Tube Pilot Review and Bonus

by Stanford Pelage on 03/09/2015

Tube Pilot Review and Bonus

Get Tube Pilot now

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AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review AffiloJetpack Review

by Stanford Pelage on 01/09/2015

AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review and Bonus

AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review

AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review

A complete review of AffiloJetpack 2.0 and how it works and how it can help your business. Get AffiloJetpack 2.0

AffiloJetpack Review and Bonus Package

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Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review

by Stanford Pelage on 30/08/2015

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review

Review of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 software.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review and Bonus

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Giant Video Kit Volume 3 Review

by Stanford Pelage on 30/08/2015

Giant Video Kit Volume 3 Review

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VooPlayer Review and Demo

by Stanford Pelage on 12/08/2015

VooPlayer Review and Demo

This is a review of VooPlayer 3 and a complete demo and a look of how VooPlayer actually work.

Thank you for Watching my VooPlayer Review

Buy through my link for some awesome bonuses.

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List Academy Review Ridiculous Bonus Package

by Stanford Pelage on 14/07/2015

Welcome to my review of “List Academy” by Anik Singal. I’ll walk you through the entire course and let you know at the end of my review if this course is even worth your hard earned money or time.

List Academy Review General Information

Product: List Academy
Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $ 997
Niche: Email Marketing
Content: Video, Webinars
Startup Cost: $0-$250
Verdict: Recommended
My Bonus Package: $5,321 Click Here

Who Exactly Is Anik Singal?

List Academy is Anik Singal’s most recent training course. No matter where you are in your internet marketing journey you’ve probably heard of Anik Singal. If not, I’ll give a very brief intro. Anik has been making money online since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. He has made 10,s of millions of dollars from selling training courses and practicing what he teaches. As far as the biggest success online goes, he has to be number 1. He’s also coached and trained several students to go on to make millions of dollars for their respectable businesses. Anik makes majority of his money from email marketing. He builds a list then emails the list with relative offers and makes a portion of the sale which means big money in affiliate commissions.

What Exactly Is List Academy?

In short ListAcademy is a course that is designed to teach you how to build a list and market to them. You will learn all aspects of list building and email marketing. This is more of a continuation from Profit Academy Anik’s $2,997 flagship course. Anik has also stated this will be like a more complex Inbox Blueprint and superior in every way.

Here are the key elements you’ll learn inside of The ListAcademy Course…

  • The right way to SPEAK to your list.
  • WHEN and HOW OFTEN to send to your list.
  • How to PROMOTE and exactly how to get them to TAKE ACTION.
  • Exactly how to SELL and MONETIZE your list.
  • Exactly what actions to take to MAXIMIZE CONVERSIONS and PROFITS!


List Academy Bonus

Being as giving and whole-hearted as the next guy I always want to go over and beyond what anyone else can possibly offer, me!

Bonus#1 1 full hour of my time via Skype face to face $349 Value

Bonus#2 Detail step by step formula to rank on Google $299 Value

Bonus#3 The best way to find low competition keywords FREE! $99 Value

Bonus#4 Best way to make money with YouTube $249 Value

Bonus#5 How I got ranked on Page 1 of Google in 4 minutes flat! $197 Value

Bonus#6 SEO Competition Analysis Done Right Value=Priceless!!!

List Academy Final Thoughts

As you know my name is Stanford Pelage “real name” I find it imperative to give you this long spill before I give you my honest official verdict. The odds of you making any money whatsoever online are very low. With that being said, it is imperative that if you choose out of your own free will to invest in ListAcademy that you do so knowing it’s a lot easier to fail than succeed at internet marketing. This is why I offered these ridiculous bonuses. I’ve personally coached over 40 students 1 on 1 and all 40 have succeeded online. My point being, it’s almost impossible to start a successful business online alone. If you can afford to get coaching, get it as long as it’s one on one. Now for the first 25 people that purchases List Academy through my link, I’ll include 1 hour of my own time one on one via Skype to answer any questions I can and get you on the right path to success.

Now I charge on average $1500 for 4 hours a week coaching sessions. I am offering a Free hour of coaching which averages out to $375 an hour. This bonus is limited to the first 25 people as that’s 25 hours of my time, which is extremely valuable to me which is a combined total of $9,375. For that matter I can not do any more than 25 coaching sessions or allot more than 1 hour per person. If you qualify as one of the first 25 people, please don’t waste my time and have your questions ready before our scheduled Skype session. I will do my best to help you succeed, you have to take action and this bonus is extremely limited. Claim your List Academy Bonus now!


List Academy Reviews
New List Academy Review
List Academy Review
List Academy Review and Bonus
List Academy Review
List Academy Review

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Page One Engine Review and Huge Bonuses

by Stanford Pelage on 04/07/2015

Page One Engine Review by Stanford Pelage

Hi my name is and today I’m reviewing Dori Friend’s Page One EnginePageOneEngine

Product: Page One Engine
Creators: Dori Friend and Top SEOs
Price: $1,997
Niche: (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
Content: Video, Webinars, Software
Startup Cost: $0-$250
Verdict: Highest Recommendation
My Bonus Package: $5,321

Detailed Page One Engine Review Video

Mastering free traffic is what being an is all about, Dori Friend is one of the best seos period. I’ve attended a few of her webinars and bought a few of her services. Dori Friend is the real deal no doubt. Being an seo myself, I’ve learn a lot from some of Dori services like SEO Nitro how to proper structure and build PBN’s. SEO is an ever changing skill. What you’ve learnt three months ago won’t necessarily work today. This is where Page 1 Engine excels. The members area is laid out to take you through the course step by step, week by week. Every week a new module is unlocked and allows you to continue your learning progress as an search engine optimizer.

Dori and her team has scheduled a q&a webinar everyday until the end of the month. So when you join Page One Engine, you will be set up completely to make money online with free traffic. You will literally have access to the entire team including Dori Friend and Jeff Lenney who is a launch jacking seo specialist. Jeff will be teaching the launching jacking module in the members are which will be released on July 14th according to the members area calendar.
Page 1 Engine Webinar Calendar

As you can see all new modules are released every Tuesday. Building a business online can be extremely stressful. 99.6% of everyone that tries to make money online fail, why is this different? For starters you aren’t trying to make money, you’re learning how to build a real business online. This isn’t some fly by night method that will diminish the more people use it, this is search engine optimization. Dori and her team are the most dedicated staff I’ve ever seen. From day one the coaches are with you to hold your hand. There isn’t any coaching community like this anywhere! When do you ever get a handful of successful seo’s willing to help you succeed for less than $5,000? Never! That’s when.Being an seo myself, I can see the value and I’m in disbelief some of the coaches she’s been able to pull together for this one-time low price. It’s ridiculous!

What Do You Get Inside Page One Engine?

You will have access to 10 of the most powerful modules on the face of this earth. The people behind these modules are some of the biggest names in seo period.

1. Reputation Management by Lisa Parziale
Learn Reputation Management from the best online marketing consultant in Dallas Texas.
2. Launch Jacking by Jeff Lenney
Jeff is one of the biggest affiliates I know. He is always ranking #1 for money keywords big launches.
3. Rank on YouTube by Jason Potash
Learn to rank videos on YouTube by one of the best video marketers of our age.
4. Leasing Sites by Greg Montoya
Learn to rank your sites and lease them out or rent them month after month.
5. Social Media Traffic Generation by Justin Anderson
Can’t forget about the social media networks. Justin will show how to do this with ease.
6. Local SEO by Eric Christopher aka E-Rock
Haven’t seen local seo like this, I guarantee it!
7. Email and List Building by Kim Albee
Kim has been known as an email marketing genius. Learn list building on your first try.
8. Affiliate Marketing by DK Fynn
Affiliate marketing is very similar to launch jacking. Affiliate marketing is just more evergreen.
9. Advanced Link Building by Keith Dean and Nigel Griffiths
What a duo! Learn some advanced link building to target higher competition keywords and rank and bank.
10. Black Hat Ranking Tactics by John Limbocker
Don’t worry this isn’t that kind of blackhat. John the beast will teach you some grey-black hat tactics to rank your site and properties super fast. This module is huge!

There’s also 6 huge bonuses including 500 PBN links and some awesome software tools you would kill for.

You have the Boot Camp Challenge which is ranking a web property on page one of Google. There’s a beginner and intermediate-advanced challenge.

Also the 30 Day Challenge which is similar but you have to buy a domain and rank a website in 30 days.

And most important… Office Hours!!! !!!

My Page One Engine Bonuses

So I was going to make a detail list of the bonuses and when you invest in Page 1 Engine through my link, but instead you can see all the bonuses when you ! Scroll down the page after you click the link to see the exact bonus package.

Also have a HUGE Bonus! I’m offering Skype 1 on 1 coaching for anyone that decides to invest in PageOne Engine through my link.

Why is this a big deal?

Firstly I charge $2,500 for 6 hours of coaching. Tremendous value FREE.

Secondly I make $3,000+ everyday just from affiliate marketing. This income doesn’t include my seo or website design business.

So I’m more than capable of helping you succeed.

Page One Engine Review Closing Remarks

You’ve made it Page One Engine Reviewto the end. Hopefully you watched the entire video and I delivered some great value. Like any course you have to actually apply what you’ve learned. Good news is that with Page 1 Engine you will not be building a business alone. I forgot to mention in the review that there is a Facebook private group and a private member’s only forum that will be instrumental in your success. So there’s a forum, big deal? To elaborate a course of this magnitude will have tons and tons of members with all different types of skill levels and backgrounds. Everyone including you will have something to bring to the table. There will be tons and tons of people helping each other succeed in all aspects of seo. Page One Engine might just grow into one of the biggest communities for search engine marketing ever created. Thank you Dori Friend for this community, I am excited to see where this will go.

signing out… for now. !!!

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Page One Engine Review

by Stanford Pelage on 01/07/2015

Page One Engine Review and Bonus

Building an seo company can be the biggest headache especially if you’re trying to do it alone. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be hard. As a member of Page One Engine you’ll not only have access to every module that Dori Friend and Ann have developed, but also access to all the other seo’s that joined the forum as well. Page 1 Engine is not just a course but an seo community. Dori has a dream of what she wants to build and I’ll glad I’m part of it! I’ve been ranking websites and videos for over 5 years online. I know my stuff when it comes to seo. But looking at the modules and going through the members area I was still blown away! Page One Engine isn’t justfor newbies, it’s for everyone that wants to know how to rank on Google front page. Free traffic is where it’s at.

Page 1 Engine Walk-Through

Page One Engine Review Conclusion

If you ever wanted to learn seo as a whole, this is for you. Dori Friend covers local seo, launch jacking, reputation management, affiliate seo. If it’s related to search engine marketing, she covered it. Dori is really big about free traffic. Look at where you’re at now. Where do you want to be in 3 months from now? Well wherever that is, that’s where you’re going to be if you take action now.

Here is my Page 1 Engine Bonuses

I just want to thank you for reading my review and watching my video. It means the world that you trust me enough to watch my Page One Engine Review and take my word for it.

Just a word of advice.

Never let anyone not your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance or anyone tell you , you can’t do this. If you accept that, then you’ll fail for sure. You have to believe in yourself and success will come.

Life is what you make it. You can continue to do what you’ve always done and continue to get what you’ve always gotten or, you could do something different, something that works and get different results. The choice is yours.

Thank you for reading my Page One Engine Review.

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Email Domination Review by Anthony Morrison

by Stanford Pelage on 23/06/2015

Anthony Morrison Finally Launches Email Domination Review

Anthony Morrison has been one of the biggest names in since the beginning of time. I could honestly say that he has gotten even bigger over the years. With several memorable courses like Success with Anthony 1 and 2, Partner with Anthony, and his most recent course prior to “EmailDomination”, Tee Academy! I’ve been over every course I’ve mentioned. Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Inbox Inner Circle, how could I? After all I did a lazy review and I will never do that again. So with all the courses and money Anthony Morrison makes, he really doesn’t have to create training courses to make a full-time income online like most gurus. What is taught inside this email marketing course and every single one of Anthony’s courses simply work. He has one of the highest student success rates in internet marketing. Are you his next success story?

Why Email Domination?

The answer is quite simple actually, how did you arrive on this page? I’m guessing someone sent you an email about making money from email marketing, am I right? Well as you can clearly see, email marketing is still the most effective way to generate sales for your business online. There are so many internet marketers going about it the wrong way. Big take away from Chris Munch, it’s not about making money but instead it’s about providing real value for that customer. If you have a email list in the “weight loss for women” niche, would you send them emails about muscle building? Of course not, your goal isn’t to sell them but rather provide value so they can make an educated decision if the product is right for them. Being in sales I learned the hard way why you should qualify your prospects, and internet marketing isn’t any different. You’re a sales person no matter what you do. Email marketing works especially when you deliver value. Email Domination is all about delivering value to your subscribers.

What Will You Learn in Email Domination?

After going through the course, I documented a few things that would actually benefit you. First off this course isn’t for everyone! If you’re an advance marketer, I doubt this course will have much substance for you. This email marketing course didn’t really teach me anything or differ much from Inbox Inner Circle as it’s more like an Inbox Inner Circle 2.0 than a completely brand new course. That being said, if your’re a complete newbie or new to internet marketing, this course can be a great starting point. Anthony Morrison teaches you just that, how to dominate email marketing as a whole. You will learn how to build a list with cheap traffic, when to email your list, what to say in your emails, and how to increase your open rates and click through rates. Picking products and niche selection is one module that Email Domination is lacking. So if you’ve had prior experience with affiliate marketing and product creation, this might be what puts you over the edge.

Anthony Morrison Interview Cancelled!

I was suppose to conduct an interview via Skype with Anthony, but he cancelled on me and never rescheduled. I am the type of person that keeps his word and always fulfill my promises. The reason he cancelled was acceptable so there were no hard feelings. Then I contact him trying to reschedule and he literally just ignored me so, I’m not too pleased about that. Hopefully his support isn’t as bad as his respect for me. But that shouldn’t affect the way you feel about the course in anyway. I’ll provide some huge bonuses and might even offer a discount if you choose to buy this course through my link. Thank you for reading my Email Domination Review.


I would say pass as there are better courses out there like Build My List which is currently closed. Anthony Morrison has been know to scam people when it comes to refunds. But nonetheless this seems to be a good product for newbies and newbies only. So if you have taken an email marketing before, Email Domination might not be for you.

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Video Flux Review – Is This For Real?

by Stanford Pelage on 28/05/2015

Video Flux Huge Bonus Package Worth $5,751.97

I’ve been known to dominate Google with my website and videos. Video Flux is a WordPress plugin that allows me to do it at the same time. Picture this… a potential buyer comes to your webpage designed by Video Flux, not only is the page amazing looking, but the video is the main attraction. VideoFlux captivates your viewers with a stunning video display and proper placement to maximize click-throughs and sales. This WordPress plugin is packed with tons of cool animated features and so much more.

Watch the demo video as you’re walked through all the features Video Flux have to offer. Thank you for watching my review.


Thank You For Reading My Video Flux Review

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