Page One Engine Review and Huge Bonuses

by Stanford Pelage on 04/07/2015

Page One Engine Review by Stanford Pelage

Hi my name is Stanford Pelage and today I’m reviewing Dori Friend’s Page One EnginePageOneEngine

Product: Page One Engine
Creators: Dori Friend and Top SEOs
Price: $1,997
Niche: (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
Content: Video, Webinars, Software
Startup Cost: $0-$250
Verdict: Highest Recommendation
My Bonus Package: $5,321 Click Here

Detailed Page One Engine Review Video

Mastering free traffic is what being an seo is all about, Dori Friend is one of the best seos period. I’ve attended a few of her webinars and bought a few of her services. Dori Friend is the real deal no doubt. Being an seo myself, I’ve learn a lot from some of Dori services like SEO Nitro how to proper structure and build PBN’s. SEO is an ever changing skill. What you’ve learnt three months ago won’t necessarily work today. This is where Page 1 Engine excels. The members area is laid out to take you through the course step by step, week by week. Every week a new module is unlocked and allows you to continue your learning progress as an search engine optimizer.

Dori and her team has scheduled a q&a webinar everyday until the end of the month. So when you join Page One Engine, you will be set up completely to make money online with free traffic. You will literally have access to the entire team including Dori Friend and Jeff Lenney who is a launch jacking seo specialist. Jeff will be teaching the launching jacking module in the members are which will be released on July 14th according to the members area calendar.
Page 1 Engine Webinar Calendar

As you can see all new modules are released every Tuesday. Building a business online can be extremely stressful. 99.6% of everyone that tries to make money online fail, why is this different? For starters you aren’t trying to make money, you’re learning how to build a real business online. This isn’t some fly by night method that will diminish the more people use it, this is search engine optimization. Dori and her team are the most dedicated staff I’ve ever seen. From day one the coaches are with you to hold your hand. There isn’t any coaching community like this anywhere! When do you ever get a handful of successful seo’s willing to help you succeed for less than $5,000? Never! That’s when.Being an seo myself, I can see the value and I’m in disbelief some of the coaches she’s been able to pull together for this one-time low price. It’s ridiculous!

What Do You Get Inside Page One Engine?

You will have access to 10 of the most powerful modules on the face of this earth. The people behind these modules are some of the biggest names in seo period.

1. Reputation Management by Lisa Parziale
Learn Reputation Management from the best online marketing consultant in Dallas Texas.
2. Launch Jacking by Jeff Lenney
Jeff is one of the biggest affiliates I know. He is always ranking #1 for money keywords big launches.
3. Rank on YouTube by Jason Potash
Learn to rank videos on YouTube by one of the best video marketers of our age.
4. Leasing Sites by Greg Montoya
Learn to rank your sites and lease them out or rent them month after month.
5. Social Media Traffic Generation by Justin Anderson
Can’t forget about the social media networks. Justin will show how to do this with ease.
6. Local SEO by Eric Christopher aka E-Rock
Haven’t seen local seo like this, I guarantee it!
7. Email and List Building by Kim Albee
Kim has been known as an email marketing genius. Learn list building on your first try.
8. Affiliate Marketing by DK Fynn
Affiliate marketing is very similar to launch jacking. Affiliate marketing is just more evergreen.
9. Advanced Link Building by Keith Dean and Nigel Griffiths
What a duo! Learn some advanced link building to target higher competition keywords and rank and bank.
10. Black Hat Ranking Tactics by John Limbocker
Don’t worry this isn’t that kind of blackhat. John the beast will teach you some grey-black hat tactics to rank your site and properties super fast. This module is huge!

There’s also 6 huge bonuses including 500 PBN links and some awesome software tools you would kill for.

You have the Boot Camp Challenge which is ranking a web property on page one of Google. There’s a beginner and intermediate-advanced challenge.

Also the 30 Day Challenge which is similar but you have to buy a domain and rank a website in 30 days.

And most important… Office Hours!!! Signup HERE!!!

My Page One Engine Bonuses

So I was going to make a detail list of the bonuses and when you invest in Page 1 Engine through my link, but instead you can see all the bonuses when you CLICK HERE! Scroll down the page after you click the link to see the exact bonus package.

Also have a HUGE Bonus! I’m offering Skype 1 on 1 coaching for anyone that decides to invest in PageOne Engine through my link.

Why is this a big deal?

Firstly I charge $2,500 for 6 hours of coaching. Tremendous value FREE.

Secondly I make $3,000+ everyday just from affiliate marketing. This income doesn’t include my seo or website design business.

So I’m more than capable of helping you succeed.

Page One Engine Review Closing Remarks

You’ve made it Page One Engine Reviewto the end. Hopefully you watched the entire video and I delivered some great value. Like any course you have to actually apply what you’ve learned. Good news is that with Page 1 Engine you will not be building a business alone. I forgot to mention in the review that there is a Facebook private group and a private member’s only forum that will be instrumental in your success. So there’s a forum, big deal? To elaborate a course of this magnitude will have tons and tons of members with all different types of skill levels and backgrounds. Everyone including you will have something to bring to the table. There will be tons and tons of people helping each other succeed in all aspects of seo. Page One Engine might just grow into one of the biggest communities for search engine marketing ever created. Thank you Dori Friend for this community, I am excited to see where this will go.

Stanford Pelage signing out… for now. Signup HERE!!!

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