do, it is to benefit others, yes I am honestly self-less, when it comes to food, that’s a different story, I don’t share! I hate to see people suffer based on the fact that once upon a time they made a bad decision, I hate it. Goes for people who made bad decisions and affected their credit and criminal records, it’s so hard to come back from that type of situation. Getting a job with bad credit is bad enough, if you criminal is bad as well, your family will suffer. I can’t really help you fix your criminal history, word of advice contact an attorney. But I can help you fix your credit. So that’s a step in the right direction. There really isn’t any major training other than what your parents teach you to manage your credit. I don’t recommend using any of those Free Credit Report sites as they do charge you a monthly fee. Instead I personally use and recommend Credit Karma to everyone! Credit Karma …

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Viral Content Profits Review and $2764 Bonus Package

Viral Content Profits Review

Viral-Content-Profits-ReviewJudging from you clicking on my link you must of heard about my Bonuses! This review is a quick read. After you purchase VCProfits you will have immediate access and the ability to download with ease. What’s more powerful than adsense automation? Using Ricky Mataka VCP plugin is a must. There shouldn’t be any decision making whether to buy or not. The only decision you should have to make is single site or VCP Developer License. Don’t worry about competition as there aren’t any competitors. Get VCP today!

Honest Viral Content Profits Plugin Demo

ViralContentProfitsReviewStop wasting time and leaving all that money on the table. I bet you’ve never made money with adsense like this. I put a twist on VCP as I am one for ultra monetization! I added a plugin that automatically adds Amazon and Clickbank products to ensure that every visitor is making me some kind of profit. Money is extremely important to any online business. If you don’t have an roi then your at a loss. Viral marketing is a big deal in the age of Facebook and Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram. All it really takes is a little exposure to go viral. Everybody is still in the mindset of creating quality content. How are you suppose to make that content go viral? Social media? YouTube marketing? Don’t be stupid.

Thank you for reading my review and overview of this wonderful plugin. If you have any question email me at mrstanp at and I’ll answer any questions about the product and help guide you in the right decision in make and educated buying decision. Thank you again for reading my Review of Viral Content Profits.

Still skeptical if this plugin will work for you? The developer of this WordPress Plugin Ricky Mataka will guarantee you find it useful or your money back. Building a business takes more than just a plugin. Softwares are designed to be tools rather complete automation. You should put in some work as well.

To find out more about Stanford Pelage and what he does when he isn’t writing blog post about different products and internet marketing systems. Long story short. I struggled for about 4 years trying to make money online and know how stressful that whole endeavor is. Making money online is but a dream for majority that try internet marketing. You would have better odds winning the lottery. You need to find a system that has updated strategies that are relevant to 2015. The internet has always change and it will continue to change. People that make money with Facebook can’t remember ever getting by without it. Believe in yourself and continue to do everything you can to succeed. Information is just that, information. Knowledge is what you do with that information, and knowledge is power.…

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Unique Article Wizard Review – UAW Is it Effective?

Unique Article Wizard Review – Do I Need It?

UniqueArticleWizard $15 Discount

Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of this article submission service by the slightest sense. Matter of fact, I hate UAW. But I’ll do everything I can to express just how much I hate Unique Article Wizard. I know you came here expecting a very detailed UAW Review, but compared to all my other product reviews, this is more like an angry rant. So what exactly is UAW? unique article wizard UAW as you know, is short for UniqueArticleWizard. UAW is a article marketing software with an online platform that gives you the ability to submit your article to UAW’s private blog network. I have no fuss with the platform, or the user interface itself. My biggest problem with UAW is the index rate of the articles you submit. Official Website doesn’t give you a report with the links that were published. That really bothered me! I was a member for 6 months and made 1 submission daily as that’s the limit with UAW, 1 submission per day. I created 3 unique articles every day, and manually spun each article to create unique content. For 6 months 7 days a week, 3 hand written articles everyday, over and over again and again. At the end of 6 months, my website had 37 published backlinks! 37 Backlinks after all that work? That’s ridiculous! Yeah, not even a little pleased. You can order a gig on Fiverr and get higher quality links in less time, don’t build backlinks on Fiverr by the way. UAW backlinks from my experience aren’t effective by the slightest.

Unique Article Wizard – Why I Cancelled my Membership

Okay so anyway, I cancelled my membership after 6 months of no progress. Two weeks after I cancelled my membership, one of my colleagues called me about this great software he was seeing amazing results. His websites were getting over 300 quality backlinks on a weekly basis. So I tend use my private blogs to rank my websites as it seems to be the most effective solution in 2014. Now, would you believe that he was calling me to recommend UAW! Ha ha ha. Check out my CPA Vid Kraken Review I hung up on him! He called right back swearing it was the greatest thing since a refrigerator! so I heard him out, then I began to tell him about my horrible experience with this service. He started laughing so hard i was about to hang up again. Then he began to enlighten me. He said Stanford, UAW updated their private blog network and their is a pro version for power users like you and I. So what’s the difference? Apparently UAWPro is $199 a month compared to the $67 for the regular submission level. There’s also Expert $499 a month and Enterprise for $999 a month. So that wasn’t enough to convince me, why would I pay UAW more for medium quality backlinks off my colleague’s word? Then he said that UAWPro gives you a report of all the sites they post to, so I said well I’ll take your word for it and if I don’t get the results you claim, I’ll whoop your ass! I’m 6’5′ 300 lbs, he was silent for like 10 seconds. So I went ahead, as his credibility is high.

UAW Pro – Doe it Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely! UniqueArticleWizard Pro Advanced is a huge difference compare to the standard UAW! I was shock as I am not fond of the experience I had. Nonetheless, I gave UAWPro a go and I was pleased, believe it or not. So my review took a turn for the positive. Here is my only stipulations, if you’re going to try UniqueArticleWizard, review my experience and use that to decide if this service is right for your online or offline business. My biggest suggestion, if you can afford it, GO PRO!Professional Content Marketing Tools - UAWPro If not, it’s not worth it, UAW is $67 a month for poor results, and UAW Pro is $199 a month for OUTSTANDING RESULTS! If it’ in you budget, UAWPro is the only way to go, try it, you might like it. If you want a desktop software that does the same thing basically, try Magic Submitter. Thank you for reading my review.…

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Quit Your Jobs Review Sick Bonuses

Quit Your Jobs Review

Quit Your Jobs ReviewHere we go again! Not another quit your jobs binary option scam. Let me explain exactly what Quit Your Jobs system is and why it could either be the best or worst decision you’ve ever made. Binary options in general are a very lucrative way to make money. I’ve personal made my share of money from binary options. But to be clear, this isn’t my main source of income or a source of income that I prefer for that matter. It seems late 2014 early 2015 was and is the of binary option robots. Everyone of these people claim to be making millions with binary options and every robot alike. To be honest all these systems have one thing in common, scamming you out of your hard earn money. Is Quit Your Jobs any different? Or is Quit Your Jobs just another scam?

What The Heck is Quit Your Jobs About

How to Quit Your JobsQuit Your Jobs is the first and only binary options bot or “BOB” for short that has actually been built by professionals with 10+ years experience in this market. Every other BOB has been designed by some fly by night company that no one has ever heard of and they don’t possess a physical address. Quit Your Jobs Review. The software is designed differently from any other BOB I’ve ever came across or use. How can I be certain Quit Your Jobs isn’t a scam? First of, the software is FREE! You never enter your credit card information for a FREE BOB. They actually use credible brokers. Here thee cherry on top, they automatically deposit $5,000 directly into your broker account so you don’t have to take my word for it. Try Quit Your Jobs absolutely FREE and 100% risk free!


Stop wasting time and being scammed by internet marketers who know nothing about binary options. Would you let you let your grocer cashier do brain surgery on you? Of course not! Trust the professionals with 10+ years in the BOB business. Don’t be scammed every again and start making the money you deserved from the comfort of your home. Isn’t it time that you quit your job? Hard work does pay off, but haven’t you worked hard enough?


Quit Your Jobs Review


before you quit your job
quit your job or die…

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Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review Bonus

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Official Review

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is the upgrade for Joshua Zamora original Tube Sniper Pro. I’ve used Tube Sniper Pro 2.0 which was a downloadable version of Tube Sniper previously released. Joshua and his team are genius when it comes to creating software for internet marketers. Joshua has been know for several high caliber products such as; Zamurai Video Editor, Zamurai Video Bootcamp, Zamurai Pbn Blueprint and you’ve guessed it. Tube Sniper Pro.

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review Conclusion

TUBE-SNIPER-PRO-3-REVIEWIf you ever wanted to learn how to rank YouTube videos on Google and YouTube, Joshua Zamora Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is a must have software. Learn how to rank YouTube videos easy with Tube Sniper Pro. Best YOUTUBE video ranking software hands down. Fastest way to rank a YouTube video is Tube Sniper Pro 3. Use Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 to rank on Google.

Tube-Sniper-Pro-ReviewYouTube is one of the fastest ways to get traffic. Matter of fact it’s the second largest search engine. YouTube has more users than all the other video sites combined. It’s almost impossible not to make money online with YouTube. You just have to know how to rank your videos. Google search engine is very difficult to rank for since hummingbird. But YouTube remains a walk in the park. With this software you can quite possibly be number 1 in both YouTube and Google search engines.

TUBE-SNIPER-PRO-3-REVIEWSStop wasting time and money guessing and use the only software that actually work. Get the Google rankings you deserve and make money than you ever imagine. Only you can decide what level of success you have. Most times I don’t even use more than 10 backlinks. Life is what you make it. Video seo at it’s best. Get the rankings you deserve.

What’s stopping you from dominating YouTube and Google? Is it the competition or is it you? Stop holding yourself back today and start making money tomorrow.


TUBESNIPERPRO3Use this software to dominate YouTube and Google without fail. What can stop you from succeeding with this backlinking software? You! Get this software and start building an affiliate business they easy way. Only advice is upgrade to the server version where you run the software yourself.

No pain no gain. Learn the right way to make money online and rank your videos. Or just keep guessing and see where that gets you.

Tube Sniper Pro 3
youtube ranking software
get tube sniper pro 3.0
video ranking system
Tube Sniper Pro download
tube sniper pro 3.0 Crack
Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review …

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Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Review and Bonus

Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Review

Welcome to my review of Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded software. This is the best selling arbitrage software that’s has ever been created. I like to consider myself as the underdog of client getting, but I’ve never approached it like this. The software has been updated from the previous version, fully reloaded. To be honest, this isn’t a software that I’ve previously used, but this software will be added to my software arsenal. Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded is a software that leverages others ability and work to earn you fat paydays. It uses Craigslist to collect leads and job offers then leverages the Fiverr marketplace to get the jobs completed. Arbitrage at it’s finest.

Arbitrage Underdog ReloadedThere isn’t much for me to say about the software as it’s pretty self-explanatory. AUR is not for everyone. If you are a local marketer or website designer, this will be perfect for you. The software leverages Craigslist local cites and people wanting simple task down for a reasonable price. The software allows you to get paid by being a middle man. All you have to do is go to Fiverr and find a high rating gig that’s related to the job offer on Craigslist and close the deal.

Why it Works?

Well it’s simple really. The software works because it’s created to be a one stop shop. You run the software and every task is completed within the software itself. So within the software you search Craigslist and Fiverr to match a buyer with a seller. Fiverr cost $5 per gig, but expect to spend $10-$25 for quality work. Expect to make around $150-$250 for every $5-$25 you spend when you use the software correctly.


Time is money. You’ve seen the software action, so what would cause you to debate if you want to buy it or not. We both know you’ve already made up your mind. Get ArbitrageUnderdog Reloaded now.


My $1,000 a Day Clickbank Formula ($249)
YouTube Mastermind Domination ($1,499)
Using Fiverr For YouTube Quick Cash ($47)
Free Website Analysis Skype Session ($1,000)


Stop wasting time and start making money for someone else’s work and effort. Isn’t it time you started making money online?…

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$200 in 20 Minutes Review

$200 in 20 Minutes Review

$200 in 20 minutes is a course by Desmond Ong, best selling author of Against All Odds. Desmond is an internet marketer who averages about $200 a day in each of his Clickbank accounts. In theory this system is designed to help you make 200 dollars a day with 20 minutes of work. Once you purchase the system, you’re taken to the 200 dollars in 20 minutes members area pictured below.

$200 In 20 Minutes Review

In short 200 in 20 Minutes is about building lead capture pages for your affiliate offers from Clickbank and Clicksure, then driving traffic to them. There are 5 videos in the members area that range from 2 minutes average to the longest video being 10 minutes long.

Member’s Area Video Showing Clicksure Account

$200 in 20 Minutes Conclusion

200 dollars in 20 minutesSo Desmond has all the videos laid out in a simple easy to follow manner. The odds of you making 200 dollars in your first 20 minutes is not likely. You have to work the system for couple hours to set up your first campaign, then you can start to expect an roi. There are some expenses while using this system. Desmond Ong recommends Lead Pages which is $25 a month minimum billed annually. He also recommends Coolhandle hosting, which I would avoid and also avoid the free website offer as nothing is free. In my personal opinion, this is a great course as long as you have money to invest in it. I would say depending on your personal finances, you would need at least $100 to get started. There are several Lead Pages alternatives that you could use and some WordPress plugins that can get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Best advice I can give you is pretty simple. If you decide to get this course please take action. It’s a known fact that only 30% of people actually use the course they purchased and 60-70% do nothing at all, they don’t even log in the members area. That’s why so see so many internet marketing products. The product creators know that even after refund for their trash products, they’ll have cash in the bank. Be one of the 30% and TAKE ACTION WITH 200 IN 20! Thank you for reading my two hundred dollars in twenty minutes review.

GET 200 in 20 Minutes Download

I honestly won’t recommend this course anymore as the refunds are pretty high. I’ll leave live links on this if you still decide that you want to check out this course. You’ve been warn. This is by far the biggest problem promoting internet marketing affiliate offers. The high refund rate. If you truly have a quality product you should be getting testimonials instead of refunds. People love to talk about their success. So you think long and hard about buying products. Every flashy and shiny thing isn’t always worth having.

Thank you for reading my detailed and honest review. I hope I provided you with all the information you were searching for. To find out more about Stanford Pelage and why internet marketing, read the side bar above. Thank you for your time.…

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Profit Academy Bonus

Profit Academy Bonuses Free iPad Air 2

Proift Academy Bonus iPad Air 2

ProfitAcademy Bonus

Anik Singal’s Profit Academy is $3,000 and I have 2 separate bonus offers for you when you buy this course through my link. So I’ve included a link directly to my Claim your Bonus page.

Profit Academy BonusesYou have many options when choosing a online business model. It’s up to you to make sure all your homework is done. Anik Singal as one of the most famous internet marketers of his time, if not the most successful. Every internet marketer dreams of being a fraction of successful as Anik. Anik is most known for his email marketing traing courses and hundreds of success stories.

The Best Profit Academy Bonuses

I provide a detail review completely breaking down this course and what Anik Singal has brought to light. Email marketing is still the fastest way to build a business online. Email marketing takes time and money. Anik shows you exactly how to set up a successful business so you don’t have to fail time and time again.

Get Your Free iPad Here

Your decision is pretty simple. Make this right decision and life could change for the better. Everything I’ve ever done was always in the best interest of my family. Put your family first and build a real business online. Nothing is holding you back besides yourself. Take action now and make a brighter future today.…

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015 and Bonus

Why I Decided to Try Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewI am the biggest skeptic when it comes to affiliate marketing. All of the positive reviews just weren’t good enough, so I had to see for myself. I purchased Wealthy Affiliate 4 weeks ago and decided to put everything aside to completely devote my time to my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I’ve tried practically every course that is worth mentioning. Affiliate marketing is not easy by any means and so many get discouraged as they buy these mystery method courses. The only way to be successful with internet marketing in 2015 is ongoing training. Stop spending money on every new course that comes out and find a stable affiliate marketing course with ongoing training.

Wealthy Affiliate- What is it About?

 WA is an affiliate marketing course designed to take you from beginner to money earning affiliate marketer. This system has 4 simple steps that even you can follow. Choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue. Simple enough. Right? Choosing a product is usually the most difficult step. This is where this system excels. My biggest suggestion would be for you to pick a product that you are interested in. Now if you’ve never built a website before I can understand why you would feel that you can’t do this. But keep this in mind, every affiliate marketer started not knowing how to create a website. Don’t worry, you don’t need any knowledge of code or html training. This is 2015 and WordPress has made strides. As you may know, WordPress is a content management system which allows you to build websites like this one and all the other websites I’ve built. Majority of my websites take me less than an hour to setup. Your first site will take you between 2-3 hours. The only reason for that is getting familiar with the WordPress functionality.

After your first site is set up, then you move on to attracting visitors. This is a difficult task outside of Rich Affiliate. Sorry I can’t share exactly what traffic generation tactics they use. Just to give you a clue, there are several free traffic sources like search engine optimization. There are also quite a few paid traffic sources inside the member’s area. Once your website is generating consistent traffic, then you start to see monetary results. Step 4 complete! What’s next? Rinse and repeat, tweak and scale. The most important key to your success is you. I hate to see where people blame a course or say stuff like it’s a scam. If you don’t apply the system and call it a scam, that really affects someone else’s success. Let me explain. Let’s say I told you in this is a scam. How would you feel about it? Would you still continue to read my review? Of course not. What if the information inside this course was what you needed? So I would hope when I tell you it’s one of the smartest decisions you could make for the rest of your life, you take action. That’s a sensible decision, Isn’t it?

The Best Thing About Wealthy Affiliate

2015 WealthyAffiliateEarningsI never tell people how much money I make. I feel it’s best to show them. Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult. Stop over-thinking it. If you put in the work, you will make money with WA. It might take you 30 days or more, or it might take you couple days. It all depends on you and your work ethic. It took me about 1 week to make money, but I am an advanced affiliate marketer and seo expert. It really depends on you, what do you bring to the table?

How to Be Successful with WA

My opening statement, you can’t be successful in affiliate marketing without ongoing training still stands. You have to apply what you learn. Like seo, affiliate marketing is always evolving. Don’t be afraid to fail. Most importantly, you can’t fail if you don’t try. Failure isn’t defeat. It’s confirmation that you did something wrong. Just regroup and try again. I’ve wrote tons of reviews and have made my fare share of duds. Meaning I’ve written reviews, got it on Google’s front page and didn’t make any sales. But here I am writing another review. Why? The products that I promoted weren’t any good, the sales letter was a disaster and my review was not as genuine as this one. If you don’t use the product, don’t promote it. Affiliate marketing is a science that can be mastered. Before mastery comes honesty.

Be honest with your readers and be transparent. Keep in mind that most of the people that come to your review site are looking for a real way to make money online. Majority of them are down to their last. This is their final option. If you review a bad product and tell them it’s perfect for them, they’ll believe you. Treat others the same way you want to be treated. Don’t be deceptive be honest and you’ll make 5 times as much money. Don’t try to make money by being an affiliate marketer. You read that correctly. Review products to help people narrow down what’s best for them and solve their problem. If you are honest and give your readers exactly what they need to know you will make a ton of money in the process. If you help enough people get what they want you get what you want. Sales 101. I use to be in sales and overcoming objections is one of my specialties. What are you good at? Include that skill in your reviews and be genuine.

Community and Final Thought

&nsp;The community inside of Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. Some of the highlights of WealthyAffiliate are the members forum, 2 free websites, easy to follow step by step videos, and access to higher learning. The golden nugget in WA is the the forum. There are over 15,000 people inside the forum willing to offer their success stories and personal experiences. There is help, support and willing members to assist you through your first and every other website you build.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for? WA is for anyone that wants to make a vast change in their life. This isn’t a one click software. This is the most used affiliate marketing training course. If you have a computer and could put in 2-4 hours a day to learn and build your business, you will find success with WA. If you find this information too hard to follow and difficult to succeed, get a refund. If you don’t join Wealth Affiliate today, you’ll be regretting it when you go to work tomorrow. Do what matters for your family. 
Go get Wealth Affiliate right NOW!

Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses

I will assist you in building your first website, absolutely free!
I will help you rank your YouTube videos on Google.
I will help you dominate the competition in your niche.
I will help you make your first dollar online.
Let me help you succeed.
Everyone wants to be a rich affiliate, don’t you?

Thank You for reading My Wealthy Affiliate Review.…

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Free iPad Air 2 Bonus Profit Academy Review

Profit Academy Review – It Cost How Much?

Proift Academy Bonus iPad Air 2

Free iPad Air 2 Profit Academy Bonus Only HERE!

Profit Academy ReviewWelcome everyone! Anik Singal is at it again, this time Anik’s course not related to Social Profit Academy. Now as you may know, Anik is selling his training for $3,000 which will be the best investment you ever make. Let me cut right through all the bs and get right to the point. The course in itself isn’t worth $3,000. But with all the advance training and trainers that are there to assist you in building your business. This could of easily be a $10,000 course that would sell like crazy. Let’s look at Anik Singal’s track record and history for that matter. Anik is one of the biggest email marketers and business coaches period. Most product creators create products, Anik creates millionaires! During this Profit Academy Review, I’ll uncover exactly what you can look forward to in this course and how realistic succeeding is.

Profit Academy Review Overview and Bonus Description

So the idea behind when you start Profit Academy was to have a complete money making system from day 1. Anik wanted to build all of his students a ready to go business that you could have up and running ASAP! ProfitAcademy was designed for those individuals who are tired of there boss, hate their jobs, have been struggling to make a full-time income online, or people who just want to make more money and give their kids or family the life they deserve. Please don’t waste years of your life like I did trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Anik Singal’s Academy possess everything you would need to set up and run a successful online business from day 1. There is no guess work, no controversy, no complications. The course is more in depth than a business in a box. The creative minds that are behind the training and support you get, you will never find it again. Internet marketing isn’t easy, but you shouldn’t do it alone. The fastest way to succeed is with a coach and support.

What Training is Inside the Profit Academy Members Area?

Inside the home Profit Academy members area is world of knowledge. You won’t be bored by videos teaching how everything work. You will be given the information and knowledge to implement what works and why it’s the best way to do it. At first I was like $3,000? That’s crazy! After going through some of the material in the members area my voice inflection changed. $3,000! That’s crazy!!! There is so much content and quality in the members area, you will never be misguided. The best thing about Anik’s course is the fact that you will never have to build your business by yourself. How to do Product Development, How to create a sales solid funnels, How to build a back end properly, How to create sales copy and do high quality Video Sales Letter. You will also learn How to build a complete sales strategy from start to finish, How to build your business attracting and recruiting affiliates, how to properly use media buying traffic, and using the best free resources. It’s a complete online business library laying out what steps to take and when to take them.


Profit Academy Golden TicketThis is a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket moment! This is it. I guarantee you will not find another course like this. Look at it this way, you could either go out there and spend $47 here, $97 there, $297, $997, and continue throwing your money in the wind. This is any eye opening opportunity for you. When else have you been able to succeed online? Online course aren’t designed to make you money. If you had a one click software that made you a million dollars a year, would you share it for $47? I didn’t think so. Unless you’re trying to start a charity. Let’s be realistic, you hate your job, your neighbors have better cars and you’re miserable. Do the right thing for you and your family and invest in a real business, your business. Not a business opportunity. INVEST N YOURSELF! Thank you for reading my Profit Academy Review, God Bless.

Profit Academy Bonus – Free iPad Air 2 Bonuses

Profit Academy BonusNow I have a very unique Profit Academy Bonus that I will link to for the sake of not repeating myself. But in simple. Everyone who buys through my link AFTER clearing your cookies will receive an iPad Air 2 with free shipping in the United States and you’ll have to pay for your shipping outside of America.

Why So Many People Fail Online

Becoming an internet marketer is everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t want to make money in their pajamas? That older guy that’s been working at the steel mill since 1943? Point made. Making money online doesn’t have to be stressful or a lost dream. Success comes when you least expect. I’v given so many times on internet marketing until I found a system that worked for me. It wasn’t iPas2 or Motor Club of America, Forever Living or Empower Network. I discovered a business that strengthen my strong points and completely eliminated my weaknesses. I still have my weaknesses, but the system I use has nothing to do with my weaknesses and maybe that’s what you need. Using any system can only get you so far. If you don’t possess the will power you will not succeed.

I struggle to make money online for quite some time, 3 years to be exact. Now I have 3 successful businesses. An SEO Company, Video Marketing Company and an Affiliate marketing business that you are a part of at this very minute. Most people would consider that to be one online business but I make 3 separate full-time incomes from all three. The way I look at it is, if you have a business and it doesn’t replace your current job or previous job, it’s a hobby.

I started making a little money here and there but I never really tracked what worked and what didn’t. That made it entirely impossible to scale up. Biggest tip in internet marketing is knowing what you did to get there in the first place. If it’s a list of 10,000 or a Google front page ranking, it doesn’t really matter. This is my I like Anik Singal’s style of marketing over almost every other marketer. He’s done this business model over and over time and time again. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So many people want to be original but the have never had a business model to follow. My biggest failures came from doing what I thought was a putting a twist on a business model. In actuality I completely deviated from the business model and had nothing to compare it to. I’ve know how to make money online for about 10 years, but never did. I’ve always been one to cut corners or try to put a spin on something without ever following the proven strategy. Sounds crazy, but that’s who I am. If I kept that mindset I would never succeed online or in business for that matter.

Profit Academy Review – My Afterthought

Always keep in mind Knowledge is power. This is why I stress that you take action right now and get ProfitAcademy HERE. Thank you for you time as I know just how precious it is to you. Thank you for reading my Profit Academy Review.

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Profit Academy Review
Profit Academy Anik
Profit Academy Reviewed by Stanford Pelage…

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Profit Academy Review Free iPad Air 2 Bonus

Profit Academy Review iPad Air 2 Bonus

Best Profit Academy Bonus Guaranteed

My full Profit Academy Review. Let me explain exactly how my Profit Academy bonuses will be set up. I will be giving away an iPad Air 2 16gb to everyone for the entire launch period! If you clear your cookies and buy through my link, once I am credited for the sale you will receive an iPad Air 2.

Everyday the first 5 people to buy Profit Academy through my link will receive 2 iPad Airs 2 as followed. NOTE: You must clear your cookies so I can be credited for the sale.

1. 2 iPad Airs 2 128gb
2. 2 iPad Airs 2 64gb
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4. 2 iPad Airs 2 16gb
5. 2 iPad Airs 2 16gb

Profit Academy Review – Profit Academy Bonus

We decided to add some special bonuses as well. These bonuses are in addition to your FREE iPad Air 2!
The 25th and the 50th person to buy Profit Academy through my link will receive a FREE Apple watch. This is a daily contest.

After the end of Profits Academy launch, I will give away a FREE Emporor 1500 Workstation to 1 lucky winner!

Any questions please email me directly at my personal email address.

Profit Academy BonusCheers to your success. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you achieve any goals you may have with this system. This is also the same email address that you will use to claim your Profit Academy bonus. Thank you.

Again, for a detail review just click over to my other page. Contact me to claim your bonuses and where to forward your receipt to claim your bonuses. I will be giving away one iPad per household unless you are one of the first 5 people to purchase any given day, then you will receive 2 ipads which I stated above in the Profit Academy bonus section.

Profit Academy Bonus and Final Thoughts

Proift Academy Bonus iPad Air 2After going through the course and comparing my bonuses to other bonuses I realized just how generous I was. In all honesty I have plenty of iPad Airs in my possession. But like with anything else, these Bonuses are limited! Act fast and collect your exclusive bones while supplies last.

Claim Profit Academy Bonus Here

Like my mentor told me before I signed up to his coaching, this is the first day of the rest of your life. You can either choose to be successful, or just continue to go to work day after day and hope for a miracle. Successful people don’t wait for change, they create it. Are you gonna hope for a winning lotto ticket to fly in your closed window? Or are you strong and smart enough to make a simple change that will create a positive snowball effect. Life is what you make it. This is a golden opportunity for you and your family. Make the right decision and CLICK HERE NOW!

Take action now! Or choose to not take action and continue to enjoy life as you know it. The choice is yours. Success isn’t about luck or being at the right place at the right time. Success is derived from hard work and the urge to succeed no matter what you have to sacrifice! It took me way more time than I want to admit to be successful online. I’ve always had somewhat right information in front of me. The funny thing is, I never really took action. I was so scared to fail, I completely forgot to try. How crazy is that? You could follow along in my prior footsteps or you decide to actually take action now and make your life dreams a reality rather than a figment of your imagination. You want a new car, want to live in a better neighborhood? Want your kids going to a better school? Just want to spend more time with your family? It’s the simple things in life. Don’t let anything else get in your way of success, especially not you! Start You Road to Success Here.

Profit Academy Review
Profit Academy Reviews
Profit Academy Review Bonus
Profit Academy Bonus Review…

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Stakk Review Bonus

Stakk Review and Demo Bonus

Stakk is an all new software by Sean Donahoe designed to give you optimal opt-in plugin. Stakk allows you to stack opt-in forms and popup webpages. Sean has created an awesome software that replaces all other plugins and countdown timers. I’ve never seen anything like it and neither have you. Stakkwp plugin is in a league of it’s own. Below I’ve made a video just for you showing you a demo of wpStakk Plugin and detailed review.

Building a business is the most impressive plugin I’ve seen in a very long time. Stop wasting time and double your opt-in rate today with the simple addition to your arsenal. The video is a detailed review and the way it is designed will blow you away. I’ve been using about 2-3 plugins to do what this one plugin does. I expected less features and more bugs and a broken admin interface. That was until I realized Sean Donahoe was on the development team. Sean has never ever produced a poor product or ill designed plugin. Sean launches products 1-2 times a year and they are all beautifully designed in a way to blow the competition away. as you read my entire Review, you’ll see there is no competition period!

Stakk Conclusion

Stakk ScamThis plugin is designed for internet marketers and online marketers alike. I specialize in video marketing and seo. In any aspect of your business, the most important thing is leads. Leads are the life blood of any business. No leads no business. Using this plugin will increase the life blood of your business more leads more business, more business more money.
Thank you for reading my Download Here and demo. Get Stakk Plugin Here

Get this plugin and change your optin rate and build a list the right way. Stop wasting time and money and start getting an roi on your list building effort. Isn’t time that you started taking building your business seriously? I’ll be honest, it took me years to see the value in having a list as I just recently in 2014 decided I actually needed a list. I’m a failure in my own category as I have the know how but just too lazy to get the job done. Don’t fall in a slump. Work today to rest tomorrow.…

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Sven Solo Ad VIP Coaching

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Review

Learn How to Make Money with Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching

I’ve never been a fan of paid traffic because I am great at seo and I hate spending money. Sven was nice enough to allow me to do a complete walk through of his VIP Solo Ad Coaching course. So being a critic has some perks as most people beg that I don’t trash the garbage products. After going through Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching I was shocked to see so much content. Now keep in mind that this is a coaching product not just some crappy e-book with a copy and paste members area. If I have enough time I’ll do a complete walk through of Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching members area and keep you in the loop. My goal as always if to help you make the best decisions when it comes to your online success. Sven’s Solo Ads VIP Coaching is currently in pre-launch mode. Go HERE to check out Sven’coaching course.

Sven's Solo Ad Vip Coaching
Get Sven’s Solo Coaching Here NOW

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Walk-through

So just like every course out there, knowing what you get as a member is not included in the sales video. So I decided to make certain that all the guesswork was left to me. In this section, I’ll include a video of what the Solo Ad coaching members area look like. No need to celebrate just yet. Please my review video to the fullest.

Just to break down the coaching course in simplicity continue reading here. Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching is a combination of skill, knowledge, will power, and rinsing and repeating. Nobody has quite mastered solo ads like Sven. If they did, they’re willing to share as much juicy details as Sven did. I find it extremely hard to spend any money, especially on traffic. Without further ado I gave you Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching course.

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Members Area

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Review | Solo Ad Coaching by Sven Hylten-Cavallius – Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Review | Solo Ad Coaching by Sven Hylten-Cavallius –

Solo Ad Coaching
Solo Ad Vip Coaching

This is a video review of a Sven”s Solo Ad Coaching course that I reviewed. Once my review of Sven’s Solo Ad Coaching VIP Mastermind is complete, I’ll upload it and give you guys an opportunity to see the members area. All of my reviews are experience and usability base. If I don’t have access to the product or members area, I don’t pretend to do a review. I don’t bad talk anyone’s product or claim to be anything other than me. See for yourself. Google Stanford Pelage. You’ll find my ugly mug 10 out of 10 times. Internet marketing is my job and keeping you away from scams is my duty. Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind course coming soon. After I complete my review you can make an educated decision if solo ads are for you. I personally prefer seo which take time. Solo ads usually have a quick turnaround and is great for affiliate marketing. If you truly want to build a thriving business in 2015 then Sven can help you. Coaching at this price is completely unheard of and the value is unreal. I’ve been going through this course and it’s filled with golden nuggets. Pure content and you still get coached on top of that.

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Review
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Review
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Reviews
Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching Mastermind Reviews…

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Google Sniper 3 Review – Used to Rank This Page!

Google Sniper 3 Review Cashing In With Google

Get Google Sniper 3 Bonus Package

Google Sniper 3Welcome to my long awaited Google Sniper 3 Review! Google Sniper was used to rank this page. I first joined Google Sniper 2.0 membership back in 2012. I was also a member of the first G Sniper which was also created by no other than George Brown. Now I’ve joined to delayed and perfected Google Sniper 3. George is known for making $1,000,000 his first year marketing with niche sites, better known as sniper sites, hence the name Google Sniper. George still to this day continue to build sniper sites and rank them in Google. I’ll explain below what Google Sniper 3.0 course is exactly about. First, let’s get a little background about who I am. My name is Stanford Pelage, I am known for dominating Google search results, mainly why you’re here. I’ve used a ton of different systems over the years, some worthless and others had a few golden nuggets worth retaining. Before I started having success online, I bought every product that promised a fortune online, in reality those are the products that you should avoid at any means. If you want to be successful online, you have to have the mentality of ONE AND DONE! You buy 1 product and you go through it 10 times and then implement it for 60 days. That’s the only way to be successful online. If you have 5 products that you’ve bought and you still haven’t implemented them, you’re on the path to failure. Trust me, I’ve been there. The good news is, Google Sniper 3 is one of those products that work, as long as you keep working the system. No matter what system you buy, most consumers search for stuff like Google Sniper scam or what is Google Sniper 3, but for the record, it’s the furthest thing from a scam. Don’t be fool by other Google Sniper reviews, affiliates tend to say anything for a commission. My goal is a little bit different, as I try to give you reasons not to buy whatever course I’m reviewing. Keep reading or watch the must see video below to find out if Google sniper 2.0 is worth your time and investment. George Brown millionaire scam or the real deal.

What Exactly is Google Sniper 3.0 About?

Google Sniper 3 TeamDown to the meat and potatoes of my Google Sniper 3.0 Review. George Brown Google Sniper 3 is a course that teaches you how to create niche websites and rank them on Google search engine. Let’s dig a little deeper. Google Sniper 3.0 teaches you from the first step to the last step, then teaches you how to scale your business. So one of the first steps is keyword research, now don’t take this lightly as I’ve always hated keyword research. Most people have no clue how to do keyword research, they think they do but they really have no clue. Seriously. Google Sniper 3.0 teaches simple keyword research, and eventually you will need to learn advance keyword research. The whole purpose of keyword research is to find low competition keywords with high search volume. Most people use the free Google keyword planner which I highly recommend when you first start out. If you want to be highly successful at niche marketing you will want to do the first step right, or your whole campaign will be a lost. This is the step that causes so many internet marketers to fail or even worse, give up. Internet marketing isn’t as simple as it used to be, but so many people have no idea what they’re doing. Google Sniper 3 teaches advance keyword research and that’s my biggest golden nugget with Google Sniper 3.0. Being a member of Google Sniper and also being an advance internet marketer I know what I’m talking about and I’ve obviously proved that to you since you’ve used Google to find my site. Here’s how I do keyword research the right way. After keyword research is done properly, then we’re onto domain acquisition. Now the same software that I use to do keyword research, I use to do domain research, competition analysis, backlink analysis, and so much more. Then from domain analysis we’re on to product research and writing a review related to the product that you did your keyword research about. Then we go onto seo and ranking your WordPress blog. Google Sniper helps you rank low to medium competition keywords. Google Sniper system simply works because it’s about long term rankings rather than launch jacking sites.

Google Sniper 3 Review Conclusion

google sniper 3 reviewSo pass or buy Google Sniper 3.0? Well I would say buy. Why? Well George Brown way of seo might be a short term fix, but it gets you the fastest results possible. Most of the time, your rankings stick, as the system doesn’t focus on building private blog networks like Bring the Fresh does. But if you do keyword research the way I do it, you’ll have nothing to worry about and Google Sniper 3.0 would be perfect for you. Thank you for your time, and I wish you success in any of your endeavors. Thank you for reading my Google Sniper 3.0 Review. Be sure to collect my awesome Google Shooter 3 bonuses. When you get your Google Sniper 2.0 login, go to the members area, watch all the videos and visit the Google Sniper 2.0 download page. Go through your Google Sniper members area, make sure you have Adobe Reader installed, then download Google Sniper manual pdf. Go through the course thoroughly! Google Sniper 3.0 review is the real deal and contains a wealth of knowledge for newbies and intermediate marketers alike. Some people are concerned about using Google Sniper 2.0 blackhat ranking tactics, if you’re building links in anyway, then so are you. You want to be the best or at least one of the best Google snipers out there. It’s always better to treat affiliate marketing like war, be the best Google Sniper and spotter you can possible to keep your business alive. Ranking Sniper sites on Google is easy, you just have to possess the right artillery use the right backlink source as your sniper riffle. Aim and shoot your site to the top of Google and be the best sharpshooter possible.

How to Make Money Using Google Sniper Reviewed

Google Sniper 3.0I decided to add a little more solidity to my Google Sniper review. I looked at some of the other reviews out there and nobody seems to answer the most important question. How do I make money with George Brown’s G Sniper?

Me personally; I build sites or add blog posts on my already authority site(refer to my btf review) and promote products that interests me. One of the fastest ways to get a fast ROI or to actually profit from your GSniper course is to do CPA marketing. Cpa stands for cost per action/acquisition. What that means is you get a commission once someone takes a specified action on your cpa offer. So let’s say you’re a big iPhone fan and you want the new iPhone 6, but you don’t want to spend the ridiculous amount of money Apple is asking. So you go to Google and search “get a free iPhone 6″. Go to the first site and entered your email in the form. You’ve just made someone a $1.50 that easy. So with Google Sniping and Traffic Travis I recommended earlier for keyword research and competition analysis you should be able to find a simple offer to promote and make some quality commissions. Now once you get a hang of cpa marketing and ranking low competition keywords, then it’s time to rank for more competitive cpa offers like dating offers and weight loss. I don’t usually do any make money opportunity offers. There was this one offer on Max Bounty that converted really high for me. It was called Success System. I earned $6 a click made about $600 a week with it consistently. I stopped running the offer as I have no clue why I did that? Crazy I am. Anyway, you have an opportunity to be successful here and actually make some real money, don’t blow it because you feel it won’t work, never the mentality of successful internet marketer. Your only mentality should be it will work because it has to work! Apply Google Snipe and keep in touch, I’m just an email away, check out the video below about cpa marketing and it’s potential, what a slow month.

Google Sniper Exclusive Offer

In addition to marksmanship, Google Snipers are trained in camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition.

Google Sniper 3.0 ReviewIn other words, protect your websites and whois data, know your niche, infiltrate the search results, pay attention to your competitors and their backlink sources, and don’t stop perfecting your website. Being number …

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CPA University Review

CPA University Review Members Area Demo

I’ve arrange for you to pay $50 less front end and $100 less with the oto of CPA University through my link. How do you like them apples? Save $150 for the entire funnel. CPA University Main Offer Discount
CPA University Coaching Discount

CPA University Review – Who am I?

CPA as you may know stands for Cost Per Action/Acquisition. What that means is instead of affiliate marketing where you get a commission for every person that buys through your link, with cpa you get paid per action. Example of a cpa offer would be as simple as getting someone to fill in their name and email address or zip code. Simple… right? I’m sure by now you’ve came across one of my reviews and case studies. If not my name is Stanford Pelage, I’m an seo, affiliate marketer, cpa marketer, video marketer and website designer. Just not in that order. I’ve gotten access to CPA University and reviewed the entire sales funnel including the oto, one time offer. My method is different and if I don’t have access to the full product I don’t do a review. Let’s get into what this system is actually about.

What Exactly is CPA University?

Cost Per Action University 
CPA University is a cpa mastery course that eliminates the need for you to further your education elsewhere. When you become a student of CPA University, you learn the basics, intermediate, and advance techniques of cpa marketing. The most important part of cpa marketing is making money. So it all comes down to one question, doesn’t it? Can you really make money with CPA University? But before I answer that, you’ve already decided this is for you or you wouldn’t be here reading my review.

Most importantly, after you get CPA University, more important than anything else, you must take action. If you want to be successful with cpa marketing, you must take action! Now, can you really make money with this training? The answer isn’t so simple. If you can follow simple directions, have at least $50-$100 to invest, know how to apply what you’ve learned, and can rinse and repeat over and over again, you will succeed. Making money with cpa has been so over complicated by so many students, teachers, and professionals. Inside of CPA University, it’s like any other online university, but your professor makes more money that any college professor and practices what he teach. I’ve bought several other CPA courses including CPA Evolution which had some real nuggets in the members area videos. But aside from that I’ve never found a course quite like this membership.

CPA University ReviewThe way this system members area is laid out is not like any course I’ve ever reviewed, not affiliate marketing or anything alike. This course shows you the best cpa marketing networks to choose, cpa marketing plan that’s right for your business. When I first tried cost per action marketing, I struggled with cpa marketing ideas and also tried cpc marketing which just means cost per click.

CPA University Bonuses – Plus Discount

As with every review, I offer exclusive bonuses and a point of sale discount only available through my link. Take a look at my CPA University Bonuses below and how to claim your bonuses.

Cost Per Action – Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; also Cost Per Conversion) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale.

University Definition – A university (Latin: universitas, “a whole”) is an institution of higher (or tertiary) education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects and provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. The word “university” is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means “community of teachers and scholars. Get CPA University.…

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Link Indexr Review – Same Old Tricks Same Old Results

Link Indexr Review and Case Study

Link Indexr ReviewInternet Marketer Joshua Zamora introduces Link Indexr. After my review and case study, this will be a service you will want to avoid. Joshua always produce high quality products, but Link Indexr is nothing special.

If you still want Link Indexr, here is my Link Indexr Bonus Package!

Get Link Indexr for a ONE TIME payment Through this special link

Things You Will Learn in this Review

Why Link Indexr isn’t ideal in 2014-2015
Why Link Indexr is just a clone membership
Link Indexr Official Website
The Only PRO about Link Indexr is my One Time Payment Discount Above.
The best Link Indexing Service with Proof!
How I get 70-90% of my backlinks indexed in RECORD TIME!

Why I Feel Link Indexr is a Waste of Time

I’m sure you’ve found my review on the top of Google, I am an seo expert after all. I’m sure you own a website and want better rankings. Now everyone knows that building b@cklinks is a process and Google won’t find over 90% of your backlinks EVER. But backlink indexing is the most important thing you can do. Now I’ll dig in to why Link Indexr isn’t a good fit for you. But here is a link to the official site because 50% of you will ignore my review and still buy it anyway. It’s not that bad, it’s just not the best, but it is a very cost effective service. I prefer faster indexing vs saving a ton of money. Crazy huh? The faster my backlinks get indexed, the more money I make faster!

Link Indexr

Joshua Zamora Link Indexer made it on our naughty list for several reasons. First the strategies that they use are beyond outdated. Link Indexr only guarantees that Google will crawl your urls, which isn’t the same as indexing. Crawling and pinging are 2 of the most outdated strategies hands down. This would be a great buy back in 2007 but not late 2014 early 2015. We don’t need this junk. I promote all of Joshua Zamora products because my partner and I make lots of money promoting his quality products. This isn’t the case. I would hate for my subscribers to send me emails telling us this is junk, that’s why I like to do real product reviews after buying the product. I will share with you my case study below and the current link indexing service I use. If you haven’t used this service it’s no wonder you’re struggling with Google rankings.

Link Indexr Claims

Most indexing services build b@cklinks to your links to help them get indexed faster. Does this really work? Of course not! If your indexing service can’t get the links you gave them indexed naturally how are they going to get the b@cklinks to your backlinks indexed? Never ending cycle. What these so called link indexing services never tell you is, if you’re building high quality links then you have a better chance of indexing your links. Google don’t want to index your crappy backlinks! Low quality back-links are like the fat snotty nose kid that eats his boogers, nobody wants to come play with you. If you don’t have quality content and quality b-links, don’t use any indexing service, you’re wasting your money.
Get Your Links Indexed in Minutes

Link Indexr versus Instant Link Indexer Case Study

Here is an actual case study I did for my subscribers to show actual back-links that I submitted to both services and recorded my findings. Being that I use Instant Link Indexer on a daily basis to index my blog post I’ll show you guys how fast it takes to index my content. Quick video below…

Get Your Links Indexed in Minutes

Don’t waste your time with any other link indexing service as it’s point less.…

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Avoid My Affiliate Insider

No More Bogus My Affiliate Insider Reviews

Hey guys, I have an awesome My Affiliate Insider Review and also provide an extensive must have bonus package. But I highly ask you to consider your purchase of My Affiliate Insider and review your other options. I predict that a lot of people will be out of nonrefundable money as you’re dealing with a hosting company and paying for a service.

Full Detailed My Affiliate Insider Review

I bought the actual product and did an extensive review in another blog post. This post was just done to see if I could rank this page with 0 backlinks in a few hours.

Visit My Full My Affiliate Insider Review

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My Affiliate Insider Review

My Affiliate Insider Review and Bonus

Don’t ever waste your time with these greedy money hungry affiliates and their bogus reviews. Product Reviews you can trust from people that care about your success.

What is My Affiliate Insider really about?
Why would I need My Affiliate Insider system?
How much is My Affiliate Insider going to cost?


Breakdown of My Affiliate Insider System 
Affiliate Disclaimer: My name is Stanford Pelage and I am an affiliate of My Affiliate Insider. I will give an honest review of the said internet marketing course and if you like what you hear and decide to purchase through this site, I will receive a commission. This is a win for you. When you purchase My Affiliate Insider through my affiliate link, you will receive my exclusive never before seen bonus package catered to you success. I make it my personal duty to offer a bonus package that is more valuable than the offer I am promoting and make certain that the information in My Affiliate Insider bonus package is 2015 relevant.

Full Detail Review of My Affiliate Insider

What is My Insider Affiliate and how can it help you succeed online? You’ve guessed it, it’s another course about making money online. Apparently this course gives you an insider look at affiliate marketing and claims to be different from every other affiliate marketing course ever. My Affiliate Insider claims to be free, but that’s a lie. Nothing in the internet marketing niche is free. They collect your email and get you to upgrade for $29.95. Now let’s talk about this course. At first glance I associated My Affiliate Insider as a scam. I’ll tell you why. In the meat and potatoes of this system it seems just like all those other scams, like Partner with Luke, John, Larry and systems like that.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I would suggest that you steer clear of any system that claims to be FREE, because in the IM world the word FREE is nonexistent. Now for the facts. My Affiliate Insider is another one of those hosting scams where the affiliate which is the creator of My Affiliate Insider gets a commission on the $29.95 that you pay for the hosting of the automated website they created. Now think about this for a second… if these automated websites were your creation and making you a ton of money, wouldn’t you create thousands of automated websites and make millions of dollars? Of course you would? Why would anyone give you a money making website unless there’s a catch or an opportunity for them to make money. Product launches cost money, ain’t nothing FREE. Now if you’re looking for a real opportunity check out my Bring the Fresh Review.


My Affiliate Insider Actual Case Study

So as you can see I’m a skeptic. I don’t bash anyone’s product without actually becoming a member and at nyyankeeclipper we buy every product that we review, so My Affiliate Insiders was no different. So after the bogus sales video, you enter your name and email into the form and get redirected to yet another sales video. Telling you how the system is completely FREE and you need website hosting to run this free business model. Now the $29.95 is supposedly going to the hosting company Now this is $29.95 per month per site, you get a domain name and a month’s hosting inside The product creator gets a whopping commission for everyone he refers to, most people will host their site for 6 months to a year before they give up. I am an seo expert and he is saying this is based on free traffic? Not a chance, there is no seo training, inside the members area, just places to buy traffic. If you have to buy traffic, it’s not free traffic, is it?

My Affiliate Insider Scam Exposed

So they give you a custom built website for $29.95 per month and guarantee you make money in your first 60 minutes, how is that possible? Let me explain the hold scam process. It’s not a custom built website. You get a generic one size fits all website, with an affiliate sub id promoting the same products as everyone else. You can’t do seo on a site that has 1000,s of duplicates, it won’t rank in the search engines. You are a sub affiliate of My Affiliate Insider and he gets paid every time you make a sale. That’s why he’s pushing you to take action now! The $150 in 1 hour guarantee is simple. You have to buy one of the trial offers you’re promoting for $9.95 using your own link and you get $150 in your affiliate account. You have to make at least $250 to withdraw, and if you forget to cancel the trial, you’ll be making payments forever! The only way this system works is with paid traffic like Facebook ads and Adwords, some cpv networks work great with this system, but you have to buy traffic, hands down. I was able to convert some of the offers but I’ve been doing doing this pretty close to a decade. I wouldn’t recommend this course to anyone who values their money.

My Affiliate Insider Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Now from the outside looking in My Affiliate Insider has scam written all over it. But for some reason this is completely ethical. I would say if you are a newbie and really want to make money online try a course like Bring the Fresh. Now if you’re a seasoned marketer like myself and can buy traffic without a loss, then this might work for you. The only good thing about this system is they already picked out high converting products and set up a cheesy website for you with the products and optimized it for conversions. At the end of the day Bobby or Michael wants to make as much money as possible, so if you actually convert these offers, he makes money. You just have to spend about an additional $250 for the traffic. It’s not a bad system but it’s definitely misleading and definitely not remotely free. I would recommend that you steer clear unless you want to use the free vouchers My Affiliate Insider give you for Facebook and Google Adwords to make money and try your luck. But people always want to see the eclipse for themselves. So good luck with My Affiliate Insider.

Avoid My Advice and See For Yourself

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