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by Stanford Pelage on 07/04/2014

Presidential Limousine Best St. Thomas Taxi and Transportation Company!


St. Thomas TaxiSt. Thomas Taxi and LimousineIt’s no secret who I am and what I do, this blog entry is about St. Thomas Taxi and transportation. This is my actual blog and this is where I feel the most comfortable online. Well when I’m offline, St. Thomas is where I feel most comfortable. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, my name is Stanford Pelage, I’m 29 years and I was born and raised on St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. I’m a full-time dad, internet marketer, seo, website designer, and YouTube marketer. I recently took a trip to St. Thomas just to clear my mind and take a break from my busy everyday life. Keep in mind that I’ve never left the island until I was 18, 11 years ago, I am very familiar with the roads and the direction of traffic. Most people have trouble driving in the left lane, but that’s the way I learned to drive! So I booked my flight online and decided to venture to St. Thomas. Completely forgot to book a rental car! That became a huge problem as soon as I landed! Then after couple hours of every car rental lot telling me that their expecting a car back any minute, I decided to book a St. Thomas Taxi. Now completely oblivious to exactly just how many taxi companies are on St. Thomas I wasn’t sure which company to go with, and I am a local! So I could imagine how tourists feel!

Success! I’ve Found the Perfect St.Thomas Taxi Company!

After scrolling all the way through, I remembered that one of my friends, whom I grew up with has a St Thomas taxi and limousine company! Scrolled through my contacts, BOOM! Perry Trotman of Presidential Taxi and Presidential Limousine! 340-473-6550 Is his personal cell number, when you book a St. Thomas taxi tell him Stan sent you! Anyway, I called Perry, he answered after 2 rings was very professional and came and got me personally within 8 minutes. The entire ride I sat in the back seat of the Cadillac Escalade feeling like royalty, while we talked about our families and what’s changed with us since we we’re teens. So Perry dropped me off at my hotel and we went our separate ways. It was around 2am and I was bored and decided I wanted to got for a night on the town. I text Perry to see if he was still operating late hours, he chuckled and replied, transportation is a 24 hour service. Again he came and got me personally! Took about 20 minutes this time, but he was very professional, even though we’re friends I felt like a rich client. Completely different St Thomas Taxi experience.

Planning Ahead and Booking A Tour of St. Thomas

Not to stress that I’m originally from St Thomas, but I’m originally from St Thomas! Nonetheless, I called Perry 3 days later which was a Sunday, Perry answered just as professionally as he had did the 2 prior times. Came personally and pick me up in 15 minutes! Perry has over 24 drivers and vehicles, but the personal feel was amazing! I went on a 2 hour tour with Perry, grabbed lunch and went back to my hotel to pack. Perry waited downstairs as I gathered my belongings and checked out. Got to the airport with 2 hours to spare, and one of the best vacations I’ve every had! Transportation is key in the Virgin Islands! Call Perry Trotman 340-473-6550 and save time and money on a St Thomas Taxi and Limousine.

Presidential Taxi Service Everytime!

The name of the most infamous St Thomas Taxi service is Presidential Taxi Service. Why would that be? Everyone I know that have traveled to St Thomas has used Presidential Taxi Service due to my recommendation, and they’re glad they did. Booking a St Thomas Taxi or tour could be your wort experience in the Virgin Islands, that’s why I’m trying to save you time and money so you can enjoy everything St Thomas has to offer. Having Presidential Taxi Service chauffeur you around in style is the relaxation and comfort you need while vacationing in St Thomas. Don’t just book any St Thomas Taxi, book Presidential Taxi St Thomas Taxi Service.

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