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Presidential Limousine Best St Thomas Taxi and Transportation Company!

St Thomas Taxi and LimousineIt’s no secret who I am and what I do, this blog entry is about St Thomas Taxi and transportation. This is my actual blog and this is where I feel the most comfortable online. Well when I’m offline, St Thomas is where I feel most comfortable. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Stanford Pelage, I’m 28 years and I was born and raised on St Thomas US Virgin Islands. I’m a full-time dad, internet marketer, seo, website designer, and YouTube marketer. I recently took a trip to St. Thomas just to clear my mind and take a break from my busy everyday life. Keep in mind that I’ve never left the island until I was 18, 11 years ago, I am very familiar with the roads and the direction of traffic. Most people have trouble driving in the left lane, but that’s the way I learned to drive! So I booked my flight online and decided to venture to St. Thomas. Completely forgot to book a rental car! That became a huge problem as soon as I landed! Then after couple hours of every car rental lot telling me that their expecting a car back any minute, I decided to book a St Thomas Taxi. Now completely oblivious to exactly just how many taxi companies are on St Thomas I wasn’t sure which company to go with, and I am a local! So I could imagine how tourists feels!

Success! I’ve Found the Perfect Taxi Company in St Thomas!

St Thomas Taxi Service Presidential Limousine

St Thomas Taxi Service

After scrolling all the way through, I remembered that one of my friends, whom I grew up with has a St Thomas taxi and limousine company! Scrolled through my contacts, BOOM! Perry Trotman of Presidentiial Taxi and Presidential Limousine! 340-473-6550 Is his personal cell number, tell him Stan sent you! Anyway, I called Perry, he answered after 2 rings was very professional and came and got me personally within 8 minutes. The entire ride I sat in the back seat of the Cadillac Escalade feeling like royalty, while we talked about our families and what’s changed with us since we we’re teens. So Perry dropped me off at my hotel and we went our separate ways. It was around 2am and I was bored and decided I wanted to got for a night on the town. I text Perry to see if he was still operating late hours, he chuckled and replied, transportation is a 24 hour service. Again he came and got me personally! Took about 20 minutes this time, but he was very professional, even though we’re friends I felt like a rich client.

Planning Ahead and Booking A Tour of St Thomas

Not to stress that I’m originally from St Thomas, but I’m originally from St Thomas! Nonetheless, I called Perry 3 days later which was a Sunday, Perry answered just as professionally as he had did the 2 prior times. Came personally and pick me up in 15 minutes! Perry has over 24 drivers and vehicles, but the personal feel was amazing! I went on a 2 hour tour with Perry, grabbed lunch and went back to my hotel to pack. Perry waited downstairs as I gathered my belongings and checked out. Got to the airport with 2 hours to spare, and one of the best vacations I’ve every had! Transportation is key in the Virgin Islands! Call Perry Trotman 340-473-6550 and save time and money on a St Thomas Taxi and Limousine.

St Thomas Taxi Reservations – What St Thomas has to Offer

Booking a St Thomas Tax reservation online couldn’t be any easier!


Partner With Anthony Review – Why Aren’t You Making Money?

March 27, 2014

  Partner With Anthony – Why Even Bother?     PWA Discount   How could Partner with Anthony Possibly Help You Make Money? Welcome to nyyankeeclipper.com where we bring you the latest internet marketing product reviews such as Partner with Anthony. Today we’re giving you a source for the Partner with Anthony Review as our website is still in the process of being designed. Just a quick overview of who Anthony Morrison is. Anthony has been building successful businesses online and offline for a number of years. He started teaching students his methods in 2005. Anthony has been so successful with selling his courses and most importantly helping entrepreneurs make a living from home. For the full Partner with Anthony review please watch the video above. Going to recap some of Anthony’s previous products to give you an idea of what his teaching style is like and how he makes money online. Anthony makes money in a variety of ways, focusing mainly on pay per click advertising, pay per view advertising, solo ads based on the material that was in the Success with Anthony 2.0 members area. I’ve personally bought majority of the course Mr. Morrison offers including, Traffic with Anthony, Success with Anthony 1 and 2 and his current product launch, Partner with Anthony. I believe he genuinely want to help you make money online, but the budget needed to get started is a little excessive in my opinion. The upsells offered in Partner with Anthony are very pricey and may be out of reach and the budgets of many of his target audience. None the less this system still has a high perceived value. Partner With Anthony – Should I Pass or Buy? After watching and reading any reviews, it comes down to 2 choices. 1. This program is perfect for me, I’m getting it! or 2. This is not the right system for me and I’ll pass. So what exactly is Partner with Anthony? The course is set up in a way that Anthony Morrison gets paid when you make money. The money you make the he makes as well. Anthony is genuine and really do like teaching students to make money online. After watching the video I was convinced that Partner with Anthony was a scam and I was ready to tell the world to stay away. But being the investigative marketer that I am, I decided to buy Partner with Anthony to give you an honest in depth review of every the course teaches. Meat and potatoes! So the course focuses on email marketing as a way to generate quick income in as little as 48 hours. After I went through all of the course, I decided to put the information inside the members area to work. After 48 hours I made $76 from an affiliate product I was promoting that both Anthony and I get commission for. It’s like a sub-affiliate of his. In total after 2 weeks of using Partner with Anthony I’ve […]

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March 18, 2014

Live PR Submitter Review Watch my video for a very brief but thorough review of Live PR Submitter plus over $1,500 in HUGE bonuses that compliments Live PR Submitter perfectly! Live PR Submitter Official Website Live PR Submitter – Why PRWeb Hates this Service So if you’re use to using PRweb then you’ve been hit with that $100 per press release price tag. I’ve sent over 100 press releases with Prweb which cost me $10,000! Now with Live PR Submitter, I get to send 300 press releases per month for less than the cost of 1 PRESS RELEASE!!! How awesome is that? From $10,000 for 100 to less than $100 to send 300 Press Releases! No brainer! Conclusion for Live PR Submitter Jump in head first! Save money, build high pr backlinks, and rank on Google front page. I’ve used several Press Release services but I’ve never seen a service so easy to uses, so effective in ranking my websites, and so darn affordable! HURRY BEFORE DANIEL LEW DECIDES TO DOUBLE LIVE PR SUBMITTER MONTHLY PRICE! Live PR Submitter Official Website

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Update for Partner with Anthony – New Launch Date March 24th

March 13, 2014

  Partner With Anthony Launch Re-Scheduled to March 24th   Won’t go too deep in details about why the Partner with Anthony launch was postponed until the 24th of March, but I figured it gave me couple weeks to write a more detail Partner with Anthony Review! So I’m just going to add some points here, but you could read my full review and watch Steve’s video review below. So okay, it doesn’t really matter what level marketer you are, we can all learn something new from an entrepreneur like Anthony. I new I wanted to learn what Anthony really had to offer after I saw Mike Long interviewing him for Success with Anthony and watching him tell Mike how he first got started and what made drop out of medical school to become the multi-millionaire we are so lucky to be able to follow and copy his success. There are things that happen in all of our lives that cause us to change the way we think, work, or trust the people around us. For Anthony it was his dad losing all of his retirement in the stock market. For e it was my mom passing away in 2009, just talking about it puts me in a mental position that puts tears in my eyes. You see my mom was my best friend and she loved me more than I deserved. For you it might be a similar story or it might just be something as simple as your lights going out that gave you that wake up call. Earlier today I was talking to Mike Long about some of my successes and to me, I consider them little hurdles, but Mike really puffed my chest up and made me feel like I leaped over Mount Everest! Now that’s the way anybody that you’ve learned anything from should make you feel no matter the level of success. If you don’t know who Mike Long is, please Google him, but in short he’s a multi-millionaire, coach, marketer, who started Bring the Fresh with Kelly Felix and went on to start Omg Machines with Greg Morrison. Greg is Bring the Fresh most successful student. There you go.¬†Empowerment and Belief + Perseverance and Action = Success Empowerment and Belief + Perseverance and Action = Success Keep in mind that life is what you make it and only you can push yourself to be a better you. There is no system out there that works by itself, that goes for Partner with Anthony as well. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort or it’s really pointless to buy any internet marketing product. I see so many people bad mouthing different courses I’ve put my seal of approval on and I’m thinking to myself, what are they talking about? Then I reply to their thread and ask them how many times have they implemented the system and why do they feel it’s a waste of time. 9 out of […]

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