List Academy Review Ridiculous Bonus Package

by Stanford Pelage on 14/07/2015

Welcome to my review of “List Academy” by Anik Singal. I’ll walk you through the entire course and let you know at the end of my review if this course is even worth your hard earned money or time.

List Academy Review General Information

Product: List Academy
Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $ 997
Niche: Email Marketing
Content: Video, Webinars
Startup Cost: $0-$250
Verdict: Recommended
My Bonus Package: $5,321 Click Here

Who Exactly Is Anik Singal?

List Academy is Anik Singal’s most recent email marketing training course. No matter where you are in your internet marketing journey you’ve probably heard of Anik Singal. If not, I’ll give a very brief intro. Anik has been making money online since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. He has made 10,s of millions of dollars from selling training courses and practicing what he teaches. As far as the biggest success online goes, he has to be number 1. He’s also coached and trained several students to go on to make millions of dollars for their respectable businesses. Anik makes majority of his money from email marketing. He builds a list then emails the list with relative offers and makes a portion of the sale which means big money in affiliate commissions.

What Exactly Is List Academy?

List AcademyIn short ListAcademy is a course that is designed to teach you how to build a list and market to them. You will learn all aspects of list building and email marketing. This is more of a continuation from Profit Academy Anik’s $2,997 flagship course. Anik has also stated this will be like a more complex Inbox Blueprint and superior in every way.

Here are the key elements you’ll learn inside of The ListAcademy Course…

  • The right way to SPEAK to your list.
  • WHEN and HOW OFTEN to send to your list.
  • How to PROMOTE and exactly how to get them to TAKE ACTION.
  • Exactly how to SELL and MONETIZE your list.
  • Exactly what actions to take to MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS and PROFITS!


List Academy Bonus

Being as giving and whole-hearted as the next guy I always want to go over and beyond what anyone else can possibly offer, me!

Bonus#1 1 full hour of my time via Skype face to face $349 Value

Bonus#2 Detail step by step formula to rank on Google $299 Value

Bonus#3 The best way to find low competition keywords FREE! $99 Value

Bonus#4 Best way to make money with YouTube $249 Value

Bonus#5 How I got ranked on Page 1 of Google in 4 minutes flat! $197 Value

Bonus#6 SEO Competition Analysis Done Right Value=Priceless!!!

List Academy Final Thoughts

As you know my name is Stanford Pelage “real name” I find it imperative to give you this long spill before I give you my honest official verdict. The odds of you making any money whatsoever online are very low. With that being said, it is imperative that if you choose out of your own free will to invest in ListAcademy that you do so knowing it’s a lot easier to fail than succeed at internet marketing. This is why I offered these ridiculous bonuses. I’ve personally coached over 40 students 1 on 1 and all 40 have succeeded online. My point being, it’s almost impossible to start a successful business online alone. If you can afford to get coaching, get it as long as it’s one on one. Now for the first 25 people that purchases List Academy through my link, I’ll include 1 hour of my own time one on one via Skype to answer any questions I can and get you on the right path to success.

Now I charge on average $1500 for 4 hours a week coaching sessions. I am offering a Free hour of coaching which averages out to $375 an hour. This bonus is limited to the first 25 people as that’s 25 hours of my time, which is extremely valuable to me which is a combined total of $9,375. For that matter I can not do any more than 25 coaching sessions or allot more than 1 hour per person. If you qualify as one of the first 25 people, please don’t waste my time and have your questions ready before our scheduled Skype session. I will do my best to help you succeed, you have to take action and this bonus is extremely limited. Claim your List Academy Bonus now!


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