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Learn To Speak Arabic

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Learn to Speak Arabic – Are you interested in learning how to speak Arabic fluently? Well my friend, you came to the right place or like we say in Arabic, جئت إلى المكان الصحيح. We’ll in detail teach you how to learn Arabic effectively. Arabic is a beautiful language, before you begin to learn Arabic, I suggest getting familiar with speaking the Arabic alphabet, learn arabic online and Arabic grammar for starters. So I’ll start you off with some Arabic for beginners and some simple lessons. Instead of writing out the first couple lessons as you probably don’t know how to read and write Arabic, I’ll make several short videos so you can see how to translate English to Arabic or Arabic to English. Learning to speak Arabic or a new language can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Arabic can be a very difficult language to learn if you’re not going about it the right way. I remember when I was learning to speak Arabic and Spanish, it was very difficult making the transition. Once I understood how to speak Arabic, Spanish was very easy to understand as I was ahead of the learning curve. You see, we’ve went through the top 5 Arabic courses online to see which ones were easier for our users to follow. We did a case study with 56 students and 14 students to each course (4 courses). What we found was, out of all 56 students everyone has their own way and pace of learning. I’ll elaborate on that a little. So before we divided the students by the the top 4 Arabic online courses we divided the students by the way they learn. Look at the picture below to get a better understanding of what kind of learner you are.
how to speak arabic foundation Now that you’ve understand what your learning style is,(hopefully you were honest with yourself) we can solve the mystery of which online course caters more to your needs. Your learning style is crucial in your quest to learn how to speak arabic online. Sorry no hooked on phonics Arabic (that I know of). So we took 2 of each learning type of student and gave them access to each course to track there success and efficiency of understanding and speaking Arabic. Well after 30 days the results are in, but first let’s cover the online Arabic courses that we reviewed. Learn more about how to learn Arabic online below.

I’ll list the top 4 Arabic online courses in no particular order, we’ll get to ranking them by several different factors later.

  • Breaking The Arabic Code
  • Learn Arabic
  • Rocket Languages Premium Arabic
  • So now I’ll explain how my team and I broke down these courses. First we started with 5, Rosetta Stone was one of them but that course cost upwards $350 so we excluded it from the list and made our list the top 4 fastest ways to learn Arabic. If you’re still interested in Rosetta Stone Arabic, click here.

    How we Broke Down the Top Arabic Online Courses

    When it comes to any online course, it doesn’t matter if it’s making money online, learning the Arabic language, or just “how to” tutorials. You always want a course that’s easy to use, easy to understand, high success rate from people like you, and most importantly an affordable course that fits your needs and budget.

    Online Arabic Courses Criteria

  • 1. Is the website secure?
  • 2. How long has this company been in business?
  • 3. Are the instructors fluent in Arabic and English?
  • 4. What is their refund policy and money back guarantee?
  • 5. Is the online course easy to understand and follow?
  • 6. Does the online course have a membership area?
  • 7. Does the members area have videos and downloadable content like pdf’s?
  • 8. How efficient is their online support?
  • 9. Are there at least 25 positive reviews to each negative review?
  • 10. What is the success rate of this course?
  • 11. What separates this course from the competitors?
  • 12. Are people like you having success?(study we conducted)
  • 13. Does the course have options to further education?
  • 14. Is the course affordable?
  • 15. What learning styles saw success with this course
  • Now that you have the criterion that we used, let me explain how we graded these Arabic online courses. We use a perfect score of 100, so 14 criterions have a max score of 6.6 and number 15 has a max score of 7.6 hope you’re following. So I promise after this review you’ll have the right course to teach you how to learn Arabic online fast and efficiently. We’ll break each course down and explain how each of the seven styles of learning did with each course.

    How to Learn Arabic Online – Eldiwaan Arabic PREMIUM Review |Offer Closed

    Eldiwaan Arabic PREMIUM course uses Clickbank as a payment processor so it is extremely secure and safe. Also Clickbank gives you a 60 day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry as it’s risk free. Elidiwaan has been teaching students Arabic over 5 years, his website has been published since December 2012. Eldiwaan Arabic course was the way that I personally learned to speak Arabic, that doesn’t mean it will work for, as the odds of you and I having the same learning style is slim to none. Eldiwaan is fluent in Arabic and his English is fluent with a heavy Arabic accent. Covered their refund policy above. This online course is extremely detail and easy to understand. Every member gets access to the private members area, where you have detail video lessons and pdfs. I never had no negative reasons to contact his support team, but as a test I emailed Eldiwaan for a refund and he personally replied within 4 hours. He asked for my receipt number and asked me if there was anything I recommended to make the course better. What? He was ready to issue a refund and take my recommendations to make his course better to have better customer satisfaction, that’s amazing! No bad reviews whatsoever. Haven’t really looked into that, but judging from the reviews I’d say the success rate is extremely high judging from all of the 14 students that took the course. Eldiwaan has the highest average rating out of all the courses. There is further learning but it get’s kind of pricey. Eldiwaan is Arabic and extremely friendly, the course is set and perfect for every learning styles, and you learn from an Arabic Professor. Eldiwaan Arabic Premium course is extremely affordable an considered a steal for the quality of training you receive. This is the only course that fits perfect with all 7 learning styles. Eldiwaan Arabic Premium Course scored an average of 87.8, highest individual score was 94.6 highest overall.

    How to Learn Arabic Online1

    How to Learn Arabic Online – Breaking the Arabic Code Review

    Breaking the Arabic Code course also uses Clickbank so is extremely safe and offers the 60 day money back guarantee. Breaking the Arabic Code has been online since January 2008. Ahmed Abdullah the teacher, is an actual Arabic Professor an has been teaching Arabic in the middle east for several years. Ahmed Abdullah is fluent in Arabic and speaks decent English and some of his translations might not be completely accurate. The sales letter has no video so you don’t have access to Ahmed Abdullah vocabulary. The course consist of 10 easy to follow books in pdf form, unfortunately there are no videos in the members area as of 8/4/14. The online support is adequate as we had to wait 48 hours for a response isn’t terrible, but isn’t that great either. There are several positive reviews from real users of Breaking the Arabic Code, not too many negative reviews were found. Judging from the fact that we weren’t able to find too many negative reviews I would say the success rate is pretty high. What separates Breaking the Arabic Code from all the other Arabic courses online was the ability to upgrade to well needed software. Without the software the course boring and drawn out. With the software Breaking the Arabic Code comes in a solid 2nd. Depending on what your learning style is, this course might not be for you unless you upgrade to the Arabic learning software. There are quite a few upgrades if you would like to further your learning. But they are pricey as well. Yes, Breaking the Arabic Code is very affordable. This course would be great for the following learning styles. Visual, Verbal, Physical, Solitary, Logical, and Aural if you upgrade to the software. Breaking the Arabic Code scored an average of 88.4 and an 88.8 as the highest individual with the software, without the software minus 20 points in each case. Breaking The Arabic Code Review Thank you for reading my Breaking the Arabic Code Review.

    How to Learn Arabic Online1

    How to Learn Arabic Online – Rocket Languages Arabic Review

    Rocket Languages Arabic was kinda of disappointing as I expected Rocket to be number 1 not number 3 on this list. Clickbank secure processing and money back guarantee. Rocket Languages is one of the Language leaders online. Rocket Languages was started online in December 2005 and has been successful ever since. Rocket Languages have over 100 different languages and I can’t say enough great stuff about them. The Arabic course however was kind of disappointing. Rocket Languages has professional teachers and professors that are fluent in English and Arabic and possess the ability to translate Arabic to English and vice versa. The course is easy to understand and follow as they are professionals. I love Rocket Languages as a company but their Arabic course felt like it was lacking lessons, compared to the other 2 above. The online membership area is one of the best and all the lessons are organized beautifully. The members area consist of easy to follow videos and pdfs. Rocket Languages is a huge company and they have the best online support compared to the other 3 companies that we reviewed. There are 500 to 1 positive reviews to every average or below average review. Rocket Languages Arabic has a success rate of 92%. Rocket Languages Arabic support team is like no other, the ability to further your education is endless and no one provides as many follow up courses as Rocket Languages. The courses are delivered in a format that’s easy to absorb. Every learning style saw success with Rocket Languages Arabic and significant retention of what they’ve learned. Why is it number 3? It should be number 1 but the cost of the system is what really took away from it and the fact that our students felt that they wouldn’t of paid the cost for the amount of content they received. This course fits all 7 learning styles. The average score was 88.2 and an 92.8 as the highest individual.

    How to Learn Arabic Online2

    How to Learn Arabic Online – Learn

    Learn is very simple, you get that feel from visiting the website. This course is also through Clickback so the secure payment processor and 60 day money back guarantee applies. Learn is my least favorite out of all the courses my team and students reviewed. I actually didn’t want to even include it as it seem like my efforts were pointless. Anyway here we go. This company has been online since December 2004 and has been in business the longest compared to all the other companies excluding Rosetta Stone which has been in business since May 1999. Learn Arabic website seems to be outdated compared to the other 3 companies. Th are instructor is fluent in Arabic an their English isn’t bad. The course is fairly easy to follow, the members is a little confusing and difficult to maneuver. There are tons of reviews on the front page, but I don’t know the validity to them as personally being in the members area was a headache in itself. Now to be fair I am a serious critic and when I critique something I go in for the kill, so I’ll take the data from the students that actually took this course and how they did. The members area has videos and lots of content. The online support takes an average of 72 hours to respond. Just from how the sales page is kinda bland I would personally not get involve unless I knew that company can deliver. The sales page is jammed packed with tons of reviews, how accurate those are, not sure. Just for clarity purpose, out of all the Arabic online courses, this was the least favorite by all students. Not to bash the course as every online course delivers some kind of value. Out of 14 students only 6 retained what they learned, less than 50% success rate. They offer a merit board, kind of an incentive to succeed and no other course offered that. Not exactly, the success rate was less than 50% from our students experience. Learn Arabic does offer further learning of the Arabic Language. This course is very affordable. This course is okay for the following learning styles, Solitary, Visual, Verbal, and Logical. This course scored a 68.6 average and a 78.4 as the highest individual score.

    How to Learn Arabic Online3

    This conclude our How to Learn Arabic Online reviews and overview. Thank you for your time, if this was helpful please leave a comment on the post How to Learn Arabic Fast Online.

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