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by Stanford Pelage on 03/03/2015

How to Fix Your Credit Score

how to fix your credit the right way

How to Fix Your Credit

Learn how to fix your credit – Are you suffering from bad credit karma? Does your credit report look like a book report? Can’t even get a bad credit high interest loan, and you’re completely clueless on how to repair your credit history. Please. Don’t feel too bad, my name is Stanford Pelage, I am a Jacksonville SEO and I too once had horrible credit not to long ago. But today I will show you how to fix your credit. You see, I’m currently 29 years old and my bad credit history started back when I was 18. Got my first credit card and just went crazy with charging everything! I promise after you finish reading this blog post you will know exactly what steps to take to start repairing your credit fast, and that there’s no way your credit is as bad as mine was! Visit Credit Repair Done Right Way

How Bad is your Credit? And how do you Fix Your Credit

Before you learn how to fix your credit, you should first know if your credit is in need of repair. Most people assume that they have bad credit without ever looking at their credit score, they just assume they know their credit history, but that’s far from the truth. I always thought my credit was fine until I applied for my first auto loan, not good. I applied to Publix Credit Union for a $10,000 loan and I got approved! Not for $10,000 but for $1,000… So the vehicle I was planning to get, became a little too expensive, so I instead bought a 98 Ford Ranger for $4,000. $3,000 down and $1,000 financed from the credit union. Unfortunately for me, that was not the end of my credit problems, I made a few late payments and continued to be irresponsible. Teenagers. By the age of 21 my credit score was a 580, by 23 it dropped to a 520. Yes. Indeed, the irresponsible teenager grew into an irresponsible adult. Now, I continued to make bad decisions and irresponsible purchases with my Capitol One credit card, had several insufficient funds in a few bank accounts that that went into collections, had a Sprint and At&t account that also went into collections. I tell you that to tell you this, there is no way that you were as delinquent as me with your bills, so there is hope yet. I also had collections from Pizza Hut and I still managed to get approved for a $13,000 bad credit auto loan. Very high interest loan! 25% of the $13,000 was interest, I also put $3,500 down, so do the math. At the time I was 25 years old and my credit score was a 510. Yeah pretty sad. Now my income is really what allowed me to get approved, at the time I made between $65,000-$75,000 annually. So even with decent income I still had no clue how to fix my credit.

What Do I need to Know Before Fixing my Credit

Now by the age of 27 I was turned down for a mortgage due to the several accounts I had in collections, even with the perfect car loan payment credit history even though I payed it off in time. Just for the record, negative credit history is far more potent than positive credit history. And it’s almost impossible to raise your credit score when you have horrible credit, as not many creditors want to take a risk giving you a line of credit knowing there’s a low chance of repayment. Once you destroy your credit, there’s not much options for rebuilding it. Don’t give me that look, you have few options, but you still have options, and I’m willing to bet your credit is better than mine was. The lowest my credit score ever was, was a 480. My suggestion would be to stop searching for bad credit loans, credit cards for bad credit or bad credit auto loans as that’s not really going to help you as the accounts that are currently on your credit report will continue to bring your score down the longer they go delinquent. To see your credit report for free no credit card needed and the website is completely secure, visit Credit Karma and sign up for free. Visit Credit Repair 101

Now for the Good Stuff – How to Repair Credit Score

Now for the good stuff the ins and outs about fixing your credit score! I’m assuming if you’re still here, you either have bad credit or you are trying to find a way to improve your credit score to get that perfect interest rate. Rather than spending a decade paying interest before you ever put a dent in your mortgage principal, a better credit score will help you get a better everything. A better car, a better house/home, a better job and then some. Could you imagine spending 4-6 years in school for you dream job in a finance related field and then get a call back from the interview to be told that you are perfect for the job, but your credit history and score isn’t up to company standards! Surprisingly enough, this happens more times than you would believe. You couldn’t get a job as a art-time bank teller with bad credit, it’s that serious. Not here to judge you as my credit history is embarrassing as you can tell from above. Now I’ll explain how I fixed my credit within a couple of months. You see I’m currently 29 years old and by now you’ve realized that I had some serious credit problems. I visited this site for to help me with my credit repair, it help me understand a little how credit repair works, but didn’t actually help me repair my credit, nonetheless it’s still a great resource. Now after signing up to Credit Karma and looking at what my credit score and history looked like, I had a clear idea of how deep the hole I was in really was, and realized that I still had a shovel in my hand. Best advice I can give to you is, don’t go getting any inquiries on your credit score as that will lower your score instantly! There are hard inquiries and soft inquiries. Hard inquiries are auto loans, mortgages, and credit checks. Soft inquiries are apartment credit checks and payday loans credit inquiries. Credit checks are not the same as credit scores, and as you know there are 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Most lenders use your Fair Isaac Corporation credit score, better known as your FICO score. Fair Isaac calculates the FICO Score based solely on information in consumer credit reports maintained at the credit reporting agencies. FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850. That FICO Score is calculated by a mathematical equation that evaluates many types of information from your credit report, at that agency. By comparing this information to the patterns in hundreds of thousands of past credit reports, the FICO Score estimates your level of future credit risk.

How to Improve Your Credit

FICO Score Breakdown

Visit How to Fix Your Credit the Right Way

Best Online Credit Repair Service for Bad Credit

Understanding what’s wrong with your credit is the first step. Having bad credit isn’t the end of the world once you discover how to repair your credit! Credit repair can be very difficult especially if you have no clue credit repair. Well lucky for you I have helped more than 2,345 people fix their credit as of June 30th. So please put your trust in me and we’ll repair and fix your credit and your credit score together. From the sidebar you can see than I am a seo which specialize in Google rankings and I’m also an individual who suffered from bad credit. I am a genuine person and majority of everything I do, it is to benefit others, yes I am honestly self-less, when it comes to food, that’s a different story, I don’t share! I hate to see people suffer based on the fact that once upon a time they made a bad decision, I hate it. Goes for people who made bad decisions and affected their credit and criminal records, it’s so hard to come back from that type of situation. Getting a job with bad credit is bad enough, if you criminal is bad as well, your family will suffer. I can’t really help you fix your criminal history, word of advice contact an attorney. But I can help you fix your credit. So that’s a step in the right direction. There really isn’t any major training other than what your parents teach you to manage your credit. I don’t recommend using any of those Free Credit Report sites as they do charge you a monthly fee. Instead I personally use and recommend Credit Karma to everyone! Credit Karma is 100% FREE! No credit card needed ever! How cool is that. I came across a Credit Karma infomercial about 3 years ago laying in a hospital bed, I was experiencing some chest pains, apparently I have major gas issues, probably from being self-fish with food! But anyway I decided to look into it and I’m so glad I did! It gives you your credit score completely free, and tells you what accounts have gone into collection, and who you and also gives free tips about increasing your credit score. I love that site. As great as Credit Karma is, that is only half of the picture, once your learn just how bad your credit is, then you need to know how to fix your credit.

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