Video Flux Review – Is This For Real?

by Stanford Pelage on 28/05/2015

Video Flux Huge Bonus Package Worth $5,751.97

I’ve been known to dominate Google with my website and videos. Video Flux is a WordPress plugin that allows me to do it at the same time. Picture this… a potential buyer comes to your webpage designed by Video Flux, not only is the page amazing looking, but the video is the main attraction. VideoFlux captivates your viewers with a stunning video display and proper placement to maximize click-throughs and sales. This WordPress plugin is packed with tons of cool animated features and so much more.

Video Flux

Watch the demo video as you’re walked through all the features Video Flux have to offer. Thank you for watching my review. read more

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Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

by Stanford Pelage on 19/05/2015

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Does Alex Jeffery’s Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded really work? As you may know, Alex has been known to create high caliber high quality products time and time again. Is his new product in this category, or is it just rehashed crap? Watch my video review to find out more below. Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review Does it Really Work?

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review Conclusion

This is a must have course. Alex will not disappoint you with this product. The video above tells you everything you needed to know about this course. Buy through my link below to get the awesome exclusive bonuses I mentioned in the video above. Isn’t it time you started actually making money online and started enjoying the life you only dreamed of? Of course it is. You have a very simple choice to make. Do you want to succeed or do you prefer to be like the other 99.9% of internet marketers who don’t have a clue. Knowing how money is made and making money is 2 completely different things. read more

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How to Fix Your Credit Score

how to fix your credit the right way

How to Fix Your Credit

Learn how to fix your credit – Are you suffering from bad credit karma? Does your credit report look like a book report? Can’t even get a bad credit high interest loan, and you’re completely clueless on how to repair your credit history. Please. Don’t feel too bad, my name is Stanford Pelage, I am a Jacksonville SEO and I too once had horrible credit not to long ago. But today I will show you how to fix your credit. You see, I’m currently 29 years old and my bad credit history started back when I was 18. Got my first credit card and just went crazy with charging everything! I promise after you finish reading this blog post you will know exactly what steps to take to start repairing your credit fast, and that there’s no way your credit is as bad as mine was! Visit Credit Repair Done Right Way

How Bad is your Credit? And how do you Fix Your Credit

Before you learn how to fix your credit, you should first know if your credit is in need of repair. Most people assume that they have bad credit without ever looking at their credit score, they just assume they know their credit history, but that’s far from the truth. I always thought my credit was fine until I applied for my first auto loan, not good. I applied to Publix Credit Union for a $10,000 loan and I got approved! Not for $10,000 but for $1,000… So the vehicle I was planning to get, became a little too expensive, so I instead bought a 98 Ford Ranger for $4,000. $3,000 down and $1,000 financed from the credit union. Unfortunately for me, that was not the end of my credit problems, I made a few late payments and continued to be irresponsible. Teenagers. By the age of 21 my credit score was a 580, by 23 it dropped to a 520. Yes. Indeed, the irresponsible teenager grew into an irresponsible adult. Now, I continued to make bad decisions and irresponsible purchases with my Capitol One credit card, had several insufficient funds in a few bank accounts that that went into collections, had a Sprint and At&t account that also went into collections. I tell you that to tell you this, there is no way that you were as delinquent as me with your bills, so there is hope yet. I also had collections from Pizza Hut and I still managed to get approved for a $13,000 bad credit auto loan. Very high interest loan! 25% of the $13,000 was interest, I also put $3,500 down, so do the math. At the time I was 25 years old and my credit score was a 510. Yeah pretty sad. Now my income is really what allowed me to get approved, at the time I made between $65,000-$75,000 annually. So even with decent income I still had no clue how to fix my credit. read more

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Viral Content Profits Review and $2764 Bonus Package

by Stanford Pelage on 03/03/2015

Viral Content Profits Review

Viral-Content-Profits-ReviewJudging from you clicking on my link you must of heard about my Bonuses! This review is a quick read. After you purchase Viral Content Profits you will have immediate access and the ability to download with ease. What’s more powerful than adsense automation? Using Ricky Mataka VCP plugin is a must. There shouldn’t be any decision making whether to buy or not. The only decision you should have to make is single site or VCP Developer License. Don’t worry about competition as there aren’t any competitors. Get VCP today!

Honest Viral Content Profits Plugin Demo

ViralContentProfitsReviewStop wasting time and leaving all that money on the table. I bet you’ve never made money with adsense like this. I put a twist on VCP as I am one for ultra monetization! I added a plugin that automatically adds Amazon and Clickbank products to ensure that every visitor is making me some kind of profit. Money is extremely important to any online business. If you don’t have an roi then your at a loss. Viral marketing is a big deal in the age of Facebook and Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram. All it really takes is a little exposure to go viral. Everybody is still in the mindset of creating quality content. How are you suppose to make that content go viral? Social media? YouTube marketing? Don’t be stupid.

Thank you for reading my review and overview of this wonderful plugin. If you have any question email me at mrstanp at and I’ll answer any questions about the product and help guide you in the right decision in make and educated buying decision. Thank you again for reading my Review of Viral Content Profits. read more

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Unique Article Wizard Review – Do I Need It?

UniqueArticleWizard $15 Discount

Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of this article submission service by the slightest sense. Matter of fact, I hate UAW. But I’ll do everything I can to express just how much I hate Unique Article Wizard. I know you came here expecting a very detailed UAW Review, but compared to all my other product reviews, this is more like an angry rant. So what exactly is UAW? unique article wizard UAW as you know, is short for UniqueArticleWizard. UAW is a article marketing software with an online platform that gives you the ability to submit your article to UAW’s private blog network. I have no fuss with the platform, or the user interface itself. My biggest problem with UAW is the index rate of the articles you submit. Official Website doesn’t give you a report with the links that were published. That really bothered me! I was a member for 6 months and made 1 submission daily as that’s the limit with UAW, 1 submission per day. I created 3 unique articles every day, and manually spun each article to create unique content. For 6 months 7 days a week, 3 hand written articles everyday, over and over again and again. At the end of 6 months, my website had 37 published backlinks! 37 Backlinks after all that work? That’s ridiculous! Yeah, not even a little pleased. You can order a gig on Fiverr and get higher quality links in less time, don’t build backlinks on Fiverr by the way. UAW backlinks from my experience aren’t effective by the slightest.

Unique Article Wizard – Why I Cancelled my Membership

Okay so anyway, I cancelled my membership after 6 months of no progress. Two weeks after I cancelled my membership, one of my colleagues called me about this great software he was seeing amazing results. His websites were getting over 300 quality backlinks on a weekly basis. So I tend use my private blogs to rank my websites as it seems to be the most effective solution in 2014. Now, would you believe that he was calling me to recommend UAW! Ha ha ha. Check out my CPA Vid Kraken Review I hung up on him! He called right back swearing it was the greatest thing since a refrigerator! so I heard him out, then I began to tell him about my horrible experience with this service. He started laughing so hard i was about to hang up again. Then he began to enlighten me. He said Stanford, UAW updated their private blog network and their is a pro version for power users like you and I. So what’s the difference? Apparently UAWPro is $199 a month compared to the $67 for the regular submission level. There’s also Expert $499 a month and Enterprise for $999 a month. So that wasn’t enough to convince me, why would I pay UAW more for medium quality backlinks off my colleague’s word? Then he said that UAWPro gives you a report of all the sites they post to, so I said well I’ll take your word for it and if I don’t get the results you claim, I’ll whoop your ass! I’m 6’5′ 300 lbs, he was silent for like 10 seconds. So I went ahead, as his credibility is high. read more

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Quit Your Jobs Review Sick Bonuses

by Stanford Pelage on 25/02/2015

Quit Your Jobs Review

Quit Your Jobs ReviewHere we go again! Not another quit your jobs binary option scam. Let me explain exactly what Quit Your Jobs system is and why it could either be the best or worst decision you’ve ever made. Binary options in general are a very lucrative way to make money. I’ve personal made my share of money from binary options. But to be clear, this isn’t my main source of income or a source of income that I prefer for that matter. It seems late 2014 early 2015 was and is the of binary option robots. Everyone of these people claim to be making millions with binary options and every robot alike. To be honest all these systems have one thing in common, scamming you out of your hard earn money. Is Quit Your Jobs any different? Or is Quit Your Jobs just another scam?

What The Heck is Quit Your Jobs About

How to Quit Your JobsQuit Your Jobs is the first and only binary options bot or “BOB” for short that has actually been built by professionals with 10+ years experience in this market. Every other BOB has been designed by some fly by night company that no one has ever heard of and they don’t possess a physical address. Quit Your Jobs Review. The software is designed differently from any other BOB I’ve ever came across or use. How can I be certain Quit Your Jobs isn’t a scam? First of, the software is FREE! You never enter your credit card information for a FREE BOB. They actually use credible brokers. Here thee cherry on top, they automatically deposit $5,000 directly into your broker account so you don’t have to take my word for it. Try Quit Your Jobs absolutely FREE and 100% risk free!


Stop wasting time and being scammed by internet marketers who know nothing about binary options. Would you let you let your grocer cashier do brain surgery on you? Of course not! Trust the professionals with 10+ years in the BOB business. Don’t be scammed every again and start making the money you deserved from the comfort of your home. Isn’t it time that you quit your job? Hard work does pay off, but haven’t you worked hard enough? read more

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Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review Bonus

by Stanford Pelage on 21/02/2015

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Official Review

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is the upgrade for Joshua Zamora original Tube Sniper Pro. I’ve used Tube Sniper Pro 2.0 which was a downloadable version of Tube Sniper previously released. Joshua and his team are genius when it comes to creating software for internet marketers. Joshua has been know for several high caliber products such as; Zamurai Video Editor, Zamurai Video Bootcamp, Zamurai Pbn Blueprint and you’ve guessed it. Tube Sniper Pro.

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Review Conclusion

TUBE-SNIPER-PRO-3-REVIEWIf you ever wanted to learn how to rank YouTube videos on Google and YouTube, Joshua Zamora Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is a must have software. Learn how to rank YouTube videos easy with Tube Sniper Pro. Best YOUTUBE video ranking software hands down. Fastest way to rank a YouTube video is Tube Sniper Pro 3. Use Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 to rank on Google.

Tube-Sniper-Pro-ReviewYouTube is one of the fastest ways to get traffic. Matter of fact it’s the second largest search engine. YouTube has more users than all the other video sites combined. It’s almost impossible not to make money online with YouTube. You just have to know how to rank your videos. Google search engine is very difficult to rank for since hummingbird. But YouTube remains a walk in the park. With this software you can quite possibly be number 1 in both YouTube and Google search engines. read more

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Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Review and Bonus

by Stanford Pelage on 19/02/2015

Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded Review

Welcome to my review of Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded software. This is the best selling arbitrage software that’s has ever been created. I like to consider myself as the underdog of client getting, but I’ve never approached it like this. The software has been updated from the previous version, fully reloaded. To be honest, this isn’t a software that I’ve previously used, but this software will be added to my software arsenal. Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded is a software that leverages others ability and work to earn you fat paydays. It uses Craigslist to collect leads and job offers then leverages the Fiverr marketplace to get the jobs completed. Arbitrage at it’s finest.

Arbitrage Underdog ReloadedThere isn’t much for me to say about the software as it’s pretty self-explanatory. AUR is not for everyone. If you are a local marketer or website designer, this will be perfect for you. The software leverages Craigslist local cites and people wanting simple task down for a reasonable price. The software allows you to get paid by being a middle man. All you have to do is go to Fiverr and find a high rating gig that’s related to the job offer on Craigslist and close the deal.

Why it Works?

Well it’s simple really. The software works because it’s created to be a one stop shop. You run the software and every task is completed within the software itself. So within the software you search Craigslist and Fiverr to match a buyer with a seller. Fiverr cost $5 per gig, but expect to spend $10-$25 for quality work. Expect to make around $150-$250 for every $5-$25 you spend when you use the software correctly. read more

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$200 in 20 Minutes Review

by Stanford Pelage on 18/02/2015

$200 in 20 Minutes Review

$200 in 20 minutes is a course by Desmond Ong, best selling author of Against All Odds. Desmond is an internet marketer who averages about $200 a day in each of his Clickbank accounts. In theory this system is designed to help you make 200 dollars a day with 20 minutes of work. Once you purchase the system, you’re taken to the 200 dollars in 20 minutes members area pictured below.

$200 In 20 Minutes Review

In short 200 in 20 Minutes is about building lead capture pages for your affiliate offers from Clickbank and Clicksure, then driving traffic to them. There are 5 videos in the members area that range from 2 minutes average to the longest video being 10 minutes long.
read more

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Profit Academy Bonus

by Stanford Pelage on 17/02/2015

Profit Academy Bonuses Free iPad Air 2

Proift Academy Bonus iPad Air 2

ProfitAcademy Bonus

Anik Singal’s Profit Academy is $3,000 and I have 2 separate bonus offers for you when you buy this course through my link. So I’ve included a link directly to my Claim your Bonus page.

Profit Academy BonusesYou have many options when choosing a online business model. It’s up to you to make sure all your homework is done. Anik Singal as one of the most famous internet marketers of his time, if not the most successful. Every internet marketer dreams of being a fraction of successful as Anik. Anik is most known for his email marketing traing courses and hundreds of success stories. read more

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